Elevate Your Training Regimen with These Sizzling Summer Tips!

Well, it’s official: summer is here! While we know that enjoying ice cream on a boardwalk, or taking in a beautiful sunset from the front porch are wonderful seasonal hallmarks, prepping for the 3-Day can be a year-round undertaking. Now that the frost has given way to sunshine, it’s probably time to trade in those thermal leggings for shorts, and winter hats for sunglasses. While the routine may be similar to the training from this past winter and spring, the distances are longer and, chances are, your resolve greater. Still, fighting through snow flurries and icy climates can be very different than taking on the sweltering heat or a muggy atmosphere. Not to worry! Read on to learn more about getting the most out of your training this summer.  

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Our bodies are made of approximately 60% water so, generally, making sure we’re providing our brains, muscles, etc. with enough H₂O is critical. This grows even more important once someone is engaging in strenuous physical activity, like gearing up for a 3-day, 60-mile endurance walk. And once you factor in an energy-draining sun? Well, let’s just say that water will be your best friend. (Here’s a tip: if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!) Whether it’s before, during, or after you’ve been out on the road, do a self-check as needed to provide your body with those necessary fluids. 
  1. Dress your best. Now that you’ve thawed out a bit from the chill of the previous months and gotten through the spring rhythm, your wardrobe has probably already undergone at least one or two separate overhauls. Well, now it’s time for one more. It doesn’t matter if it’s bamboo fiber, spandex, nylon, etc., the goal is to provide your skin with performance-enhancing fabrics. That means dressing in cooling, breathable, and sweat-resistant/moisture-wicking clothing that will combat the scorching summer sun. You know yourself better than anyone, so trust the items that make you feel most comfortable and effective as you get your miles in.  

Don’t forget, summer training walks are a great time to purchase your new set of sneakers before you head to the 3-Day. You don’t want to come to the 3-Day with brand new sneakers, so now is the time to find the perfect pair and start wearing them in. Rack up a few miles to test them out, avoid blisters and get ready for 60 miles.  

Tip: Check out these blogs to help you pack your fanny pack for training walks and event weekend! Here and here 

  1. A win for skin. Though many of us might enjoy the training bonus benefit of tanning with each step, protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays is a must. Whether you opt for a chemical sunscreen over mineral sunscreen, a gel base over a spray, or SPF of your choosing, doing the proper research to become educated on your specific skincare needs is the smartest course of action. (That means using sunscreen even on cloudy days. Just because you can’t see the sun, that doesn’t mean the sun can’t see you!) Even better for your skin, check out our next tip. 
  1. Stride at sunset. Although it’s wise to plan your winter training calendar to soak up as much warmth as possible, the opposite is true during the summer. If you can, rethink your schedule to limit your exposure to the sun. Relegating yourself to the earlier mornings or late afternoons/evenings will not only help benefit your skin’s health, but also cause less stress to your internal thermometer by keeping you cooler. Checking the forecast on a regular basis will allow you to be aware of sunrise and sunset, thereby letting you know when things like the temperature or humidity will probably be at their peaks. Additionally, where you walk can make just as much of a difference as when you walk. Trading in blacktops and hot city sidewalks for tree-covered trails or waterfronts can also shield you from some of the harsher elements. 

The points above can be summarized with one word: grace. As the mileage expands and the air grows hotter, continuing to push yourself while also making sure that your well-being remains your top priority is essential. That means being extra mindful of factors like Code RED weather warnings, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Sometimes practicing self-care requires stopping to grab some water, investing in quality athletic apparel, shielding your skin from the sun, or reworking your schedule to avoid walking outside during times that are less than ideal. Training is an opportunity to work both your physical and mental muscles, but in a safe way. Listen to your body and make sure you’re being smart and strategic as you continue prepping for 3-Day season.  

Have you got any tips of your own to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below. Happy walking! 

*Health, safety and training tips in this blog should not be considered medical advice. Consult with your physician for any medical needs you may have.*  

Top Ways to Make the Most of Your Next 3-Day Training Walk

The weather is getting warmer. The days are getting longer. It’s training walk season! It’s an exciting time, but training walks are also an important part of your 3-Day experience. They ensure you’re as ready as possible for your 60-mile journey, giving you time to bond with teammates and keeping you moving during these gorgeous spring and summer months. Here are some simple tips to make the most of your next training walk.

  • Make sure you’re prepared: Our blog is chock full of posts on the best ways to plan your training walk, including this highly informative one from Coach Liz. She recommends using the 3-Day training app, Google Maps and more tools to make sure your walk goes smoothly.
  • Do your research: Going for a walk may not seem like a scientific endeavor, but with a little research, you can find ways to optimize your walk. Thanks to our ongoing “Healthy Living” blog series with Amgen and American Bone Health, we have learned about the intricacies of getting your feet and legs ready in the right From improving your stance to increasing your flexibility, little changes can make a big difference.

  • Check the weather: Is it going to rain? How hot is it going to be? Different weather conditions can drastically change how your walk is going to go. Check in advance!
  • Look at the calendar: There are tons of training walks already planned by your coaches and local training walk leaders, so take advantage of those! Join one of the walks that are already happening, to meet people and get tips for your next walk. Check both our training walk calendar at The3Day.org/TrainingWalks and our local gatherings calendar at The3Day.org/Calendar.
  • Get some good tunes going: Nothing fuels a walk like some fun music! And we have the perfect playlist for you. Our Music Monday playlist on Spotify is made from songs that you suggested to get you moving when you need inspiration.
  • Make it themed for extra fun: Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up and be silly? We have some easy theme ideas to add some flair to your training.
  • Set up a schedule: This is super easy with the 3-Day Training App, but you can also use your own system. Scheduling training in advance will help you stay on track leading up to your 3-Day and makes it more difficult to skip a day.
  • Add teambuilding into your walk: Grow your team while you train! Ask every team member to bring someone who’s not yet signed up for the 3-Day to the training walk and use it as a chance to show people the 3-Day spirit. You can also incorporate a teambuilding activity at the start or end of the walk to really get people excited to walk to together…and maybe add some new members to your 3-Day family!

  • Post about it on social media: Don’t forget to share photos! Use #The3Day and #Commit3Days on all social media so we can see your smiling faces 😊 Also make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get more training tips, alerts about training walks and more cool 3-Day info.
  • Always stay safe: You don’t have the awesome Safety Crew with you on your training walks, so it never hurts to add an extra safety reminder!

For tips about healthy living, click here for advice and support to keep you on track for the 3-Day and beyond. Thanks to the support of Amgen and in partnership with American Bone Health, the Healthy Living series was designed to prepare your mind, body and bones for the 3-Day.

Themed 3-Day Training Walk Ideas

We are less then four months away from our first 3-Day of the year, and we have loved seeing all your training walk success so far! From maps of all the steps you’ve taken, to shared photos of you and your training teammates, our 3-Dayers are out and walking across the country.

So, let’s amp up that training walk fun! Nothing gets people pumped up and smiling like a good theme, and we have some unique ideas for you. Creative bras are a classic 3-Day outfit idea, but we have expanded on that to include themes that will have your team smiling through every step.

  • Crazy Wigs or Hats: There are all kinds of hats and wigs on the 3-Day, so let’s start wearing them on our training walks as well! These are sure to attract attention as you walk along so be sure to print off fundraising and information cards (print yours at The3Day.org/Cards) to pass out to people who ask about your amazing garb.
  • All the Flair: Wear as many 3-Day pins as possible! Whether they are celebrating a pit stop theme or honoring the memory of loved ones lost, pins are a large part of many 3-Day outfits. So, pull out your pins from years past and rock them all at once! This will make for fun, shareable photos to send out with your next fundraising email. 😊
  • Movie Trivia: The Oscars might have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your next training walk a real Hollywood red carpet! Have your teammates dress up as their favorite celebrity or movie character, then hand out “3-Day Oscars.” You can do everything from Best Costume to Best Couple to Best Accessory and beyond!
  • Think Pink: How much pink is too much? No such thing! Challenge your friends to try to wear as many as pink items as possible on your next walk. This is a great excuse to pick up new outfit ideas for the 3-Day this year, too.

  • Go Team Go: We all love our 3-Day teammates and the family that is born on this 60-mile walk. However, most of us also have a favorite hometown sports team, too! Whether you love baseball or football or hockey or some other sport, encourage people to rock gear from their favorite sports team! You can time this around a big name in your hometown to really ramp up the excitement!
  • Sparkle and Shine: You’ll be the most eye-catching group around by adding some sparkle! Get your glitter on and encourage walkers to wear their most eye catching ensemble.
  • Pick a Decade: From the fringe of the 1920’s to tie dye in the 1970’s, pick your favorite decade and run with it. People can really get into this one when you add themed music for the walk, or even include trivia questions throughout the walk.
  • Go Pattern-Crazy: Stripes. Polka dots. Floral. And that’s just the beginning! There are all kinds of fun patterns out there, so wear as many as possible…. all at once! Layer on those funny patterns for a truly unforgettable training outfit.

  • Trip Down Memory Lane: Rock all your old 3-Day credentials at once! Pulling out these old credentials and lanyards will bring up so many fun memories and encourage chatter between people on the training walk. It’s a great way to encourage people to get to know new teammates!

Do you have any other fun theme ideas? Tell us in the comments or share photos from you latest themed training walk!


For tips about healthy living, click here for advice and support to keep you on track for the 3-Day and beyond. http://the3day.co/amgen2019. Thanks to the support of Amgen and in partnership with American Bone Health, the Healthy Living series was designed to prepare your mind, body and bones for the 3-Day.