3-Day Superheroes

We wanted to recognize those in the Pink Bubble who continue to show their outstanding commitment, support and care as part of each 3-Day they participate in. We asked our 3-Day coaches and staff to highlight someone, whether walker or crew, who goes above and beyond the call to action. That is what being a 3-Day superhero is all about.

Superhero Barbara:  

Barbara’s adventurous spirit is a gift to our 3-Day community. She has participated in 17 events and continues to be up for any opportunity of contributing to help make the event a success. Most recently, Barbara stepped in at the last minute and served on the San Diego Youth Corps Leadership Team. Barbara continues to sprinkle her love and make an impact on everyone she touches in our 3-Day community. I hope you get the chance to meet Barbara this season, she will brighten your day!  

What inspires you to go above and beyond for this cause?  
In 1971 at the age of 21, I lost my dear Aunt Judy. Back then it was a disease that no one spoke about or had the knowledge or resources that we have today to fight. I knew then that I wanted to do something to help bring awareness, but back in the ’70s it fell on deaf ears. After my diagnosis of breast cancer, 40 years later, I pledged that as long as I am alive and healthy, I will do whatever I can to support finding the cures. 

Superhero Karen: 

Karen is an inspiration in many ways, but her goal this year to secure a donation for every single day on the calendar is so far above and beyond that it is definitely superhero status! Karen’s outside-the-box thinking is helping her to fundraise for four 3-Day events this year. Besides walking a LOT, Karen keeps herself busy these days creating a beautiful handmade quilt, which she intends to gift in a drawing to her donors. Donors are invited to donate what they can, be it their coffee or lunch money for the day. And when someone donates $20 or more, they earn the right to have their name added to a day on her calendar. Many donate in honor of someone who is fighting breast cancer or someone who has passed. The goal is to have a name on each and every day of her calendar. Go Karen; you’ve got this! 

What is your connection to breast cancer? 

The year after my first 3-Day, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I continue to walk in her honor. Before my mom passed, she told me how very proud she was of me for making such a difference in the world. 

What inspires you to go above and beyond? 

I started walking in 2007 after a personal health scare that had me homebound for four months. Being stuck at home and feeling unwell was extremely hard and gave me renewed respect for those who undergo chemo. As soon as I was able, I began to walk — because I could. I had heard of the 3-Day and it became my goal. These days I keep myself motivated by signing up for a variety of walking challenges and the 3-Day has become my passion! Walking in San Diego in 2021 after missing my 3-Day family for more than a year, felt like my first 3-Day — the excitement, the friends, the love! 

As the saying goes, “not all superheroes wear capes.” Some wear pink. Thank you to all of you who show insurmountable support and commitment to finding the cures to breast cancer! 

Father’s Day

In recognition of Father’s Day, we asked 3-Day walker John S., who lost his daughter to breast cancer, to reflect on what being a father means to him and why he thinks supporting Susan G. Komen is so important. 

Father’s Day is a day where we as fathers celebrate those incredibly unique and precious relationships with our families and children. As a father who lost a young daughter to metastatic breast cancer, it evokes the fondest of memories, endless thoughts of what could have been while leaving a hole in your heart. No matter the age of a daughter, they are “forever your little girl.” It also demands that you ask yourself what you can do to support the fight against breast cancer and end this disease. 

Last year I participated for the first time in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day in San Diego. I initially registered in the summer of 2020, because our sweet daughter Melissa passed away from metastatic breast cancer at the age of 36 the previous year on November 21, 2019. The summer of 2020, we were in the depths of COVID and I was thinking of how I would spend the first anniversary of her passing. I heard of the San Diego 3-Day and coincidentally the Saturday of the event was the first anniversary date of her passing. Melissa had been involved in the fight against breast cancer. She was very impassioned about the cause. I thought it was the perfect way for me to be with my thoughts of her and a way to continue her legacy. The same day I signed up for the event I received a call just hours later to tell me they had to postpone the walk to 2021. As it turns out, the 2021 San Diego 3-Day Closing Ceremony was on the second anniversary of her passing.  

Initially, I wanted to walk alone with my thoughts about Melissa in the sea of walkers. As the time drew near, a colleague in California invited me to join a team and I agreed. I joined Sally’s “Hands Up for Hooters” team to walk with others. Earlier this year as part of its 2022 fundraising, this team passed the $1 million cumulative mark! It was the best decision I could have made, as I realized that no one impacted by breast cancer should make the journey alone. I was also honored to speak at the Opening Ceremony about Melissa’s passing, her fight against breast cancer, and taking “Action,” one of the four approaches of Komen. Here’s what I said:  

“Two years ago this Sunday, our sweet daughter Melissa passed away at the age of 36 of metastatic breast cancer after a four-year fight. She left behind her husband and two little girls ages 4 and 6. For years, she counseled women going through radiation treatment for breast cancer and served as both a spokesperson and fundraiser in the fight against breast cancer. I commit to do what I can to honor her legacy and continue her plea “that every woman under the age of 40, with a family history of breast cancer, be encouraged and provided an opportunity for a mammogram.” Also, to raise financial support for Susan G. Komen in finding a cure so that no parent will ever have to deliver a eulogy for a daughter dying of this disease.” 

Participating in the 3-Day event has been life changing as I am sure it has been or will be for this year’s new participants. To witness the grit and joy of the walkers including survivors, their emotional support network, and the generosity of their donors is truly inspirational. Since signing up for the San Diego 3-Day I have become moved to be more involved with Susan G. Komen by participating in the local walk, fundraising, legislative advocacy, and as a member of the Komen Leadership Council in Central Texas. 

Particularly on this Father’s Day, I am grateful as a father for the opportunity to support Susan G. Komen and the 3-Day. It not only helps to keep sweet Melissa’s legacy alive but also supports the survivors and their supporters in their journeys in finding the cures for breast cancer. With that I would like to share a short video about Melissa, being a father of a daughter passing away from breast cancer and why we walk. https://youtu.be/_fc3g0qKZCo 

I wish you and yours a Happy Father’s Day and a wonderful 3-Day experience! 

Best regards, 


Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer is right around the corner which means plenty of opportunities to get up, get outside and have some fun—all for a good cause! Here are some fundraising ideas to get you closer to your goal.  

  1. Put in Miles on the Longest Day of the Year 

Take advantage of the longest day of the year and pledge to walk your longest training walk on Tuesday, June 21st. Because it’s a weekday, you may have to break it up into a few walks that day. Share your mileage on social media and encourage people in your network to sponsor each mile. Take it a step farther and choose a theme for your miles! Miles 1-3, superhero-themed. Miles 4-6, 90s-themed, and so on! Bonus: Go live on social media during your walk to thank donors for all their support! 

  1. Host a Garage or Book Sale  

Time for a summer refresh? Clear out your clutter and put it up for sale. You can host a sale by yourself or with a group of friends with all proceeds going towards your 3-Day fundraising efforts. Make signage and put out a donation bowl so attendees know you are raising money for a great cause!  

  1. Get Sporty 

Play ball! Turn your hobby into a fundraising event. Whether you play baseball (host a Home Run Derby), basketball (host a 3-on-3 tournament), tennis or pickleball (try a round robin tourney), or enjoy indoor sports like bowling (highest score wins), there’s an option for everyone. There are plenty of online resources to help you create and structure your event. Once planned, post on community boards like the Nextdoor app to spread the word.  

Not interested in team sports? Host a charity fitness class at a gym or studio! Cycling, dancing, or HIIT, the options are endless and oh so fun.  

  1. Ready, Set, Bake! 

Do people beg you for your chocolate chip cookie recipe? Or maybe your signature brownies? Share the love and offer to bake a treat for every donation you receive above $100. Take it a step further and let donors choose between 2-3 options as a thank you for donating to your fundraising efforts.  

  1. Share Thanks on Social Media 

Choose a period of time where every donor at $50 or above gets a special shout-out on your social media channels! Share a post about how much you love them, a funny photo of you together or a favorite memory you have. You can get even more creative and offer to make up a song or dance, or do a drawing for your biggest donors. You don’t have to be good at any of those things—it’s even funnier if you’re not! It’s a fun way to make your donors feel special!  

  1. Use our Social Fundraising Toolkit 

Are you looking for more ways to fundraise on social media, or maybe need some help finding the right ways to ask for donations? We’ve got you covered with this new social fundraising toolkit! You can find awesome tips, images and fill-in-the-blank prompts to get you at and above your fundraising goal, all right here: The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Social Fundraising Toolkit (the3day.org) 

Don’t see something that could work for you? Use these ideas as a starting point to help brainstorm how you could incorporate fundraising into your summer plans. Remember, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Every dollar adds up. As always, reach out to your 3-Day coach at any time for more support or take to your city’s Facebook group to get advice from your fellow participants!