Counting Our Thanks: The 2016 Komen 3-Day Series, By the Numbers

3day_2016_social_holiday_thanksgivingSeven locations. 420 miles. More than 6,500 walkers, 1,800+ crew members, and countless lives touched. Let’s look at our 2016 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Series, by the numbers.

Michigan 3-DayIMG_2535

Donations: $1.6 Million
Walkers: 600
Crew: 300
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Twin Cities 3-Day2016_TC-Walkers_3-Day (57 of 77)
Donations: $1.4 Million
Walkers: 500
Crew: 200
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Seattle 3-Day2016_3day_wa_gf_-39
Donations: $1.8 Million
Walkers: 600
Crew: 200
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Atlanta 3-Day2016_3day_atl_gf_-119
Donations: $1.7 Million
Walkers: 600
Crew: 225
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Philadelphia 3-Day2016_3day_philly_gf_-124
Donations: $2.1 Million
Walkers: 750
Crew: 275
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Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day2016_3day_df_gf_-384
Donations: $2.4 Million
Walkers: 900
Crew: 300
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San Diego 3-Day2016_3day_sd_gf_-21
Donations: $7.6 Million
Walkers: 2,600
Crew: 350

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The fundraising totals listed above represent how much was raised by the time each event began, and we’re thrilled to share that every single Komen 3-Day continues bringing in donation dollars even after the last walker left each Closing Ceremony. It’s all adding up to one huge impact that will help Komen reach their Bold Goal: to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. within the next decade.

There’s not a number big enough to calculate our gratitude to you, our 3-Day family, for your part in the fight.

Congratulations to our San Diego 3-Day Award Winners and Honorees!

Please join us in congratulating our San Diego 3-Day award winners and honorees, who put their heart and soul into fighting breast cancer. While everyone in our community deserves a trophy for their remarkable contributions, we recognize these individuals and teams for their outstanding dedication and commitment to furthering our fight. If you’d like to watch a recording of the award winners and honorees, please click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.

Top 3 Individual Walker Fundraisers:

  1. Alycia Klein
    • $51,311 raised; $110,921 lifetime raised; 4 years; 4th event; Team – Save The Sisters
    • Even though Alycia is responsible for over $20 million a year in sales, she never feels more accomplished then when her daughter has taken a shower and she has actually cooked dinner before 7:30 p.m. on a school night.img_0016
  2. Kathy Giller
    • $50,658 raised; $341,073 lifetime raised; 11 years; 18 events; Team – Breast Man Walking (Captain)
    • Since her husband Lee’s diagnosis with breast cancer 11 years ago, Kathy and her family have raised over $430,000 to help fund a cure for breast cancer.
  3. Kimberly Crist
    • $30,782 raised; $124,124 lifetime raised; 11 years; 11th event; Team – C-Side Sisters
    • Kim is an Ambassador for a new class of drugs for women with Metastatic ‎Breast Cancer, and she loves Zumba and Combat class.

Top Crew Fundraiser:

Kathleen Butler

  • $5,555 raised; $70,657 lifetime raised; 11 years; 13th event; Team – Team Girlapalooza (Captain)
  • Kathleen has a “very weird attachment to Diet Dr. Pepper, Bruce Springsteen & blue Bic pens (pretty much in that order).”


 Top Fundraising Team:

Powered By Optimism; $261,187 raised; 7 years as team; $1,452,854 lifetime raised; Team Captain – Amy Benoit (Chuck Pollock & Martin Heflin are co-Captains); 116 members


  • Team Girlapalooza has raised more than $1 Million since they started walking in 2008. (DC-based team with 23 members in SD) 
  • Angels for the Cure has raised more than $1 Million since they started walking in 2008. (TX-based team 20 members in SD) 
  • Hines Pink Pathers have raised more than $1 Million since they started walking in 2007. (MI-based team with 2 members in SD) 
  • The Cup Crusaders have raised more than $1.2 Million since they started walking in 2005. (New England-based team with 15 members in SD) 
  • Pink Soles In Motion has raised more than $1.4 Million since they started walking in 2006. (TX-based team with 12 members in SD) 
  • Powered By Optimism has raised more than $1.4 Million since they started walking in 2010. (local SD team with 116 members) 
  • The Pink Angels have raised more than $1.9 Million since they started walking in 2005. (New England-based team with 6 members in SD) 
  • Valley Girls & Guys! has raised more than $2.4 Million since they started walking in 2009. (WA-based team with 31 members in SD) 
  • Kindred Spirits has raised more than $2.6 Million since they started walking in 2004. (WA-based team with 27 members in SD)

 Top 2 Largest Teams:

  1. Hands Up For Hooters; 120 members; 2 years as team; Team Captain – Sally Dunbar
    • Sally & her teammates recruited 90 new walkers to their team this year, almost doubling the size of their team from 2015!
  2. Powered By Optimism; 116 members; 7 years as team; Team Captain – Amy Benoit (Chuck Pollock & Martin Heflin are co-captains)

 Milestone Award:

Kathy Giller; 11 years; 18 events; $341,073 lifetime raised; Team – Breast Man Walking (Captain)

Kathy's best friend Nancy accepting the award on her behalf.

Kathy’s best friend Nancy accepting the award on her behalf.

Kathy’s husband Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. A recurrence in late 2012 has left him battling Stage four since then. Due to Lee’s declining healthy, Kathy & Lee were unable to travel to San Diego this weekend as they had hoped. Shown above is Kathy’s best friend, Nancy.

Kathy takes any and all opportunities to share Lee’s story and advocate for ALL men with breast cancer and for screenings. Kathy also fights for her children. Of her three children, her son Jay is BRCA positive and her daughter Pam is a breast cancer survivor.“I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy & Lee over 10 years ago when they came to San Diego for one of their first 3-Days. They are both the sort of people that you meet in life and instantly connect with. Kathy is amazing and incredibly dedicated to bringing awareness to male breast cancer and she is Lee’s biggest cheerleader.  My world is a better place because of Kathy & Lee Giller.” – Jennifer H., 3-Day Coach & walker. Here’s what Kathy’s best friend Nancy had to say about Kathy:
“Where do I start about Kathy? She is amazing! My best friend. I think over the years I have spent more time with Kathy than my husband! We do all of our training and walking throughout the year together. We have counseled each other through issues with children, spouses, parents, politics, —the good the bad and the ugly of life!!  She is compassionate, a great listener, giving beyond words!
As far as Komen and the 3-Day, she is unstoppable. Being a co-survivor for both her husband and daughter Pam has been a labor of love. She will do ANYTHING for them, and does.  She is passionate about her fund raising (as is fairly obvious), because she WANTS A CURE!  She has come to realize that a cure will not be in the picture for her Lee, but hopefully for Pam and all other men and women with breast cancer.  These two people are the most amazing people I know, and our dearest friends.” – Nancy S, best friend & teammate

Local Impact Award:

Cliff Meyers; 12 years; 12th event; $42,122 lifetime raised; Team – Cliff’s Crew (Captain)


On training walks, he and his team look for loose change on the walk. They collect it throughout the year and make one donation to whichever walker needs it. They call it “pennies from heaven”. He believes that those we have lost leave little “reminders” that they are still with us on the journey. Here’s what Kim Collings, San Diego 3-Day Coach and Walker had to say about him: “He has recruited dozens of new walkers over the years including 7 just this year. You don’t have to be on his team to feel his passion for the 3-Day. In fact, many people from several teams walk with him year after year because they get the support and encouragement they need. He has been a passionate volunteer in meetings to help new walkers get started and to help build the 3-Day. It isn’t often you will catch him without SOMETHING 3-Day on, whether it’s a 3-Day hat, a 3-Day t-shirt, his pink walking shoes or all of the above. He will take any and every opportunity to spread the word about the 3-Day throughout his community.” Here’s what members of Cliff’s team had to say about him: “He is such an outstanding leader because he has so many amazing qualities. When we think of him these are the qualities that we think of:

  1. Motivate- he knows how to motivate anyone no matter what they want to achieve
  2. Delegate-he knows when to delegate and he knows how to pick the right people
  3. Communication-he is one of the best communicator
  4. Commitment-when he makes up his mind, he commits 100% to whatever he set out to do
  5. Positive attitude-he definitely has a can-do attitude
  6. Approach- very easy to approach
  7. Inspire-he has inspired so many of us over the years

Without his leadership, our team would not have existed. We owe so much to him and all he has done for this team.”



2016 Susan G. Komen San Diego 3-Day Wrap-up


On Friday morning, a brilliant blue-tinged sunrise illuminated the smiling faces of over 2,600 walkers ready to take the first steps of their 60-mile journey starting at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


Towering palm trees lined the paths to the coast, as walkers breathed in fresh sea air on their way to the cheering stations and pit stops, which paved the way for our entrance into the idyllic Torrey Pines State Park, known notoriously for its giant hills but also its sweeping views.


At mile 10.6, the UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography cheered us on with joyful enthusiasm and pompoms, and then it was on to lunch at Kellogg Park. Our final pit stops of the day, at La Jolla Lutheran Church and Christ Lutheran Church kept us fueled up with grahamwiches and sports drink, and we loved the La Jolla Cove seals, who barked as walkers selfied.


After an amazing day of 20.5 miles, back in camp at Crown Point Shores Park, we were treated to a moving speech by survivor Heather, 7-time walker and currently battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and we all walked back to our tents inspired to pound the pavement strongly on Day 2.


Walkers worked out their aches and pains the first few miles of Day 2 with photo opps with friendly creatures from Sea World! A barn owl, a screech owl, a porcupine, and a river otter were along the path, along with the Sea World Mascot, ready to strike a pose with our fabulous 3-Dayers.

From Sea World it was past Robb and Ocean Beach Fields, and then Pit Stop 2, at the top of a scenic vista at Sunset View Elementary, leading to a wonderful downward stretch back along the coast.


Lunch at Bonita Cova was muy bonita, and filled with amusements, from Chippendales dancer straight from Las Vegas, to thousands of vibrant Gerbera Daises being gifted to our strong walkers and crew. The San Diego Police Department also entertained us with a long and rockin’ dance party.


The way out of lunch gifted us with friendly pets and licks from therapy dogs, and then onward to South Mission Beach Park and Belmont Park. img_9852

Pit Stop 4 at Fanuel Park was aloha, and as walkers hydrated and stretched, they said Mahalo to the Pit Stop and Aloha to the famous Cookie Lady, passing out hundreds of homemade cookies.


The last two miles brought us through our inspiring Survivor Stretch, lined with the warriors of breast cancer, inspiring us to go on. Back in Camp, we honored and celebrated our 2016 Award Winners, and then danced the night away with our Youth Corps before retiring to our pink tents to drift off to dream of a world free of breast cancer forever.


At 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, we were all on our way toward Pit Stop 1 at De Anza Cove, and then the jubilant cheering station at the Mission Bay Park Visitor Information Center. The South Shore Park housed our Pit Stop 2, which at 7.1 miles, was where blisters were treated by our handy medical crew, water bottles were refilled, and the Youth Corps cheered up tired walkers with silly jokes and their energetic cheering.


From Pit Stop 2 we began our walk into Old Town San Diego, where we started the ascent up the fabled Juan Street hill, aided by local Mexican restaurants serving free chips and salsa.


Though the hill was challenging, we were applauded by survivors carrying signs saying “People like you saved my life”, spectators passing out sliced pickles, and adorable dogs in pink shirts.


We loved the mansions towering over San Diego on our way into lunch at Pioneer Park, where salads and sandwiches helped us get ready for our final four miles of the day.


The stunning Balboa Park housed cheering stations and our Pit Stop 3, where we posed with bronze statues, stretched, and then snapped pictures at the beautiful mile 59 marker drawn in chalk before our final two miles into Waterfront Park.

After 15.6 miles on Day 3, we marched proudly into the twilight of Closing Ceremony, surrounded by sweeping palm trees and our loved ones. Dusk descended upon the 3,000 people gathered in the park, and Dr. Sheri and Amber Livingston told us the astounding news that with our 2,600 walkers and 350 crew, we raised $7.6 million dollars. As we hugged and celebrated and danced, our message rang loud and clear; that though our feet may ache, our spirit, our tenacity, and our dedication will live forever; through aches, and pain, and blisters. We are shouting loudly and proudly that in this fight, where we seek to live in a world free of breast cancer, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP. Thank you, San Diego. We are so very proud of you.


If you’re ready to be a part of this incredible journey again in 2017, sign up now for just $35 at