Fundraising A to Z

Whether you are a first-time walker or a seasoned veteran, fundraising can be intimidating. Coming up with creative ways to get donations can add a little fun to the process of raising money! We asked 3-Dayers to name one fundraising idea for every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. Here is what they came up with: 

Ask everyone 

Boobie Bingo 

Christmas card list 

Dog walking 


Five dollar Friday 

Garage sales 

Holiday themes

Increase your goal 


Keep letter and donation forms with you at all times 

Lots and lots of baking 

Make calls to local restaurants and ask to have a fundraiser night where you get a percentage of total sales 

No negative thinking

OREO Cookie Bunnies — sell these delish treats as part of a bake sale! 

People — contact them all! 

QR codes — create a QR code that goes directly to your fundraising page 

Remind people why you walk

Sell items at a flea market 

Talk about it with everyone you meet! 

Utilize your talents and skills 

Video fundraising message — post it on your social channels, send it in an email or go live! 

Wash cars 

Xerox flyers and hand them out 

Yard work — mow lawns and do chores in exchange for donations 

Zucchini — sell produce you grew at a local farmers market 

Do you have a fundraising idea that has worked well? Share it below in the comments! 

Three Easy Fundraising Ideas We Bet You’ve Never Tried!

Whether newly part of the 3-Day family, or a long-time & dedicated member, fundraising can be a challenge. Run out of people to reach out to? Finding yourself stuck on how to encourage your friends, family, or colleagues to help you reach your goal? Feeling a lack of motivation or enthusiasm yourself? We’ve all been there. And because of that, we know that you can always use a little extra help and creative ideas for how to keep things fresh and interesting.

Maybe you’ve already thought of these… But we’re guessing you haven’t! Either way, and without further ado, here are some unique & fun fundraising ideas to help you reach all your goals this year!

1. Trade in your old phone with ecoATM

Have an old cell phone lying around? Don’t know what to do with it? Head to, to see what your phone is worth and bring it to the nearest ecoATM kiosk to get paid on the spot.  No haggling, no waiting , no dealing with strangers, and no mail-in required. You can use that $$ to go toward your 3-Day fundraising. Oh, and don’t forget to ask your friends and family to check their junk drawers for more phones to trade in. And don’t worry, it’s safe! You’ll find instructions to remove all personal accounts online at There is an option to donate your device cash-out value to Susan G. Komen®, choosing to donate funds at the kiosk will not count towards your individual 3-Day fundraising.

2. Make them ask, “What are you wearing?!”

This is for the dress up queens and costume aficionados! Take on a “dare to wear” challenge and wear a wild pink outfit, or as many as you can find, for as long as people are donating to your campaign. Let’s see your hot pink wigs, sparkling tutus, onesies, and more! Better yet, designate your significant other or a friend to be the one who has to dress up! Keep the momentum going by posting a selfie every day showing off your outfit and reminding your circle to keep donating if they want to see more!

3. Finally reveal that secret family recipe

Have a delicious family recipe all your friends and colleagues have been begging you for years? Today’s the day folks! Create a fundraising challenge amongst your circle, where you’ll finally share that delicious secret they’ve all been craving if they help you reach your fundraising goal. If not a recipe, make it a secret tip or trick, a DIY specialty, the answer to your unsolvable riddle, or whatever else you’ve got up your sleeve!

Got some more fun ideas of your own? Share them with your community! We’re all in this together after all, working towards one mission of ending breast cancer forever! Happy fundraising 3-Day Fam!

Bev D. finds ways to be GRATEFUL, both in her life and for her Pink Bubble family

Next up in our “Word of the Year” series, this month Bev D. shares how she has been able to remain GRATEFUL, despite whatever challenges the past year has presented. She joined the 3-Day in 2011 to walk it once, and 15 3-Days latershe’s still here! The spirit of the pink bubble family keeps her coming back. 

Tell me about your 3-Day experience. 
I’ve participated in so many events since 2011, it’s hard to count…I think I am at 15! 

What is your 2021 word of the year?  
My word of the year is GRATEFUL.  

Why is that your word of the year? 
Even though 2020 was an awful year for the world, I am grateful because I was still able to spend time with my “pod” of friends and family. We hiked and went to the beach, and we were grateful we were able to do things like that. ALSO, my daughter had a baby girl! Baby Pearl Rhiannon was born on Thanksgiving Day. They spent the whole pregnancy quarantined and everyone is healthy and beautiful. She is my first grandchild and I am enormously grateful for her.  

Why do you participate in the 3-Day? 
My mom had breast cancer, which was the reason I walked the first year. I honestly thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience: “one and done” as they say (LOL) but like many of us, that is NEVER the case. The pink bubble became my family and forever friends and I love you all!

What does the 3-Day family mean to you? 
The 3-Day family is the family I chose. They mean the world to me! I feel safe and loved and part of a special community that the outside world can never understand unless they join “the bubble.”

How does your word of the year connect to the 3-Day? 
I am grateful not only for the things in my life, but for my 3-Day family, too. My 3-Day friends are in my bubble that I stay in and travel with. I have so many friends near and far that I call family who I know I can always depend on to be there! They have enriched my life ten-fold.   

If you could share a message with the Pink Bubble, what would it be? 
I am so grateful for my pink family that is close by, for always being here. I am grateful for the pink family from afar, for keeping us connected to each other in so many ways. We’ve had virtual walks, sent cards to each other, and have always been there to offer prayers when needed.  

My symbol for my mom is a ladybug and there have been so many times when someone randomly will send me a text to tell me that they saw my “mom” in their office, in the park, on the sidewalk, in their house. And it always comes at a time when I just needed to hear it!

We want to know: What are you GRATEFUL for? Check back next month for the next blog post in our “Word of the Year” series.