2022 San Diego 3-Day Crew Impact Award Winner

What was your inspiration to do your first 3-Day?   

My first 3-Day was in 2001 in New York City, right after 9/11, on the fifth anniversary of my first round of breast cancer. I heard an ad for the 3-Day and I knew I had to walk; I had to do something. At the Closing Ceremony I stood with a young woman, a few years younger than me, who was crying because she was afraid she would never have children. I showed her a picture of my one-year-old daughter, born soon after my diagnosis. Her tears dried up, and she hugged me. During the ceremony, a woman spoke who had to choose between being in the 3-Day Closing Ceremony and being at a memorial for her brother who was killed in the 9/11 attacks. She chose the 3-Day because she chose hope. I could talk for hours about how amazing my first walk was, but all you need to know is that I was hooked. And, by the way, my daughter took her first steps as I took the last steps of my 60 miles. 

What has brought you back to the 3-Day year after year? 

The Pink Bubble, the people and the lessons of kindness and compassion bring me back. Nowhere else is there the kindness, the silliness, the joy and the sorrow. The people, my friends, the walkers, the other crew, the staff and the cause make this event addictive. And, of course, my sister would never forgive me if I didn’t. 

What is your favorite aspect of crewing the 3-Day? 

As a walker, I raised money, played music, met people and had fun. But I saw what a difference the crew made for us. And I knew I was better suited for crewing. Working at a pit stop, I could make the walk better for every walker. When we did a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” theme, our crew chose to play the “Time Warp” continuously, and each walker thought it was just for him or her. When we dressed up as Peter Pan, walkers believed that Tinkerbelle’s magic fairy dust could make them fly. But now, on the Sweep Crew, I can make the walk better for every walker who needs it the most, and then maybe that walker will have a better walk. Maybe I’ll come back next year with a new friend. 

What is your best advice to anyone crewing the 3-Day? 

First and most importantly, have fun. Have lots of fun, and really have fun outside your comfort zone. Second, give and give and give some more. Pour out everything you have in you for the walkers. Of course, do what the staff and your crew captains ask, be flexible, etc. But remember that the joy you give is what creates the Pink Bubble. 

What’s a fun fact about you?  

Although I grew up in California, I am genetically a Mets fan, whose colors are Brooklyn Dodger Blue and NY Giants orange. Why? My dad was a NY Giants fan, and my mom is a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, so I truly am genetically a Mets fan. You have got to believe! 

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned on the 3-Day? 

Obviously, I have learned to listen to the staff, my crew captain and learned to be flexible. Very flexible (except, not at yoga). As I said, I have learned over and over the value of giving and sharing. I also learned a huge life lesson: tolerance is about tolerating what you don’t agree with, not what you do agree with. I love the diversity of the people I know from the 3-Day. That is a gift. I have also learned that I can do what I didn’t think I could do and that my life is better because of it. Oh, and I learned that I can make creative, crazy hats! 

Beth’s friend Melissa shared a brief testimonial with us: 

“Beth has been a fantastic crew member in the many years I have had the pleasure to work alongside her. She is a supportive friend that is always ready to jump in and help with anything that she can. As a survivor, she is a constant supporter of the walkers, fellow crew, and the Susan G. Komen mission to eradicate breast cancer. She has made an impact in my personal life as well as my 3-Day life, and I am proud to call her my friend. Beth embodies the definition of a 3-Day crew member ― Be Kind, Be Flexible and Be Prompt.” 

Congratulations to Beth for being our 2022 San Diego Crew Impact Award Winner! And thank you, Beth, for your continued support and dedication to the 3-Day! 

2022 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Top Fundraisers

The Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day boasted a grand total of 725 walkers and 225 crew members. With the help of our top fundraisers recognized below, $2.2 million was raised in the fight against breast cancer.  

Our top fundraisers were recognized Saturday morning of the event at our Bank of America Breakfast of Champions. Bank of America celebrates our fundraising champions with a collective $25,000 donation to jump start participants on their 2023 fundraising! Join us in congratulating these top fundraisers for their incredible achievements.  

Meet your 2022 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Top Fundraisers: 

Our top individual fundraiser is Melissa W.! Melissa raised over $43,000 this year and has raised over $47,000 total in the two years she’s been participating in the 3-Day. Melissa received a $300 donation from Bank of America towards her fundraising for next year’s 3-Day. 

Our top crew fundraiser is Fee P-B. Fee raised $6,071 this year and has raised over $76,000 total over the 13 3-Day events she’s participated in. Fee received a $300 donation from Bank of America towards her fundraising efforts for 2023. 

Our small but mighty team award is The Keepers, who raised almost $40,000 with only five team members. The Keepers received a $250 donation from Bank of America towards their 2023 fundraising efforts.  

Last, but surely not least, is our top fundraising team STEPS! STEPS is captained by Sheryl Cowan and Dana Bilbray. Together, the team has raised more than $139,000 this year. In total, the 63 team members have raised $1.36 million to date in the 12 years they have been a team. We thank STEPS for the amazing commitment they have to Susan G. Komen and the 3-Day! 

Thank you to all of our top fundraisers, and to all of our 2022 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day participants who together raised $2.2 million in the fight against breast cancer. Stay tuned for our last top fundraiser blog from the San Diego 3-Day in just a couple weeks! 

2022 San Diego 3-Day Recap 

Our 2022 Susan G. Komen 3-Day series is officially in the books! We wrapped up the season with our final event in San Diego this past weekend, and it was truly a weekend we won’t forget. With 1,700 walkers and 325 crew members, $5.3 million was raised in the fight against breast cancer.  

Day 1 

The Pink Bubble was awake before the sun Friday morning, and gathered at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for our Opening Ceremony. Though quite chilly, there was no lack of excitement as we looked forward to the next three days and 60 miles we’d have together for the last 3-Day in our 2022 series. As emcee Kimberly Reinika and host Cati Diamond Stone kicked things off with some stretching, dancing and our Opening Ceremony, we were soon on our way to start the 60-mile journey. 

The first leg of the route was as special as ever, wandering past Del Mar’s Dog Beach into Del Mar Village, home to some of the best community support we have on the 3-Day. The Torrey Pines High School cheerleaders welcomed us into the heart of Del Mar shortly after our first pit stop of the day. 

Departing Del Mar, we headed towards the infamous Torrey Pines Hill. Though notoriously tough, walkers fueled up at the bottom at pit stop 2 and couldn’t help but smile as they were greeted with immense support and cheering at the top. Continuing on, walkers passed UCSD as they ventured into La Jolla and then towards Kellogg Park for lunch.  

After lunch, walkers further toured La Jolla before heading south into the quaint town of Bird Rock and into Pacific Beach, where our final pit stop and grab & go stations were located. We enjoyed the neighborhood streets of Pacific Beach before hitting Fanuel Park, the entrance point to Mission Bay where we walk along the boardwalk to reach camp at Crown Point Park.  

Walkers crossed the Mohawk Flooring Pink Carpet into camp and 3-Day Main Street where many of our sponsors set up tents to offer various services to our participants. Natura Bissé offered refreshing mists and samples, Bank of America provided massage chairs, and Amgen hosted a lounge with a make-your-own trail mix station and spin-the-wheel prizes aimed at providing knowledge about our bone health. 

We finished up our first day with our Bank of America Celebration of Champions, highlighting all our top fundraisers from individuals, rookies, crew members, youth corps and of course, teams! Stay tuned to the 3-Day blog for our posts about these amazing fundraisers, as well as our Crew Impact and Milestone Award Winners. 

Day 2 

On Day 2, walkers experienced some of San Diego’s great beach towns. After breakfast at camp, we crossed one of Mission Bay’s bridges into Ocean Beach for our  first pit stop of the day. As we ventured further into Ocean Beach’s neighborhoods, we encountered our Day 2 hill. Once reaching the top, walkers were rewarded with amazing ocean views and a cheering station comprised of local supporters and the Heartland Fire Department, who passed out water bottles and snacks to keep us going. 

We rounded our way through Point Loma towards pit stop 2 at Sunset View Elementary, a staple pit stop of the San Diego 3-Day with tons of space and great views. Perhaps even more famed than this great location is the next photo-op located at the bottom of the hill it sits on: Sunset Cliffs! Walkers stopped to take photos and enjoy the ocean breeze, basking in the beautiful weather that we had all weekend long!  

We made our way back through Ocean Beach, passing through pit stop 3 right on the beach and back over Mission Bay Bridge into Bonita Cove for lunch. Here we celebrated being halfway through 60 miles with two decorated arches and of course our halfway dance! Our dedicated sponsors were there, Mohawk Flooring providing their pink SmartCushions to sit on, and Natura Bissé offering refreshing mists. A DJ was on site, providing us with great music and vibes as the San Diego Police Department bike cops led the way for the “Cupid Shuffle” and “Wobble” before heading out.  

The community support continued with tons of signs, live music and face paintings as we headed towards Mission Beach to walk along the boardwalk. We then headed back up towards Fanuel Park for our final pit stop of the day and prepared for the heartfelt and emotional Memorial Mile. Signs dedicated to loved ones we’ve lost to breast cancer lined the path back into camp. That evening we loaded our plates up at the 3-Day buffet and sat down for our Honor Ceremony. 

The San Diego Youth Corps began our Honor Ceremony, telling us their “why” and what urges them to commit to the 3-Day and finding the cures for breast cancer at such a young age. We then heard from three different walkers who told their stories and reminded us all why we walk and why we raise money to fight this horrible disease.  

After the Honor Ceremony, walkers enjoyed a hot chocolate bar with mugs provided by Bank of America. We warmed ourselves up and basked in the last night together in camp, enjoying 3-Day Main Street and placing our luminaria bags near the Remembrance Tent. 

Day 3 

Walkers were led out on their final day of this journey by the Ultimate San Diego 3-Day Experience winner, Gemma G.! We left camp and headed back to the Mission Beach Boardwalk and over to Belmont Park for pit stop 1 . With just over four miles in, we refueled and headed towards our first cheering station of the day, a park path lined with family, friends and members of the community holding signs and waving pom-poms. Walkers stopped to dance at this cheering station, as the Wonderbus played music and offered words of encouragement to finish strong. 

We passed Sea World and were greeted with even more community support as we headed down the riverwalk towards Old Town, home of the infamous Juan Street Hill.  

Fueled by fresh tortilla chips and tons of people motivating us at the bottom, we marched up our last big hill of the San Diego 3-Day. Once reaching the top, more refreshments and even a garden hose mister were offered to cool us down and keep us moving. 

We made our way through the neighborhood of Mission Hills before reaching our final lunch spot at Pioneer Park, taking our time to rest before hitting the final stretch of our 60-mile journey. After finishing lunch, we ventured through Hillcrest and down Balboa Park, where our final cheering station and pit stop were.  

After three days and 60 miles, walkers crossed the finish line at Waterfront Park right next to San Diego Bay. Our Finish Line Festival included pink SmartCushions and the pink carpet provided by Mohawk Flooring, medals by Bank of America, and a giant pink inflatable tunnel from Amgen.  

Our last walker crossed the finish line around 4:30 p.m., initiating the start of our Closing Ceremony. We watched as she raised the “We Will Never Give Up” flag, and welcomed in the rest of our walkers, our crew, the SDPD Bike Cops, and finally, our survivors. A slideshow highlighting great moments throughout the weekend played, and we announced that together we raised $5.3 million. We finished off the event and the end of the 2022 3-Day series with a dance party, celebrating all that we’ve accomplished in the fight against breast cancer! 

The San Diego 3-Day was a great event to wrap up our 2022 season with. A huge “thank you” goes out to the city of San Diego for allowing the Pink Bubble to take over, the local businesses and walker stalkers (local and beyond) who came out to cheer us on, and to all the walkers, crew and volunteers who participated as we fight to put an end to breast cancer. We will see you all again next year!