Explore the Dallas/Fort Worth Route Before the 3-Day!

The 2023 3-Day will take you on an unforgettable journey through Dallas/Fort Worth’s most iconic landmarks and lesser-known gems. Jump into those cowboy boots and prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and captivating sights of the Lone Star State! 

Day 1 

No visit to Dallas would be complete without a walk through Dealey Plaza, where your day begins with a visit to the JFK Memorial. Designed by architect Philip Johnson and completed in 1970, this solemn site invites contemplation and remembrance. The monument’s open-roof structure resembles an open casket, symbolizing the freedom of Kennedy’s spirit as his legacy lives on. 

From here, venture toward the Cultural District, home to the renowned Dallas Museum of Art. This hub of creativity and artistic expression will surely inspire you as you continue your adventure with the fabulous Pink Bubble. Make your way to Turtle Creek Park, named after the meandering Turtle Creek, which runs through its grounds. Characterized by its lush green spaces, walking paths, and well-maintained gardens, this park offers an escape from the surrounding urban area. 

Don’t miss the vibrant Oak Lawn Rainbow Road, home to the “Pay It No Mind” mural, a powerful tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. Sashay away with the message of inclusivity and acceptance that radiates from this colorful art installation. Walk with pride as you continue to the upscale area of Highland Park and admire the Southern charm of this charismatic neighborhood. As you proceed on the route, Cole Park offers a serene green space perfect for relaxation and fresh air. 

Wrap up your day in the heart of downtown Dallas at the AT&T Discovery District. Covering several blocks near the AT&T headquarters, the company created this immersive entertainment and retail destination to showcase their latest technology, products, and services. Take out that smartphone and capture a few photos before resting up for Day 2! 

Day 2 

On the second day, a short bus ride will take you into the neighboring area of Fort Worth to dive into the city’s western heritage and cowboy culture. Established as an army outpost in the mid-19th century, this metropolis boasts a wealth of history and architecture at every corner. Walk through the Fairmount-Southside Historic District before passing through the Fort Worth Water Gardens, a stunning urban oasis with serene pools and cascading waterfalls. Feeling refreshed? Head to Sundance Square, a vibrant entertainment district buzzing with restaurants, shops, and cultural events for visitors and locals alike. 

For a taste of the Wild West, venture toward the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame where the spirit of the cowgirl mirrors that of the Pink Bubble. This renowned museum is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the achievements of women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, resilience, and trailblazing spirit. Continue your journey through Fort Worth feeling enriched and empowered by the courage of these pioneer women. Mosey on over to the Cultural District where you’ll encounter a dazzling display of urban artistry. Look for the playful “Raining Tacos” and mesmerizing Rainbow Tunnel murals which will undoubtedly add a splash of color to your day. 

Pass through the historic suburban neighborhoods of Sunset Heights and Tanglewood before strolling past Texas Christian University. This campus not only has a nationally recognized football team but a strong school spirit and a supportive community that is perfect for the 3-Day! Finally, wrap up Day 2 in Ryan Place where you’ll witness the unique charm of the area where some of the homes date back to the early 1900s. Return to the Fairmount-Southside Historic District where you’ll see the M.A. Benton House, one of the oldest homes in Fort Worth. Built in 1898. This Victorian-style cottage embodies southern values as it remains well-preserved and proudly owned by descendants of the Benton family. From here, a bus will take you back to our 3-Day camp at the Dallas Hyatt Regency for a touching Honor Ceremony before resting up for the last leg of the 3-Day.  

Day 3 

Begin your final day by paying homage to Texas’ cowboy heritage at the Pioneer Plaza’s Longhorn Cattle Sculptures, a magnificent bronze tribute to the culture that’s shaped the Lone Star state. Continue walking toward the dynamic and lively neighborhood of Deep Ellum which maintains a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. This revitalized area retains its historic charm while celebrating modern creativity, music, and culture. Soak up the sights and sounds before heading toward White Rock Lake where its picturesque boathouse provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable photo.  

Venture toward the T. Boone Pickens Cancer Center and take a glimpse into the groundbreaking medical advancements achieved on these grounds. This prominent cancer treatment and research facility located in Dallas will remind you of exactly why you walk as you complete the closing portion of the 3-Day. As you make your way through downtown Dallas, prepare to be captivated by the Giant Eyeball, an unexpected and quirky art installation that is sure to leave you amazed. This incredible work of art will stare back at you as you make your way through the city! Measuring about 30-feet in height, the massive structure of fiberglass and stainless steel embodies the city’s eclectic art scene.  

Finally, make your way to one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and let the Reunion Tower be the backdrop for your Closing Ceremony. As it is affectionately known by locals, “The Ball” has been a staple of the Dallas skyline since 1978. With 259 exterior LED lights, there is truly no better location for you to shine after completing the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day. 

Are you walking the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day? Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most. 

October Pink Bubble Story of the Month — Sandra G. 

Sandra’s journey with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day began in the bustling streets of Manhattan, with a simple yet powerful step. While in remission from breast cancer, she was walking a 5K and found herself yearning to make a more profound impact. It was at this event when Sandra met a man whose wife was walking the same 5K while in the midst of her battle with breast cancer. Noting her own health and this woman’s bravery, Sandra began researching what more she could do, when she stumbled upon the 3-Day. 

With a clean bill of health, Sandra registered to embark on her 3-Day adventure in 2020, which was unfortunately delayed due to COVID-19. The following year, she found herself with a Stage IV breast cancer diagnosis and ended up participating in her first walk while fighting the disease. For the past three years, her motivation to continue walking has been deeply rooted in the incredible community support and the substantial funds she and her team have raised. As she faces the challenges of Stage IV breast cancer, Sandra remains steadfast in her resolve to participate in the 3-Day, not only to raise funds for herself but to stand alongside others who share her experience. With each step, she strives to make a difference that extends beyond her own story, so that future generations don’t have to endure the tumultuous path she has endured. This year, she’s taking her mission to the Pacific coast as she walks in San Diego, continuing once again on the path of hope and healing.  

Among the myriad of memories Sandra cherishes from her past 3-Day walks, one stands out as a testament to the remarkable connections forged during this saga. Two years ago, she found herself climbing a challenging hill, her determination slightly waning. However, a fellow walker approached her and struck up a conversation, asking about her story. Their interaction and shared purpose propelled her to conquer that hill, proving the incredible power of human connection in overcoming obstacles. 

Sandra’s commitment to raising funds for breast cancer research is unwavering, fueled by her personal experiences. As she puts it, “no mother, daughter, son, husband, etc., should ever have to go through what I have been through,” referencing the years of chemotherapy, radiation, and emotional toll the battle has put on her and her loved ones. Her conviction is a driving force that motivates her to push her limits and inspires others to join her cause. 

When asked about the best piece of advice she’d ever received regarding the 3-Day, Sandra emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s feet by wearing proper shoes. It’s’ a simple yet crucial reminder that speaks to the physical demands of the event (and a great opportunity to buy a cute pair of sneakers). 

For those who are contemplating joining the 3-Day but have yet to take that leap, Sandra offers a message of hope and reassurance: “It is an inspiration and, in the end, not as hard as it seems. The cause is worth it.” Her words echo her own experience, showing that the path to making a difference is accessible to all who are willing to embark on it. While hard, she notes that walking 60 miles is not as hard as what she has been through in her fight against breast cancer. She wants to show people it can be done, and that walking is worth the effort to find the cures. 

In closing, Sandra reflects on her extraordinary journey, one that began amidst challenges and uncertainty. Her inaugural walk, postponed due to the pandemic and undertaken after her Stage IV diagnosis, stands as a testament to her unwavering spirit and determination. With a sense of pride and hope, Sandra reveals that, in just three years, her efforts have contributed to raising around $100,000—a sum that serves as a beacon of hope for the future. As she continues her journey with the 3-Day, Sandra’s story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the phenomenal impact that one person’s dedication and determination can have on a cause that touches so many lives. 

Congratulations to Our Top Fundraisers of the 2023 Chicago 3-Day!

The 2023 Susan G. Komen Chicago 3-Day boasted 700 walkers and 180 crew members who collectively contributed $2.1 million in the fight against breast cancer. To wrap up Day 1, our top fundraisers were recognized Friday evening at the Bank of America Celebration of Champions. This year, Bank of America is celebrating the accomplishments of our 3-Dayers by donating a collective $42,000 to the top fundraisers to jump start their 2024 fundraising efforts. Join us in congratulating these teams and individuals for their incredible achievements and contributions! 

We kicked off the ceremony by recognizing our Rookie of the Year, Cynthia S., who raised $36,505.40 for her first ever 3-Day, also making her the Top Individual Fundraiser of the Chicago 3-Day! The crowd applauded her for her incredible contributions as she posed for a picture with Bank of America’s very own Kim Hamstead who delivered her two $500 donations to kick off her 2024 fundraising.

Angels for Angels was then awarded with our Small but Mighty Team award after their eight-person team raised a whopping $53,708.74. Team Capitan Rina W. was awarded a $500 donation and each of her teammates received $60 to kick-start their 2024 fundraising. We’re always so impressed by our Small but Mighty Teams

Our Top Fundraising Team, Hakuna MaTaTas, was recognized for the $66,842.84 they teamed up to raise. With 35 members, they also stood as the largest team of the event and were captained by Christina Z. who walked alongside a very special guest, her doctor. Christina humbly accepted her $500 donation courtesy of Bank of America and her 34 teammates were each awarded $60 toward their 2024 fundraising. In their two years as a team, Hakuna MaTaTas have raised a collective $100,660.81 to help end breast cancer.  

With our walkers accounted for, it was time to congratulate our incredible crew members, who collectively raised $72,276.44 in the Windy City! From Pit Stop 4, our Top Individual Crew Fundraiser, Sara Z., was honored for the $8,680.00 she raised this year for her 17th event. The Pit Stop 4 Crew Team not only brought an incredible beach theme, but also rang in as the Top Fundraising Crew Team with nine members raising a collective $17,214.84!  

We then honored our youngest fundraisers from the Chicago 3-Day, Youth Corps, who altogether raised $4,934! Ava H. participated in her second 3-Day and raised $944.80 this year, making her this event’s Top Youth Corps Fundraiser. Ava will be receiving a customized Hydro Flask courtesy of Bank of America which she can use with pride. We are so grateful for and proud of our Youth Corps who continually remind us of the future we fundraise to improve. 

Whether you were a top fundraiser or hit your own fundraising goals for the 2023 Chicago 3-Day, the work that you do and the funds that you raise are ever important. We are so grateful to each and every one of you for making our departure from Chicago so memorable and impactful. On behalf of Bank of America and Susan G. Komen, thank you for all that you do to help fight breast cancer.