Introducing a New Way to 3-Day: 3-Day Nation

This year, we’re introducing a new experience. A new way to bring together all the members of our 3-Day family and the thousands of others who have supported Susan G. Komen® over the years. Introducing 3-Day Nation, coming to you — wherever you are — this October.

Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Nation is a new kind of 3-Day for EVERYONE. With no age limit and a lower fundraising requirement of $1,000 ($250 for kids under 16), it’s more accessible than ever before!

This experience promises to bring the magic of the Pink Bubble to 3-Day walkers across the country. October 2 marks the start of 3-Day Nation with a live-streamed Opening Ceremony which will kick off two weeks of inspiring, entertaining, real-time and on-demand programming. In the first two weeks, you can walk 50 miles at your own pace, however you like. And on October 17, we’ll share a nationwide 10-mile walk, united as one 3-Day Nation!

You’ll receive a 3-Day Nation Pink Bubble Bundle with a T-shirt, a medal, promise ribbons and lots of other goodies, to help you feel the love and community of the 3-Day wherever you are.

The 3-Day Nation experience will include many 3-Day traditions and well-known ceremonies, including our Halfway Celebration and our powerful Honor Ceremony, as well as lots of 3-Day style fun, entertainment and challenges along the way. 

On Sunday, October 17, all of 3-Day Nation will join together for a final, shared 10-mile walk with grass-roots gatherings, led by 3-Day team captains in past 3-Day cities across the country. To culminate the experience, we’ll end together, as we always do, with our Closing Ceremony.

Walking across time zones and zip codes, coast to coast, in small towns and big cities, we’ll raise more funds to save lives, honor our survivors and remember why we committed to the 3-Day in the first place.

We ARe 3-Day Nation

3-Day Nation is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced — it’s an opportunity we’ve never had before, a huge milestone for our 3-Day community, and a key part of our movement and mission to end breast cancer forever. Grab your friends, family and co-workers and join us for a new 3-Day experience of connection, impact and fun!

Read all about it and register today at

All Along the Way, Eduardo R. will be there to SUPPORT You | June—Word of the Year

Today, we’re excited to meet eight-time crew/walker, Eduardo R. Let’s learn why he chose support as his word of the year.

Tell us about your 3-Day experience.

I have walked four times (Michigan 2006, Boston 2009, Michigan 2016 and Boston 2019. I crewed six of the seven walks in 2019, and I’ve walker-stalked my wife Donna all years since 2006 that I wasn’t walking or crewing. 

What is your 2021 word of the year?


Why is that your word of the year?

Support is what I’ve been doing since my first walk. I needed to support my wife in this incredibly important cause. The least I could do was to be there for her. Her mom is a two-time survivor. Two years ago, my wife became a survivor. We all know someone who has been afflicted with breast cancer. 

Why do you participate in the 3-Day?

To support my wife, Donna, and everyone that is involved in the 3 Day, i.e., crew, walkers, visitors.

What does the 3-Day family mean to you?

Just that—being part of a family. It is always so good to see new-found friends throughout the country. It is like a family reunion. 

How does your word of the year connect to the 3-Day?

I support the Cause. My wife. Walkers. Crew. Other support personnel.

If you could share a message with the Pink Bubble, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to get involved. It will be a life-long experience. My very first walk was the single most emotional event I had up to that point. I boo-hooed like a child at closing ceremony.

We’re so grateful for Eduardo’s support, and we hope you take a moment today to recognize those who support you along your journey. Send the text or email. Call them. Post on their wall. Show them you are grateful.

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