Must-Have Items to Pack in your 3-Day Waist Pack, PART 2

We’re back for PART 2 of the must-have items to pack in your 3-Day waist pack! In Part 1, we explored blister prep and snacks. Today, we’ll check out functional items like gear and tools and special items that remind us why we walk.

Gear, Tools, and More

  • Stephen K. Y.: Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, Band-Aids, Ibuprofen, sunglasses, inhaler
  • Jennifer S.: First aid kit in an Altoids tin
  • Sarah H.: Shoelaces
  • Malagni M. M.: Safety pins and ribbon
  • Emily W.: A permanent marker!
  • Donna M.: Small dry erase sheet and marker.
  • Lucy M.: Scissors
  • Sandi L. R.: Panties! I hate sweaty ones!!!
  • Erin S.: Tiny first aid kit. BioFreeze. Shower caps to cover your feet in case it rains…keep them tootsies dry.
  • Lisa D.: A sharpie!
  • Betsy P.: Duct tape!
  • Jennifer H. P.: Duct tape!
  • Beth W. N.: Clothespins! Great for securing your rain poncho hood to the bill of your hat if it’s raining.
    • Jen C.: Good add! I use binder clips LOL
  • Lola L.: Extra contact lenses & solution! Just in case. In 13 walks, I’ve never had to use them but the one time I leave them behind, I’ll need them. 🙂 My go-to survival in my bag annually is moleskin pieces to battle blisters! Maybe the “Blister Fairies” will return this year to ward what ails some of us. 🥰
  • Diane S.: Chapstick. And a backup Chapstick in case I lose the first one.
  • Lynda D. C.: I have a pack of Cottonelle wipes. I get the 14-wipe slim pack in the travel mini section. They are great for trips to the porta-potty, and I also use as a washcloth for a quick clean up. Gold Bond powder, a sandwich bag with cash, and my medical card with contact info. I use a small crossbody purse instead of a fanny pack, which is less strain on my hips and back.
  • Melissa K. W.: Binder clip to hold a rain poncho to my hat!
  • Roxanne L-V.: Kleenex. You never know when you will need them! And, extra cash. There are always things to get along the way!
  • Pam B.: Clean undies…yep! Pink!
  • Nancy M.: You would be surprised what I stuff in a fanny pack… credit card, cash, charger, Tylenol, poncho screen, mints, Moleskin, scissors, Vaseline and gloves to apply, a piece of plastic shower curtain to sit on, phone, disposable toothbrush, and ribbon tattoos.
  • Lola H.: Tush wipes and hemorrhoid cream
  • Rachel B.: Toilet seat cover 😂. I bought it at Buy Buy Baby seven years ago when my nephew was born. 😂😂 This makes me laugh. Hairbrush and shower cap, too. Yes, a lipstick with a mirror, too. No wonder it weighs so much. Not sure why I only have one shower cap since I would need one for each shoe. Something else to add. 🤣

Other Special Notes

  • Tracey C. A.: Tiny teddy bear. It was given to me many years ago to keep me safe on a trip I was going on. It even has tiny angel wings. 💕
  • Julie J.: A small stone that says “breathe”.
  • Sandy K.: A last stash of my famous pink 🎀 🎀🎀🎀! I sprinkle them at pit stops, at the opening ceremony, wherever an opportunity presents itself!
  • Beverly W.: Ribbons with the names of survivors or people living with or passed away from breast cancer.
  • Carolyn S. P.: A light stick to help the team find each other before the opening ceremony.
  • Alisen D.: My mom’s mini urn of ashes. She is always on event as I participate. It even has a breast cancer ribbon etched into it.
  • Sally P.: A note my husband wrote me on the eve of my mastectomy surgery.
  • Kristian K.: Maybe a surprise to a non-3-Dayer, but I have 2 TuTu Angels on the front of my handlebar bag. MaMa and PaPa TuTu have led me down the right path since the day I was born. When on event, they do so as well. The TuTu angels look rough, but they’ve seen a lot of miles since 2011 when MaMa TuTu and 2012 when PaPa TuTu first adorned my handlebar bag.
  • Jamie W.: Art to abandon on route, 💖 abandoned original photographs in Seattle as well as handmade friendship bracelets.
  • Jeryl V.: Essential oils!!
  • Peggy S.: My book
  • Jacki P.: 3-Day business cards
  • Barbara B.: The traveling angel my daughter gave me to watch over me.

3-Day family, we’re feeling very prepared (and like it is time to place an order to stock up our waist packs). What else do we need to bring? Share your tips in the comments!