Must-Have Items to Pack in your 3-Day Waist Pack, PART 1

Experienced 3-Day walkers are ALWAYS prepared. Once we learned some of our expert tips for 3-Day newbies from these seasoned walkers, we just had to ask…what is in your 3-Day waist pack? Many 3-Day walkers rock waist packs or hip packs with must-have items for use out on the route. While there will be snacks and drinks and medical supplies every few miles along the route, many 3-Day walkers like to bring their own personal stash of things that make them feel good.

From functional to fun, from sentimental to silly, we’re excited to share a comprehensive list of waist pack must-haves collected from the Pink Bubble community. We always recommend training with the gear you’ll wear during the walk. So as you start to build up your mileage, it may be time to stock up on items for blister prep, snacks, gear, tools, and items to make your heart happy.

What do experienced 3-Dayers recommend?

Blister Prep and More

  • Jennifer S.: Small container with Hike Goo, Advil, sunscreen, and lip balm.
    • Melissa P. L.: YES also to a small container of Hike Goo! Best product around!
  • Elvia M.: 2nd Skin Squares—though they’re (awesomely) available at 3-Day pit stops, you just never know when you’ll need one. Oh, and Starbursts. Always.
  • Anne K.: Band-Aids, lip balm, $ 😊
  • Paige K.: Gold bond no friction
  • Janna F.: I always carry peppermint foot lotion. Massaging it in at lunch before changing socks just seems to give a little extra pep in my step.
  • Doris K.: Dry socks
  • Kim T.-N.: Body Glide—no chafing!
  • Kathy P.: Rain poncho, metallic warming blanket, two pairs of socks, Body Glide, two water bottles, Tylenol, Band-Aids, Bacitracin, scissors, Rock tape, Benadryl, epidural pen, needle and thread, paper and pen, ID, cash, credit card, nail clippers and file, and collected doodads from my 19 past events.
  • Leilani C-K.: Aquaphor and Advil
  • Jen C.: Body Glide! After darting across the street to Just Run in La Jolla because it was hotter than I expected, I carry it with me at all times now.
  • Nataly T. P.: Vaseline for foot lube
  • Julie L.: Duct tape! Why? Because duct tape is slippery, it works well for covering up points of friction, especially on the inside of my sneakers. A piece stuck on the rough spot inside my sneaker keeps socks from bunching up and causing blisters. And I occasionally use it on my feet…soles and heels.
  • Sara F. L.: Moleskin and scissors, HikeGoo, Chapstick, Kleenex, and chewing gum just to name a few
  • Kathy M. S.: Vaseline for my feet! It may not be for everyone, but it is a must for me! I end every 3-Day with happy feet!
    • Marcia S. M.: I learned the Vaseline tip from Kathy! Now the hubby buys me a big jar for Christmas!! 🤣🤣

Snacks and More

  • Melissa P. L.: Banana Laffy Taffy—a few DFW walkers will know this is true.
  • Kris E. D.: Cash for ice cream!
  • June M. L.: Beef jerky, Slim Jim’s and maybe a protein bar just in case I don’t want to stop at a pit stop.
  • Nicki: Skittles
  • Jody G.: Lip balm, deodorant, Body Glide, Band-Aids, gum, and cash to get a drink or snack along the way. 💕
  • Gretchen E. B.: Antacids. Something about walking that far gives me reflux.
  • Liz C.: Candy, always candy!
  • Jay F.: Maple syrup. Yes, really. Why? Vermont maple syrup is a great pick-me-up and is full of healthy antioxidants. It’s useful when a 3-Day lunch lacks flavor. Also, I used to be part of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association marketing committee. 🙂 Many Vermont maple producers are now producing single-serve pouches to carry along on hikes and rides and such.
  • Teresa O’N. H.: Atomic fireball candy—keeps us moving!!
  • Steph S. G.: Mio water enhancer, nail clippers (they come in handy for a lot of things!) and sunscreen

Check back on June 30 for PART 2!

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