You’re on Social Media? So Is the 3-Day!

It’s 2016, and practically everyone and their mom is on social media! As we approach event season, we want to make sure you know all the best ways to connect on social media with the 3-Day and your fellow walkers and crew.

Come on, follow us! – The 3-Day is posting all the time on Facebook, Twitter and, Pinterest and Instagram, and those posts will increase even more when we get on the walks (tons of pictures, people! Who doesn’t love that?). The 3-Day’s social channels and website are the best places for you to find lots of fascinating stories and quotes, as well as important event info and updates before, during and after each 3-Day. You also don’t want to miss our fundraising challenges, training tips, and heartfelt stories from the 3-Day community. You’re likely to see slightly different content on each site, so the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to follow the 3-Day everywhere!Image

LIVE, from the 3-Day…! – Last year, we live-streamed video broadcasts from the 3-Day events (Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Last Walker arrivals, morning walk-outs), and we’ll be doing even more live streaming on social media this year! It’s a great way for you to get a peek at what’s going on at other 3-Day events, and a fantastic way for your loved ones at home to keep an eye out for you while you walk or crew your own 3-Day. We’ll have more details about our broadcast schedule as the events get closer, and in the meantime, be sure to follow the 3-Day on Facebook to see when these live transmissions are underway.

Don’t Forget #Hashtags! – We hope to see lots of you doing lots of your own social media posting about the 3-Day too! When you post updates, requests and photos to social media, remember to add hashtags so that your posts can be grouped with other ones from the same event. At minimum, we encourage you use #The3Day and your location-specific hashtags.susan g. komen 3-Day breast cancer 60 miles walk blog hashtag social media

Not quite sure how hashtags work? Read up on them here!

#WeAreThe3Day – This is a new hashtag that we started using last year. The purpose of #WeAreThe3Day is to share small bits of our histories, relationships, motivations and inspirations, along with compelling photos, to make up a patchwork of stories. Find out more about it here. And of course, you are welcomed and encouraged to use this hashtag on your posts too!3DAY_2016_Social_WeAreThe3Day_fp

Keep An Eye Out For More Fun Changes! – We’re always thinking about fun new ways to incorporate social media into the 3-Day experience, and we have a few ideas in the works for bringing YOUR social posts to life on-event (who wouldn’t want to see their Instagrams on a big screen?). Stay tuned for details, and if you have any social media ideas to share, feel free to email us at

Susan G. Komen Mission Webinar Recap and Full Video!

Earlier this year, the 3-Day held a series of Komen Impact Forums in 10 cities across the country. The forums were hosted by Chrissy Mathews, the 3-Day program manager for Susan G. Komen, and she was joined by other members of the Komen leadership team, as well as grantees in each city who have received funds from Komen. The goal of the Impact Forums was to initiate a dialogue between Komen and the 3-Day community, addressing common questions and concerns and allowing the 3-Day participants to hear first-hand from the doctors, caregivers, patients and advocates in their own communities who have benefited from Komen funding.

In that same spirit, Komen held its first ever Mission Webinar in early June with the goal of reaching even more of its supporters, no matter where they live. Like with the in-person Impact Forums, the webinar was an opportunity for people (especially those who support Komen through their participation and donations to the 3-Day) to learn a little more about how Komen funding works and hear directly from a researcher, Dr. Justin Balko, whose work has greatly benefited from the money raised by the 3-Day and other Komen efforts.

Dr. Justin Balko is an extraordinary young researcher (his list of titles is remarkable in itself) whose lab is making tremendous discoveries in the field of immunotherapy as a treatment option for triple negative breast cancer. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry; Dr. Balko is also a teacher and does a wonderful job of explaining his very complex work in a way that anyone can understand.

We invite you to take time to view the recording of the Komen Mission Webinar and learn about these exciting advances yourself.

MORE Participant Center Tools That You Forgot (or Never Knew) Were There

For every 3-Day walker and crew member, their online 3-Day Participant Center is their headquarters for every last detail of their participation. We’ve blogged before about some of the best goodies that can be found on the Participant Center, from invaluable fundraising resources to tools for connecting with the rest of the 3-Day community.

Today, we’d like to point out just a few more of the incredible features of your 3-Day Participant Center that may have slipped off your radar.

Meet on Your Time – We encourage all 3-Dayers to attend an in-person meeting or workshop if possible (you can find one here), but we know that it’s not always easy or convenient to get to these meetings. If that’s the case, you can virtually “attend” a pre-recorded meeting to learn about different aspects of your 3-Day preparation, such as training and general event prep. These informative videos are available here.

Handbooks at Your Fingertips – If you’ve walked with us before, we don’t send you printed walker handbooks through the mail, but that doesn’t mean that these helpful guides have gone away. Handbooks for fundraising, training, event prep, team captains, training walk leaders and crew are available in electronic form in your Participant Center and at

Checklist: Check – If you’re a list person, we have one for you right on your Participant Center home page. Scroll down the page and you’ll find a handy list of the most important things you can do to get your fundraising started. Each of the items can be handled right through your Participant Center; just click on the one you’d like to complete next, and when you’ve finished it, that item will be checked off for you!WhatToDoNext

Learn From the Best – On your Participant Center home page, look at the left side navigation menu. There are headings there for Top Fundraisers and Top Teams. If you’re looking for a little motivation with your own fundraising efforts, click through these names of participants who are crushing the fundraising game. You’ll be inspired by their stories and you may even get some ideas about great ways to personalize your and your team’s fundraising pages.