Introducing #WeAreThe3Day

One of the most inspiring and heartwarming aspects of the 3-Day community is that each walker, crew member and supporter has a story. The reasons they walk, the connections they have made, the experiences that the 3-Day has given them—all of these small pieces make the 3-Day family a beautiful patchwork of unforgettable celebrations.

As beautiful as the full 3-Day “quilt” is, there is also so much to be gained by taking a closer look at the individual squares that make it up.

This is where #WeAreThe3Day comes in.


This hashtag is a way for us to share stories and remember the things that join us together while celebrating the things that make us unique.

We are the 3-Day, and we want to hear from you!

When we gather and share a little corner of the world for 3 days at a time, we get to know each other as much and as well as we can. Our goal is to share some of your stories with our whole online 3-Day family. But it’s impossible for us to meet and share with everyone. That’s where you come in.

Send us a little piece of you.

Tell us something about you and your connection with breast cancer and the 3-Day.

Something that stands out, that makes you you.

Something about you that a fellow 3-Dayer might see out on event and ask, “What’s the story there?”

Or, something that wouldn’t be obvious at all from the outside, but can only be learned by talking to you.

Send an email to with “#WeAreThe3Day” in the subject line. Attach one or two hi-res photos from a 3-Day event, and share something about yourself or your team.

If you need a little inspiration, take a look at some of the #WeAreThe3Day posts we’ve already shared.

We’ll be posting your stories with #WeAreThe3Day on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog in the months to come.

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