2022 San Diego 3-Day Route Preview

Just like that, we’re already nearing our last 3-Day event of our 2022 series! As always, walkers, crew, youth corps and volunteers will enjoy the beautiful sights and scenes that San Diego has to offer. Don’t forget to take pictures while you’re out on the route and tag our social media platforms, as well as use the hashtags #SD3Day and #The3Day for a chance to be featured!  

Day 1 of the San Diego 3-Day will start with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Once released onto the route, walkers will make their way through the beautiful city of Del Mar, which has always provided great community support. Departing Del Mar, we’ll travel towards Torrey Pines and up the hill before heading to lunch in La Jolla. 

After lunch, walkers will venture further into the quaint but elegant La Jolla Village and then Bird Rock, which is home to some cute mosaic benches! The last neighborhood of the day will be Pacific Beach, which walkers will get a small glimpse of before walking around Sail Bay into camp at Crown Point Park. 

On Day 2, the route will start at camp, and from there walkers will get a tour of the beautiful beach towns San Diego has to offer. Starting off the day, we’ll walk across the Mission Bay bridges, where walkers will get a real feel for San Diego’s eclectic beach neighborhoods as they explore both Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs before turning around and heading back to go to lunch. 

After lunch, walkers will venture back towards Mission Bay to further explore Mission Beach and Pacific Beach before heading back towards Sail Bay to walk into camp.  

Day 3 starts again at camp, and from there walkers will walk along the Mission Beach Boardwalk towards Belmont Park. Then, they’ll make their way inland, passing SeaWorld and heading towards Old Town, where the infamous Juan Street Hill is.  

Winding down our 60 miles together, we’ll pass through Balboa Park and Hillcrest towards Downtown San Diego where our Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony will be at Waterfront Park! 

We’re so excited to see you all in San Diego for our last 3-Day of 2022! Images used in this blog post are from the 2021 San Diego 3-Day. 

My Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Story

By San Diego 3-Day Walker, Niki W.

I started doing the 3-Day in 2008 because a few of my fellow teacher friends invited me. I thought it was a perfect way to fundraise money towards breast cancer research, as I had lost a couple friends to this horrible disease. I also thought it would be a great way to spend time with these friends and to get exercise. I walked in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019. I plan on walking in 2021 as well.

In the midst of everything else that 2020 brought my way, I found a very large lump in November, in my right breast.

I went in two days later, and my OBGYN said it felt too big to be cancer and not to worry about it. She scheduled some tests anyway for December but told me it was probably nothing. I cancelled my appointments and moved them to January because the December tests conflicted with our holiday plans, and I figured it didn’t matter since my doctor had said not to worry.

I finally went in for the tests on January 18 and had a mammogram, an ultrasound, and blood tests. My mammogram came out normal but they were able to see the lump on the ultrasound and my lymph nodes were very enlarged. They scheduled a biopsy for February 3. On February 5, I was walking with a friend on the beach when my OBGYN doctor called and said that I had an invasive carcinoma tumor 7X6 cm that had already spread to my lymph nodes.

I was in shock for several days and stopped sleeping and didn’t have an appetite. The next two weeks were a blur of appointments, scans, and more, as I found out that I needed to start chemo right away for six months, then surgery (double mastectomy) followed by radiation, reconstruction and hormone therapy for five-ten years.

Once I got my test results back and learned that I was only Stage 3 and the cancer had not yet moved to my organs, I was able to get my hope back! I am now continuously leaning on God each day and knowing that he is here with me through this. 

My hair started falling out in early March.  After I couldn’t take it anymore, four of my 3-Day friends arranged an outdoor haircut in my backyard so that I would have support during this traumatic time. I woke up that morning thinking that this would be the hardest day of my life, and my stomach was in knots all morning. However, when they arrived all wearing cowboy boots and hats and blasting country music (my favorite!), I couldn’t help but smile. Throughout the haircut, I was filled with gratitude for these amazing friends being with me during this really difficult time. They turned my sadness into joy, and it became one of the most special, intimate afternoons of my life.

My friends and family (and particularly my 3-Day team) have been amazing and have been here for every step along the way with cards, gifts, flowers, and meals. They even added my name to our 3-Day team logo so that we will now be walking for me as well as many other teachers from our school who have fought the battle and survived! I can’t wait to walk in November and be at the other side of this battle and able to spread my hope to others. 

My message for others is to not give up hope and to rely on your faith, family, and friends to get you through this. You can’t do it alone and you will need their support! Embrace it and don’t reject it. There will be so many blessings if you allow other people in.

Top 3-Day Photos from 2019

We are getting fully immersed in the holiday season, 2019 is coming to a close, and the new decade is almost here! We can barely believe it! But, instead of getting nervous about gifts left to buy, parties to attend, or New Year’s Resolutions you need to plan still, let’s focus on the AMAZING year that was ❤️

We certainly had some heartwarming, inspiring, and unforgettable moments this year! If the memories below are any indication, 2019 was full of fun and love 🙂 Don’t forget, you can always see all of our event photos on our blog and Facebook page whenever you like. These are some of our favorite highlights from the year…but there are so many more to love.

Thank you for such a wonderful year…We can’t wait for 2020! We know it’s going to be our best year yet!