Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer is right around the corner which means plenty of opportunities to get up, get outside and have some fun—all for a good cause! Here are some fundraising ideas to get you closer to your goal.  

  1. Put in Miles on the Longest Day of the Year 

Take advantage of the longest day of the year and pledge to walk your longest training walk on Tuesday, June 21st. Because it’s a weekday, you may have to break it up into a few walks that day. Share your mileage on social media and encourage people in your network to sponsor each mile. Take it a step farther and choose a theme for your miles! Miles 1-3, superhero-themed. Miles 4-6, 90s-themed, and so on! Bonus: Go live on social media during your walk to thank donors for all their support! 

  1. Host a Garage or Book Sale  

Time for a summer refresh? Clear out your clutter and put it up for sale. You can host a sale by yourself or with a group of friends with all proceeds going towards your 3-Day fundraising efforts. Make signage and put out a donation bowl so attendees know you are raising money for a great cause!  

  1. Get Sporty 

Play ball! Turn your hobby into a fundraising event. Whether you play baseball (host a Home Run Derby), basketball (host a 3-on-3 tournament), tennis or pickleball (try a round robin tourney), or enjoy indoor sports like bowling (highest score wins), there’s an option for everyone. There are plenty of online resources to help you create and structure your event. Once planned, post on community boards like the Nextdoor app to spread the word.  

Not interested in team sports? Host a charity fitness class at a gym or studio! Cycling, dancing, or HIIT, the options are endless and oh so fun.  

  1. Ready, Set, Bake! 

Do people beg you for your chocolate chip cookie recipe? Or maybe your signature brownies? Share the love and offer to bake a treat for every donation you receive above $100. Take it a step further and let donors choose between 2-3 options as a thank you for donating to your fundraising efforts.  

  1. Share Thanks on Social Media 

Choose a period of time where every donor at $50 or above gets a special shout-out on your social media channels! Share a post about how much you love them, a funny photo of you together or a favorite memory you have. You can get even more creative and offer to make up a song or dance, or do a drawing for your biggest donors. You don’t have to be good at any of those things—it’s even funnier if you’re not! It’s a fun way to make your donors feel special!  

  1. Use our Social Fundraising Toolkit 

Are you looking for more ways to fundraise on social media, or maybe need some help finding the right ways to ask for donations? We’ve got you covered with this new social fundraising toolkit! You can find awesome tips, images and fill-in-the-blank prompts to get you at and above your fundraising goal, all right here: The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Social Fundraising Toolkit ( 

Don’t see something that could work for you? Use these ideas as a starting point to help brainstorm how you could incorporate fundraising into your summer plans. Remember, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Every dollar adds up. As always, reach out to your 3-Day coach at any time for more support or take to your city’s Facebook group to get advice from your fellow participants!  

Hot Take: Fundraising Friday Ideas for Summertime

Summer Fridays are full of sun, fun, and now…3-Day fundraising, too! As our 2019 3-Days get closer and closer, the weekends are perfect to make the most of your time and do some serious 3-Day fundraising. To get you started, we have simple ideas that are perfect for this summer season of fun and will also make a big difference in achieving your fundraising goals!

Facebook Live Your Training Walk

Now that you can connect your fundraising page to a Facebook Fundraiser and raise money through your profile, it’s time to make the most of this social media platform. Once you have set up your Facebook fundraising link on your profile, do a live training walk where you broadcast the start or finish of your walk. Stretch or show your planned route while you talk about why you’re walking and what the 3-Day means to you. Then direct people back to your page to donate!

Do a Summer Fundraising Challenge

Summer just started, so you have plenty of time to start a fundraising challenge. Give yourself a goal for the next week or month of summer, then promote the heck out of it! On social media, in your email signature, with signs in your front yard, at your cubicle at work, with a poster in your car window. No place is a bad place to promote the 3-Day and let people know how they can help you reach your summer fundraising goal.

You can also participate in our fundraising challenge, going on right now! From now to July 8, all dollars raised through the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® will directly fund the national Komen Treatment Assistance Program. Too many women and men don’t get the breast cancer treatment they need because of financial hardship. That’s where the Treatment Assistance Program comes in. It helps those facing financial challenges by providing limited financial assistance, education and support to eligible low-income, under-insured people undergoing treatment for breast cancer. We have already raised over $250,000 for the national Komen Treatment Assistance Program in just a few days of fundraising!

Charity Chores

This one is a no brainer all year long, but especially so in summer. There are so many outdoor chores to be taken advantage of during the warmer months, and all you have to do is volunteer your time. Put the word out in your neighborhood and community that you will do household and yard chores for free, but that you would love and encourage donations to your 3-Day goal instead.


Football Tournament

Football season is coming up in the Fall! But if you have friends and family who just can’t wait for pre-season to start, take advantage of their fandom! Arrange a weekend football game (or tournament!) and encourage players to donate to the 3-Day. Whoever is the winning team will have their names featured on one of your outfits on the 3-Day so you can keep that team spirit going!

Ice Cream Social or BBQ Contest

The summer is all about eating outside, and that means its barbecue and ice cream season. Let’s make the most of it! Ask a local restaurant or grocery store to donate supplies and host an outdoor party for all your friends and family. Ask for donations, and use this as a team building opportunity to recruit people to join you on the 3-Day.

Dance-Off in the Park

There is so much dancing on the 3-Day, and there should be more dancing in our everyday life! Have all your 3-Day teammates get together, bringing their friends and family to the park for a big pink dance party in the sunshine. Have people send you their favorite dancing tunes, which will make for one great training playlist. Then, encourage all your dancers to donate to your 3-Day cause.

What are your summer fundraising ideas? Tell us in the comments!

3-Day Fundraising Idea: Planning an Ice Cream Social Fundraiser


Photo via Igor Ovsyannykov

July is the heart of summer, and that means the heat is on! Luckily, it is also Ice Cream Month, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate the sweet dessert. It’s a delicious inspiration for a fundraising event that will be entertaining for everyone involved! Plan an ice cream social at your home or backyard, then invite potential donors over to have a good time. Encourage attendees to make a donation to your fundraising account and celebrate the sweetness of the 3-Day experience.

Partner with local businesses

To maximize your fundraising, work with local businesses in your area to donate as many materials as possible, from the actual ice cream to napkins and other fun toppings. You might even be able to get a donation to your 3-Day fundraising from the businesses as well!


Photo via Alex Jones

Offer variety

You should of course have the standard flavors like vanilla and chocolate but get creative with fun and more unique flavors if you can. A rainbow of flavored colors will make your spread look all the more appetizing! Then, don’t forget the toppings! Go wild with these too, and ask your guests to come up with their favorite combination. Let them submit recipes to be crowned the Ice Cream King and Queen for the day!

Add in some fun

Have ice-cream themed games for your guests, like an ice cream cone-shaped piñata! You could also make a twist on the usual kids’ game and create your own “Pin the Scoop on the Ice Cream!” Use poster board and draw a fun image of an ice cream cone (sans the ice cream!) Then, blind fold your guests and give them a cut out of different scoops of ice cream. Spin them around with the blind fold on, and let them try to add scoop after scoop onto your “cone!”


Photo via Evan Kirby

Don’t forget non-dairy

Not everyone can eat dairy, so be sure to offer other, non-milk-based desserts like sorbet or baked goods! You can still get these donated, and it will allow more guests to partake in the fun.

Capture the event!

Take photos and share them on your Facebook with a link to your fundraising page. That way, if someone misses the event, they can still contribute to your 3-Day cause! Also, be sure to tag the 3-Day in any of your social media photos. We love sharing innovative fundraising ideas!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… especially when it’s connected to fundraising!


Photo via Ian Dooley