12 Things to Say to the Person You Want to Walk With You

Right now, all over the country, 3-Day participants are busy recruiting friends and family members to their teams. We’ve shared some great tips in other blog posts (here, here and here) about how to talk someone into walking with you, but for today, we’re offering a few short easy phrases that might just be the perfect thing to say. Try some of them or all of them on the person you want to walk with you!

  1. “Our team would be so much more fabulous with you on it!”2015_3DAY_SEAsun_EDB  (589)
  2. “Talking with you is one of my favorite things to do, and I would love 3 solid, uninterrupted days of it.”
  3. “Please. Pretty please!”
  4. “Have I told you how great you look in pink?”2015_3DAY_SDfri_EDB  (367)
  5. “It would mean so much to me if you were by my side.”
  6. “I promise to give you foot massages whenever you need them.”
  7. “We are going to have an insane amount of fun.”2015_3DAY_SDfri_EDB  (609)
  8. “I’ll help you with fundraising and training. You won’t be alone!”
  9. “There’s no one else I’d rather share a tiny pink tent with.”
  10. “I want us to walk together in honor of [someone you both know who has been affected by breast cancer].”2015_3DAY_DFWsun_EDB (530)
  11. “Your plane ticket won’t cost you anything!”*
  12. “The 3-Day will change your life. I promise.”2015_3DAY_SEAsun_EDB  (1038)

What else could you say? If you’ve been successful with building your team, tell us what recruitment strategies worked for you!


*That’s right! First-time walkers who sign up for the 3-Day by March 24 with the code BYB16 will receive a free plane ticket to travel to their 3-Day destination. Details can be found at The3Day.org/Bestie


Why Do We Love Our Besties? We’ll Spell It Out For You!

The 3-Day is so excited about our “Bring Your Besties” program. Here are a few reasons why we think nothing could be better than the 3-Day with your besties.2015_3DAY_ATLsun_EDB (118)

B … is for Being with my friends as the sun rises over a sea of pink at the Opening Ceremony.

E … is for Everyone in my life who has fought cancer.

S … is for Survivors standing tall and strong, beacons of hope for those who fight.

T … is for Together we can do anything.

I … is for I will not give up. You will not give up. We will never give up.

E … is for Everyone you love supporting you with donations and encouragement.

S … is for Susan G. Komen® and our shared mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever.2015_3DAY_ATLfri_EDB (237)

Your besties mean everything to you. With their help, and you by their side, let’s walk to end breast cancer forever. First-time walkers travel to the 3-Day free this year with code BYB16. Register by March 24! Learn more at The3Day.org/Bestie.


Friendship and the 3-Day Go Hand-in-Hand

Powerful experiences have a way of bringing people together, and anyone who has been part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day will attest to that. It takes an extraordinary kind of person to dedicate to fundraising, training and preparing for the 3-Day, and when you bring a bunch of extraordinary people together, it’s only natural that they would gravitate to each other and become fast friends.2015_3DAY_SEAfri_EDB (620)

As we near the end of February, perhaps the most loving month of the year, let’s take a minute to spotlight a few of the friendliest aspects of the 3-Day.

  • Earlier this month, we asked the 3-Day Facebook community to share stories of friendships that they have made through the 3-Day. The responses we saw were sweet, touching and entertaining. Click back to see the Facebook thread here, and comment with your own memories of the incredible friends you’ve made because the 3-Day brought you together.
  • When you’re part of the 3-Day community, you’ll find friendships forming and growing all around you. Here’s how it happens.
  • Speaking of making friends, we brought you this story on the 3-Day blog about two walkers who started Day 1 as strangers and quickly became BFFs.
  • What’s the easiest way to guarantee you’ll have friends at the 3-Day? Bring them with you! We have a few ways (and a few more, and even more) to help you talk a friend into walking with you.
  • We want to make it as easy as possible for your friends to experience the 3-Day, so we’re giving free travel for first-time walkers to come to a 2016 3-Day event. Learn more about how to “Bring Your Besties” e5 to the 3-Day.