2017 San Diego 3-Day Route Preview

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Our final 3-Day of the year is next weekend, and we are so excited to be heading back to the West Coast for the 2017 San Diego 3-Day. As the date fast approaches, we are giving a sneak peek at our amazing 60-mile route, which will have walkers immersing themselves in the many beautiful sights and locations of San Diego.

Event Manager, Merideth Parker walked her first 3-Day in San Diego (she’s now a three-time walker!) and so is very happy to welcome all our participants next weekend.

It will all begin at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which was just home to the Breeder’s Cup race, and is a source of great local pride and excitement.

Merideth enthuses, “It’s also the home of the Del Mar Fair every summer! It’s just a great, festive location that’s home to a lot of iconic events for the city. It’s a big, open space that’s perfect for us!”


After the Opening Ceremony, walkers will make their way along the coastline and through Torrey Pines State Beach. Also, keep an eye out for a fun cheering station at En Fuego Cantina Restaurant!

Other highlights involve some local sea life! The seals and the tide pools at La Jolla cove are always a high point on the day.

Merideth also says to look out for the Bird Rock section of Pacific Beach.

“I used to live there, and it has had a resurgence and become its own little village in recent years. It’s very cool and hip!”

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Then we will arrive at our camp site at Crown Point Shores, which has been such a wonderful location for the last few years.

Merideth says, “It’s along the shoreline of Siesta Bay so you’ll get beautiful views of the bay, and the little islands there! We’re so grateful to be coming back! The residents of Crown Point have been so welcoming us for more than a decade, and we can’t wait to bring our sea of pink back to the park.”

It’s the perfect nice, quiet spot nestled in the nature of the park that will be a great camping grounds for a great night’s sleep.

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Day Two will take walkers through Ocean and Mission Beach, which holds one of Merideth’s favorite spots on the whole route!

“Get ready for Sunset Cliff as you go through Ocean Beach. There’s a turn onto Ladera Street, where you go down a hill, and the views are just spectacular. It’s a great coastline view!”

There will also be lots of local cheering stations to keep spirits high and smiles on everyone’s faces!


Day Three will kick off with more cheering stations and an amazing photo opportunity at Mormon Battalion. Walkers will then make their way through Old Town, which Merideth says is always a favorite.

“I also love Mission Hills, and walkers will have to be a little quieter here, but it’s known for its craftsman-style bungalows that are just gorgeous. I have a favorite house on every street!”

Your Instagram feed will thank you there, and as our walk ends in Little Italy!

“There’s also a section just before the Closing Ceremony in Little Italy, that rivals many other Italian neighborhoods I have seen,” says Merideth. “You don’t have to get on a plane to enjoy delicious food from Italy! It’s all right there in San Diego!”


There will be a small change in Day Three’s route that will also make our day a little shorter. Walkers will rejoice over the shorter mileage on the day, as we have made an update near the San Diego River Pathway. Walkers will now stay on Morena Boulevard to keep them safe and make their feet happy.

The day ends at our Closing Ceremony, which for the second year will be at Waterfront Park.

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Merideth explains, “It’s right on the harbor, across the street from Embarcadero, which is a waterfront area that hosts the Maritime Museum and the Star of India full-rigged sailing ship. The spot will make for excellent photos!

The park is relatively new to the San Diego landscape, and is close to Little Italy and the Gaslamp Quarter, which are perfect places to celebrate with friends and family after your 60-mile journey!”

We are so excited to celebrate with San Diego all weekend long, and end our 2017 3-Day season making bold strides together towards a cure for breast cancer.

2017 Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth Route Preview

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Our Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day is just a week away and boy is the Lone Star State ready for our 3-Dayers! As you all pack, make last minute preparations, and take your final training walks, we have a preview of the route to get you even more excited for your upcoming 60-mile journey.

The 3-Day begins at the Colin Creek Mall in Plano, TX and walks much of the same route as in past years.


Be sure to look out for a very special group of cheerleaders after pit stop 1 on Friday.

Coach Gayla promises that we will be walking by Aldridge Elementary School students first thing in the morning. “The students are SO excited to see us!” That, combined with the cheering station at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, will keep you going strong on to lunch.

In the afternoon, Cottonwood and Anderson Bonner Parks will provide nice shade, and lots of beautiful photo ops. Then the day will end at our camp at Brookhaven College, which has been our camp spot for the last few years.

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Coach Gayla says, “We love this location! It’s such a great outdoor space, so we are talking to Mother Nature about giving us good weather to sleep under the stars.”

After a nice rest, our walkers will take on Day 2, which has some new sights this year. After pit stop 1, we will be going back over the Big Blue Bridge in Addison. We took this route a few years ago, and have it back on our route this year because it provides a great photo opportunity!

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After lunch, we will be walking through Dallas and Addison, throughout Addison Circle and Vitruvian Parks. There will be a special public cheering station in Vitruvian Park, right before we enter camp, and Coach Gayla says this is her favorite part of the day.

The day doesn’t end once you enter camp though! Remember to stay for our fun camp dance party from 5:30 – 8:30 pm! Friends and family are welcome!

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The Jordan Kahn Music Company is bringing the Manhattan Party Band to our camp! Manhattan features the best musicians and performers from all over Texas, and they will be jamming to dance hits from a variety genres and decades…from Motown to the hits of today! It will be a not-to-miss night!

Then we will kick off Day Three, which has some new sights and spots along the route. It is also a little bit of a shorter Sunday walk this year, which our walkers will appreciate!

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In downtown Dallas, we will visit Main Street, with some local businesses who are very excited to be cheering on the walkers as they pass.

“We will also pass a bunch of parks on Main Street, so there will be a new look and lots of fun cheering stations along that part of Day Three!” Coach Gayla enthuses.


The Closing Ceremony is also in a new spot on The Lawn at Reunion Tower, which will be lit up pink just for us! Participants and supporters can go up to the top of the tower either before or after the ceremony for a great city view.

“It’s the iconic, downtown Dallas area,” says Coach Gayla. “The participant finish area is a big, beautiful park area that’s also very comfortable for our walkers!”


All in all, it will be a great big, pink bubble of fun in Dallas/Fort Worth! Get ready for another amazing 60 miles!

Philadelphia 3-Day Route Preview

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The Philly 3-Day is coming up this weekend, and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful three days for walking, having fun, and making memories. Our whole 3-Day team can’t wait to host our walkers, crew and supporters for a wonderful weekend together! There are some new spots on the route, but there are also plenty of favorite destinations and iconic sights you won’t want to miss!

Our Opening Ceremony will once again take place at the Willow Grove Park Mall, giving our walkers a fun and festive atmosphere to kick off their sixty miles.

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The highlight of Day 1, according to Coach Joanne Taylor, is the perfect photo spot: Bra Street.

“Bra street is on Day One and I am so excited! That’s early in the morning, within the first few miles of the route. The weather is going to be so good, so it will be better than ever! Make sure to take photos!”

Walkers will also be making strides through Chestnut Hill and Flourtown, which provide beautiful views of nature.

Then, throughout Day 1, and indeed most of the weekend, we will be walking along the picturesque Wissahickon Trail. Walkers will end Day 1 on the trail and enter our new camp site at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington.


Camp will be outside this year, for the first time since 2009, and Joanne and the other coaches are excited for walkers to see the new location. There will be plenty of space, as camp is set up near the athletic fields of the school. Everyone will be cheered into camp on Day 1 as there is a cheering station right as walkers arrive at camp at the end of the day.

To start Day 2, walkers will exit camp via the Wissahickon Trail, and can expect lots of local support at our cheering stations!

“Philly really came through this year!” Coach Joanne enthuses. “We have an amazing amount of cheering stations!”

That includes eight private cheering stations on Day 1, nine private cheering stations on Day 2, and six private cheering stations on Day 3. There are also two public cheering stations on each of the three days. Get ready for lots of excited locals!


Another highlight of Day 2 is Maneyunk, which is a hilly part of Philadelphia (which might be a little challenging for some walkers!) but Coach Joanne loves it because it’s such a unique part of the city.

“We have a cheering station at the fire station there, where there might even be a fun DJ. It’s just a really cool area!”

There will also be a few picnic areas, parks and playgrounds on the Day 2 route, so feel free to let your inner kid loose and have some fun! Overall, we will be walking along about nine miles of trails and through natural areas on the 3-Day.


To start Sunday morning, walkers will be bused from camp to the Philadelphia Zoo and be walking throughout Philadelphia that day. That includes Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

“That IS Philadelphia!” according to Coach Joanne.

Walkers should also look out for the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Affiliate, who will have a cheering station at the bottom of the Rocky Steps. Let them cheer you on for some fun photos!


There will be more Philly support from our local NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Their drumline will be out on Broad Street on the afternoon of Day 3, leading into our Closing Ceremony at the Navy Yard.

Coach Joanne promises, “For all the walkers that walk by around 2 or 3 pm, there will be a drumline there for an hour or so, supporting the walkers on their way in!”

Aside from community support, Coach Joanne promises that this weekend will show off Philadelphia at its best. For locals and out-of-towners, it will be a beautiful weekend of fun!


“It’s a unique city. You have suburbs in the middle of a large urban area, so it’s very cool,” explains Coach Joanne. “Our walkers couldn’t come at a better time of year!”

For more of our favorite sights from the Philadelphia 3-Day, check out our photo slideshow!

What are you looking forward to most on the Philadelphia 3-Day? Tell us in the comments! And, if you have any more questions, your Philly 3-Day coaches are here to help!