A Busy Mom’s Guide to Training

One of the biggest challenges of the 3-Day is the time it can take to prepare. With my San Diego 3-Day four months away, it’s time to start training. My routine is to do a 3-4 mile walk each morning (or as often as I can), and add longer walks to the weekends. I use the Virtual Personal Trainer email to keep me on track, and I forgive myself if I can’t get in every mile every week!

Debby Rich, a training walk leader and six-time Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day walker echoes the sentiments on the importance of training while sharing her own motivation for being a 3-Day participant.

  • Find a time that works for you and stick to it. Weekends are Debby’s only opportunity to walk, and she takes her weekend training seriously. Debby said, “If you can follow the weekend training schedule, even if your ‘weekend’ is on a Monday and Tuesday, you can do the walk without any problems.” Continue reading