April Fundraising Challenge: Raise Funds to Benefit the Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Program


Throughout the rest of April, we will be running a fundraising challenge to support the Komen Treatment Assistance Program. All dollars raised through the 3-Day from today through the end of the month will provide financial assistance, education and support services to low-income, underinsured or uninsured people undergoing breast cancer treatment as part of the Komen Treatment Assistance Program.

So, we’re challenging YOU to boost your fundraising efforts and help us reach our goal of $500,000 for the Komen Treatment Assistance Program so that we can help more women and men facing breast cancer. Please share the great work we can do through this program with as many donors as possible, and encourage them to help our cause.


Not only will you be reaching your 3-Day fundraising goals, you will be continuing to help people in need.

You already know using tools like email and social media help you earn donations — now, here are a few suggestions on how to fundraise even more. They are simple and effective steps that will make a big difference!

  1. Share as often as possible on all your social media platforms, and be sure to include a link to your fundraising page.
  2. Email your network a minimum of twice, especially remembering to email them in the final days of the challenge so they don’t forget.
  3. As people donate, tag them and thank them on social media, like this: “[Insert Name] just donated on my behalf to the Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Program, which helps eligible breast cancer patients who have limited financial resources get the treatment they need. She is providing support to those who need it most. Won’t you join her and donate to the 3-Day today? [link to your personal page].”


If you need help crafting your posts, here are some ideas for Facebook:

Example #1

From April 16 – 30, all the funds I raise for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day will go directly to Komen’s Treatment Assistance Program, which helps eligible breast cancer patients who have limited financial resources get the treatment they need. I’ve challenged myself to raise $500 this week to contribute to an overall goal of $500,000 for the Treatment Assistance Program. Can you help us reach this goal? Donate now!

Example #2

Today I’ve challenged myself to get 10 donations for @The3Day, to help fund Komen’s Treatment Assistance Program as part of a goal to raise $500,000. So far, I have 3 donations (thank you [tag] [Insert Name], [Insert Name], and [Insert Name]!); can you help me get 7 more before the end of the day? Make your donation now! Or if you’ve already donated, please share this request!


Or, you can use one of these ideas for Twitter:

Example #1:

Today’s Challenge: 10 donations to fund Komen’s Treatment Assistance Program! Donate today: [personal page web address] #The3Day

Example #2:

Support me with a donation: [personal page web address]. All funds raised April 16-30 benefit Komen’s Treatment Assistance Program #The3Day

Example #3:

Donations now through 4/30 to @The3Day benefits @SusanGKomen and their lifesaving Treatment Assistance Program. Support my 60-mile journey: [personal page web address] #The3Day


We are so excited for this first-ever fundraising challenge and look forward to the possibility of expanding this across multiple 3-Day funded programs in the future!

Good luck and get ready to fundraise! As always, if you need any fundraising support or advice, reach out to our 3-Day Social Media team or your local coaches. We are always here to help!

The Philadelphia 3-Day Success

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® started in Philadelphia with a bang on Friday morning, October 4, at the Willow Grove Mall in a warm, pleasant sunrise, and the anticipation and excitement of starting the physically demanding and personally challenging 60-mile course that wound its way through the greater Philadelphia area. Many first-time Komen 3-Day walkers seemed excited and a bit nervous about the daunting task, but the crowd of 1200 walkers, over 350 crew members, and family and friends were quickly engulfed by the spirit of the event that would raise $3.2 million to help end breast cancer!

The challenges of Day 1 often include a few new blisters as the day wears on, and the Medical Crew was in full force, assisting those who needed a little extra help. The sports medicine volunteer crew members were heaven-sent as they provided help in stretching out the sore and aching muscles that only 22.9 miles will bring. Though the heat index was high, some of the beautiful views of the Schuylkill River made up for it, and the trek up and around the Philadelphia Art Museum started the walkers to camp, held in the Philadelphia Convention Center. After some well deserved dinner, the walkers and crew were treated to a camp show of the day’s events, games by presenting sponsor Bank of America, recognition of Philadelphia’s top fundraisers, and a special Milestone Award, which was given to Andie Summers, a nine-year participant who has raised over $73,000 to date (and counting!). Congratulations to Andie for her dedicated efforts for the 3-Day®. She is also the captain of Team XTU Xtra Mile, which was Philadelphia’s second-highest fundraising team with $58,534 raised just this year.

Day 2 and the 22.3-mile leg of the 60-mile journey started out with a couple of hills (no problem, right?), but the scenery of West Fairmont Park made up for that as well. The heat index was high again on Saturday, and besides two official cheering stations, the course was dotted with private cheering stations in the neighborhoods of Bala Cynwyd, Nerberth, Haverford, Penn Wynne, and Wynnewood. The New Balance-sponsored cheerleaders from Garden Valley helped liven the group at Pit Stop 2. The camp show capped off a great day with moving speeches by Ellen Gunther, a co-survivor, and Sharon Slosarik, a young survivor. A little dance party never hurt anyone, and Philadelphia knows how to dance!

Sunday’s 14.4-mile route was exciting as almost the entire group of walkers lined up for the opening of the route, a sight to behold. Walkers worked their way through downtown Philadelphia and enjoyed the cheering stations at Passyunk Square, University of the Arts, and FDR. The Eagles’ Drumline happened to be encouraging the walkers to finish strong at the Navy Yard with their professional beats. A large crowd of friends and family gathered to cheer on these dedicated walkers and fundraisers, and gathered for a moving Closing Ceremony in great weather, honoring the walkers and crew of the Philadelphia 3-Day and the breast cancer survivors. Thank you Philadelphia and we’ll see you next year!

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“I Never Felt Alone”

Becky G. smiles despite a physical setback on the Boston 3-Day.

Becky G. smiles despite a physical setback on the Boston 3-Day

Somewhere on the latter half of a draining and hot Day 2 on the Boston 3-Day, I wandered into Pit Stop 4. There was Becky, frustrated by an aching knee.  Not an uncommon problem after so many miles, but like all those who attempt the grueling 60 miles of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, there were layers of stories in her walk that never first appeared on the surface. It was only later that her reflection on the experience stopped me:

“I lost my mom to breast cancer 12 years ago.  Everyone who knew her knew how she could light up a room when she walked in. Everyone always commented on her smiling eyes, and I am lucky to have had those eyes smile upon me.”

Walker Becky G. is embraced by her daughter after walking 60 miles on the Komen 3-Day®

Walker Becky G. is embraced by her daughter after walking 60 miles on the Komen 3-Day

“And so I have chosen to follow my heart, to make a choice, to join an amazing team of women, to do something about it, to accept support, to FEEL the pain, and to walk. So here I am now, several days after finishing the Boston 3-Day. I have to be honest, I wasn’t exactly prepared for this, physically or emotionally. I wasn’t ready to hear all of the stories of love lost, to see survivors walking beside me, to have strangers look me in the eye with such love and gratitude for what I was doing and say ‘Thank You’ and to feel so physically defeated that I didn’t think I could take another step. I also never felt alone. I felt the closest I have to Mom in the 12 years that she has been gone, and I know that what I was feeling this weekend was love. Thousands of strangers — walkers, crew, staff, cheerleaders — united for one cause. So we don’t have to endure another life lost, another heartbreak, or another child left behind. We believe in the cause, and we believe in each other, and we believe that this fight is worth all of the pain that we endured. I met some amazing men and women this weekend, and there is no doubt that they will be in my heart forever. This is only the first of many 3-Days.”  – Becky G, Woodstock, CT

Becky's team finishes the 2013 Boston 3-Day

Becky’s team finishes the 2013 Boston 3-Day