Recruit Your Friends for a 3-Day Slumber Party Before May 31

Who doesn’t love a slumber party? You can have a fun time with your pals, sleep under the stars, share stories and jokes and snacks and more. It’s the perfect way to get in some quality bonding time, and you can do all of that right on the 3-Day!

If you recruit two first-time walkers by May 31 to join you on the 3-Day, we’ll arrange for you to have a More Than Pink slumber party together on-event! This glamping experience comes complete with a large tent that sleeps up to four people, and has air mattresses, pillows and phone chargers.

But time is running out! There are only a few more days to earn a stay in one of our awesome 3-Day slumber party tents, and you won’t want to miss out. Don’t believe us?

This is what Kendall C., one of our 2017 slumber party tent users, had to say about her experience:

“The tent was SO much larger than we anticipated, and the air mattresses and pillows were such a treat to have! I also couldn’t believe there were chairs, which we loved having at the end of the day to relax in. We also would bring all our chairs together to hang out in the evening before bed. I also remember a welcome doormat, and a little table complete with a fake succulent! I mean, that is glamping in my book and I’ll take it any day! To top it all off, there was a cell phone charger we ALL got to use, even at the same time. We were so, so happy to have the Slumber Party tent and it completely made our camping experience perfect!”

You can take a sneak peek inside this year’s tents with Coach Marianne from San Diego, who camped out with some 3-Dayers to test out the amazing slumber party experience. They had a ball!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit to learn more about our 3-Day Slumber Party offer. Then, start asking your besties to join you for a truly one-of-a-kind sleepover.  Let’s go glamping!

Please note, this offer is not valid for the Philadelphia 3-Day, since there will be no tent camping on that event.

Bringing Your Bestie to the 3-Day is the Best


A best friend is a powerful thing. They make you laugh, support you when you’re down, challenge and drive you to be better, and sometimes know you even better than you know yourself. All this, and more, makes a best friend a pretty perfect partner to have at your side on the 3-Day.

Bring your bestie, and this year could be your best 3-Day yet! If you need more convincing, we have stories from coaches and walkers about how their besties brought them into the 3-Day family and helped them take those extra steps to get through all 60 miles. We also have several promotions this month that can bring you and your besties to the 3-Day in style. Read on for inspiration, information, and smiles!


Stephanie Jo from Facebook  – “Walking with you got me through, Jessi Wendland! We were walking for 2 amazing Julies [my aunt Julie & her mom Julie].”

Tisho Jessop, Philadelphia Participant Coach: “My BFF got me started on this whole adventure! In January of 2008 she called me and said “I keep seeing these TV ads for a 60-mile breast cancer walk. Is that something we should do?”


Judith and I have been friends since 1988. We were roommates after college, we were each other’s Maid/Matron of Honor and we both have a connection to breast cancer. Both of her grandmothers had it (one passed from it and the other was a survivor who passed of another cause). When Judith called me I was in the midst of losing my Aunt Barbara, who died about 5 weeks later.

We went to a Get Started Meeting and ended up forming Team BFF to walk the 3-Day that October. It was such a bonding experience and we loved every minute of it. 11 events, 9 years and $27,000 later I’m still an avid 3-Dayer and I will always be grateful that my BFF knew this would be a healing and passion-finding event for me.”

Tisho II

Faren Ann from Twitter: “One of my favorite walking friends shares a birthday with me (next Monday!) I am so happy she is part of my life bcuz of #the3day!”

She also later shared that her friend Laura “is bringing some great friends to Philly who I am looking forward to loving as much as I ❤️ her!”

Julie Bagel, also from Twitter, had a similar story! She and Faren connected when she shared: “Small world, because TWO of my favorite walking friends share a birthday! 😉 xoxo”

Jeri Cliff

Gayla Cruikshank, Dallas/Fort Worth Local Events Coach: “I hosted a Walk & Talk recently where I met up with Jeri Cliff (front left) with Angels for the Cure along with her daughter, Khristy and granddaughter, Bailie.

Jeri decided after the 2016 Michigan 3-Day that she would “retire” and hang up her 3-Day walking shoes. That was until her granddaughter, Bailie turned 16 in March and was finally eligible to participate as a walker. Bailie has been supporting and cheering for her grandmother for the past five years from the cheer stations. She let her mom and grandmother know that she wanted to walk this year. When the VIP Slumber Party promotion was launched, Jeri figured this was a perfect opportunity to “come out of retirement” and walk with her daughter and granddaughter for their first event.”


If you haven’t heard of our Slumber Party promotion, don’t worry, there’s still time! Now through April 19th, if you recruit two new walkers to register for the 3-Day, you earn a VIP Slumber Party or two-night hotel stay. The VIP tent sleeps four people, so there is plenty of room for you and your best friends. It comes with comfy blow-up mattresses, phone chargers, specialty 3-Day pajama bottoms and more! Talk about a best friend glamping weekend!

To learn even more about bringing your besties to the 3-Day with you, we will have a special Facebook Live chat with Coach Gayla this week! On Thursday, April 13th at 10:00 a.m. Coach Gayla of Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day coaches will talk with Jeri, Sue, and Rhonda as they share their tips and tricks for growing your team, getting ready for the 3-Day, and all the fun promotions we have going on now. Don’t miss it!

What are some of your favorite memories of the 3-Day with your best friends? Share in the comments!


Exciting Updates to the 3-Day’s Social Media

With the 2016 3-Day season underway, you might be noticing some new elements in the 3-Day’s social media coverage of the events. Here’s what’s exciting, fresh and new for this season!

But First, Let’s Talk About What’s Familiar – Everything you know and love about following the 3-Day on social media is still going strong. We post to Facebook and Twitter every day of the year, and we blog, Pin and Instagram several times a week. We have an ever-growing library of videos on YouTube and of course, the 3-Day website and your Participant Center (though not strictly considered social media) are your go-to 3-Day online headquarters for everything from general event info to your own personal and team fundraising

When one of the 3-Day events is going on, you can count on even more action from the 3-Day social media team! We share photos and videos at the ceremonies, from the route and in camp dozens of times throughout ever 3-Day weekend. So if you and your loved ones aren’t following the 3-Day on social media, get on it! None of you will want to miss what we’re sharing.

Hashtags 2.0 – Hashtags on the 3-Day aren’t exactly new either (we dedicated this whole blog post to them a while back), but we wanted to give you a refresher on those funny looking number signs and words you sometimes see at the end of posts.

Hashtags serve the purpose of sorting and grouping together pieces of content (photos, tweets, status updates) that have something in common. The same way that a fifty-person 3-Day team might all wear matching flamingo socks to help identify them as a group no matter where they all are on the route, hashtags identify similar social media posts (such as fifty different Instagram photos with #flamingosocks), no matter where or when they were posted. The hashtag (#flamingosocks) groups those posts together the same way the actual flamingo socks would group those teammates together. Nifty, huh?

Each 3-Day event has two main hashtags associated with it:

  • #The3Day – this identifies a post as being part of ALL of the content having to do with the 3-Day as a whole. We put this hashtag on just about everything we post.
  • Event-specific hashtags help group together the posts that have to do with that particular 3-Day city. There’s a different one for each of the 7 events, as you can see here: 3day_2016_socialmedia_hashtagthe3day_v1

And then there are a couple others you’ll probably see popping up, especially during the 3-Day events themselves:

  • #WeAreThe3Day – We use this hashtag (and encourage you to use it too) on social media posts that show/tell a little piece of the whole big, beautiful 3-Day story. #WeAreThe3Day posts are usually centered around various individuals (and from time to time, teams) that make up the patchwork quilt of the 3-Day family, and they aim to share a small slice (told in the 3-Dayer’s own words) of what makes those individuals and their experiences unique.
  • #The3Day_Selfie – This year, we’ve dubbed Day 2 of every 3-Day event “Selfie Saturday.” 3-Dayers are encouraged to post their best selfies*—whether they’re on a 3-Day event or at home—with this fun new hashtag. (*Safety first! Remember to stop and move to the side of the route if you want to take or post a picture.)3day_2016_social_selfiesaturday_fp

Some of you may be saying, “Okay, the hashtags are on the post. So now what?” When you’re logged in to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, type a hashtag into the Search box and it will show you the various tweets, pictures or posts that have that hashtag on it. But not ALL of them…keep in mind that that some posts may not show up in the search results, even if they included the hashtag. This is most likely due to privacy settings on the different social media sites. If you’re not friends/followers with someone who has posted with the hashtag you’re searching, you probably won’t be able to see those posts (and they won’t be able to see yours).

Facebook LIVE! – Last year, we live-streamed from the 3-Day a handful of times, but with the new Facebook Live video feature that came out this spring, we’re going to be bringing you more live video broadcasts from the 2016 3-Day events. In addition to streaming the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, morning walk-outs and the arrival of the last walkers each day, we’re hoping to also bring you those fun and memorable “only on the 3-Day” moments from the route and camp.

Facebook sends out alerts when we begin a live broadcast, so to make sure you don’t miss any of the action, be sure to follow the 3-Day (and if you miss a live stream, don’t worry, the videos will be posted to the 3-Day’s Facebook page after we’ve called “Cut!”).

Snapchat – It’s not just for teenagers anymore (heck, even the White House is on Snapchat now)! Starting in Seattle this week, the 3-Day will be snapping throughout the event weekend. If you use Snapchat, add us so you can follow our Story on each event! You can add us by username (The3Day), OR use our Snapcode:

To add The 3-Day to your Snapchat friends, open Snapchat, point your camera to this image, touch in on your screen and hold!

To add The 3-Day to your Snapchat Friends, open Snapchat, point your camera to this image, touch it on your screen and hold!

When you’re out at the 3-Day, be sure to snap using our customized 3-Day geofilters! You can add them to your pictures or video when you’re at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and when you’re at camp.14067633_10157275721180392_1638649753997878687_n


Tell us the ways you enjoy following the 3-Day on social media!