Exciting Updates to the 3-Day’s Social Media

With the 2016 3-Day season underway, you might be noticing some new elements in the 3-Day’s social media coverage of the events. Here’s what’s exciting, fresh and new for this season!

But First, Let’s Talk About What’s Familiar – Everything you know and love about following the 3-Day on social media is still going strong. We post to Facebook and Twitter every day of the year, and we blog, Pin and Instagram several times a week. We have an ever-growing library of videos on YouTube and of course, the 3-Day website and your Participant Center (though not strictly considered social media) are your go-to 3-Day online headquarters for everything from general event info to your own personal and team fundraising progress.social-media-icons

When one of the 3-Day events is going on, you can count on even more action from the 3-Day social media team! We share photos and videos at the ceremonies, from the route and in camp dozens of times throughout ever 3-Day weekend. So if you and your loved ones aren’t following the 3-Day on social media, get on it! None of you will want to miss what we’re sharing.

Hashtags 2.0 – Hashtags on the 3-Day aren’t exactly new either (we dedicated this whole blog post to them a while back), but we wanted to give you a refresher on those funny looking number signs and words you sometimes see at the end of posts.

Hashtags serve the purpose of sorting and grouping together pieces of content (photos, tweets, status updates) that have something in common. The same way that a fifty-person 3-Day team might all wear matching flamingo socks to help identify them as a group no matter where they all are on the route, hashtags identify similar social media posts (such as fifty different Instagram photos with #flamingosocks), no matter where or when they were posted. The hashtag (#flamingosocks) groups those posts together the same way the actual flamingo socks would group those teammates together. Nifty, huh?

Each 3-Day event has two main hashtags associated with it:

  • #The3Day – this identifies a post as being part of ALL of the content having to do with the 3-Day as a whole. We put this hashtag on just about everything we post.
  • Event-specific hashtags help group together the posts that have to do with that particular 3-Day city. There’s a different one for each of the 7 events, as you can see here: 3day_2016_socialmedia_hashtagthe3day_v1

And then there are a couple others you’ll probably see popping up, especially during the 3-Day events themselves:

  • #WeAreThe3Day – We use this hashtag (and encourage you to use it too) on social media posts that show/tell a little piece of the whole big, beautiful 3-Day story. #WeAreThe3Day posts are usually centered around various individuals (and from time to time, teams) that make up the patchwork quilt of the 3-Day family, and they aim to share a small slice (told in the 3-Dayer’s own words) of what makes those individuals and their experiences unique.
  • #The3Day_Selfie – This year, we’ve dubbed Day 2 of every 3-Day event “Selfie Saturday.” 3-Dayers are encouraged to post their best selfies*—whether they’re on a 3-Day event or at home—with this fun new hashtag. (*Safety first! Remember to stop and move to the side of the route if you want to take or post a picture.)3day_2016_social_selfiesaturday_fp

Some of you may be saying, “Okay, the hashtags are on the post. So now what?” When you’re logged in to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, type a hashtag into the Search box and it will show you the various tweets, pictures or posts that have that hashtag on it. But not ALL of them…keep in mind that that some posts may not show up in the search results, even if they included the hashtag. This is most likely due to privacy settings on the different social media sites. If you’re not friends/followers with someone who has posted with the hashtag you’re searching, you probably won’t be able to see those posts (and they won’t be able to see yours).

Facebook LIVE! – Last year, we live-streamed from the 3-Day a handful of times, but with the new Facebook Live video feature that came out this spring, we’re going to be bringing you more live video broadcasts from the 2016 3-Day events. In addition to streaming the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, morning walk-outs and the arrival of the last walkers each day, we’re hoping to also bring you those fun and memorable “only on the 3-Day” moments from the route and camp.

Facebook sends out alerts when we begin a live broadcast, so to make sure you don’t miss any of the action, be sure to follow the 3-Day (and if you miss a live stream, don’t worry, the videos will be posted to the 3-Day’s Facebook page after we’ve called “Cut!”).

Snapchat – It’s not just for teenagers anymore (heck, even the White House is on Snapchat now)! Starting in Seattle this week, the 3-Day will be snapping throughout the event weekend. If you use Snapchat, add us so you can follow our Story on each event! You can add us by username (The3Day), OR use our Snapcode:

To add The 3-Day to your Snapchat friends, open Snapchat, point your camera to this image, touch in on your screen and hold!

To add The 3-Day to your Snapchat Friends, open Snapchat, point your camera to this image, touch it on your screen and hold!

When you’re out at the 3-Day, be sure to snap using our customized 3-Day geofilters! You can add them to your pictures or video when you’re at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and when you’re at camp.14067633_10157275721180392_1638649753997878687_n


Tell us the ways you enjoy following the 3-Day on social media!

The Seattle 3-Day Coaches Talk About…The Seattle 3-Day Coaches!

They’re the helpful cheerleaders on the other end of the phone call or email when you have questions or concerns. They’re the smiling faces welcoming you and your teams at meet-ups and workshops and building up community excitement for the 3-Day. They’re the guiding hands leading the crew captains and teams to greatness. That’s right, they’re your Susan G. Komen 3-Day® coaches!

As we get ready to return to each of the seven splendid 3-Day locations, we wanted to take a few minutes to catch up with the coaches from each event. Today, the Seattle 3-Day Coaches are in the spotlight!

Since last year’s 3-Day, the Seattle team has seen some changes.

  • Paula, Seattle’s Participant Support Coach for the past 2 years (and a 3-Day coach since 2005), retired over the summer and has been enjoying time with her husband, kids and grandsons. She will be cheering at the San Diego 3-Day in November.
  • Jon, who has been the Crew & Volunteer Coordinator in Seattle since 2014 moved on to the 3-Day Event Planning team in the spring, where he has been helping plan all seven 3-Day events. Jon will be working on staff at every 2016 3-Day (except Dallas/Fort Worth, where he’ll be walking for the first time), so you can still say hi to him in Seattle next week!

So that brings us to the stars of today’s show, the current team of Seattle coaches. Let’s cozy up with Aubrey, Jen and Kathleen and see what they had to say about each other!

Aubrey (Seattle Local Events Coach) aubrey

Kathleen says, “Aubrey is super enthusiastic about her love for the 3-Day. It is obvious she wears her heart on her sleeve and wants everyone to have an amazing experience.”

Jen shared, “Aubrey is so passionate and dedicated to the cause. She has a very personal connection to the cause as her mother is a survivor. She is also a longtime participant and fundraiser, which means she really knows how to personally connect with the Seattle walkers.”

Jen (Seattle Participant Support Coach)

Prior to joining the Seattle team, Jen was the Participant Support Coach for the Philadelphia 3-Day. You can see what she shared about herself last year here.jen-haber

Aubrey had this to say about Jen: “Three words (okay, four) to describe Jen are organized, forward-thinking, and effective. She has the ability to jump in with both feet and get to know participants on a personal level without much effort. It just comes naturally to Jen. Even though I haven’t worked on a 3-Day event with Jen, I had a great time doing a route drive with her back in June. It was great to connect with her face to face and get excited about our new route.”

Kathleen tells us, “Jen is super reliable and really knowledgeable. She always goes above and beyond to make our jobs easier. She jumped right into Seattle without missing a beat!”

Kathleen (Seattle Crew & Volunteer Coordinator)

 This spring, we were happy to welcome back Kathleen, a former Crew Coordinator who returned to the 3-Day after spending a few years at home with her little guys. Since she hasn’t been around for any of our past “Meet the Coaches” posts, we started her off with a few get-to-know-you questions: kathleen-2015

  • Describe your job in 10 words or fewer – “Fun, puzzle-piecing and ever changing with lots of smiles!”
  • We’re one week from the Seattle event. What’s a typical day like for you these days? – “Kind of crazy! There are many documents that need to be filled in and prepared, and lots of phone calls and emails to be returned. This is also the time of year when the most crew changes occur.”
  • What are 3 things that we didn’t know about you? – “1) I have an identical twin sister.2) I have two awesome little boys. 3) I love spending time outdoors. I work outside as much as possible (and usually run inside when the phone rings to limit background noise)!”

And, here’s what the rest of the Seattle team had to say about working with Kathleen:

“I’d describe Kathleen as very determined! She jumped right back into things as the Crew & Volunteer Coordinator this year and has tackled a bunch of challenges with perseverance and a great sense of humor!” – Jen

“Kathleen is considerate, helpful, and positive. She is great about taking on challenges with grace and poise. She makes great connections with her crew team and you can see that they are her #1 priority. On the many conversations we’ve shared with each other, the one thing that rings clear is that Kathleen is a supportive sweetheart. We share many of the same feelings and interests, which is fun, comforting, and encouraging.” – Aubrey

Will you be on the Seattle 3-Day? Be sure to say hello to the coaches (they’re easy to spot around camp and the route in their light grey Staff shirts)!

Seattle 3-Day 2016 Route Update!

Last year on the 3-Day® blog, we shared some detailed “Insider’s Peek at the Route” posts with you. We pulled the curtain back on the overall process of planning and executing a 60-mile route, and then got even more in-depth with each individual 3-Day walk’s route.

This year, we continue to keep you looped-in with the updates and changes that have been made to the 3-Day routes for 2016.

We’re also bringing in members of the 3-Day Advisory Council to share their thoughts about the 2016 route changes. These participants stand as the “voice” of the 3-Day community and their input has been instrumental in strengthening the communication and camaraderie between Komen and the 3-Day family, so we’re thrilled to have their insight here on our route updates.

We have already shared the Michigan and Twin Cities route updates, and today, we bring you some exciting info about the SEATTLE 3-Day route.

The Seattle 3-Day is the event whose route has undergone the most significant changes in 2016. Because Seattle would be seeing such substantial updates to its route, earlier this year, Seattle Advisory Council members Dottie and Tina were invited to join the 3-Day event planners on a route drive in Seattle, where they got a sneak peek at the changes. Tina, who will be walking in her 15th and 16th 3-Day events this year (Seattle and San Diego), shared her thoughts on the updates.tina mcd

“I know the route has been an ongoing concern over the last years for the Seattle 3-Day and my team. Spending the day driving the routes with 3-Day staff and discussing the reasoning and thought process was amazing. Every single concern was addressed and great changes are being made. I love that they are looking at it through the eyes and perspective of someone who is walking the 60 miles.

“On Day 1 I am so excited that we are developing plans to walk through the Microsoft campus. Many hills were eliminated and roads have been changed to give us a change of scenery.

“Day 2 is looking to incorporate so many fun changes! We are planning on reversing the route heading out of camp so we can walk into Redmond Town Center and avoid heading straight up the huge hill first thing in the morning. We’re planning on heading into Kirkland from the opposite direction which is great because it takes us down to the water for lunch. I love the route out of lunch because we will continue to walk along the waterfront through downtown. To make our way back to Redmond we are working on a gradual, progressive uphill that incorporates the Cross Kirkland trail and hopefully the Google Campus. This will help break up the hill as well as move us safely over the freeway while providing some new scenery as well.

“I am so pinking excited for the changes to Day 3. I love that we are planning on heading north to Ravenna so we can walk along the shores of Green Lake again. This route would allow us to come into the South Lake Union area from a different direction, while enjoying views of the lake and downtown. Although I will miss the Ballard Locks, I can’t wait to see what this new route provides for walker stalker opportunities. I love, love, love how we are planning to walk into Seattle with views galore of our amazing city and the water that surrounds it. I love that we are planning to approach the city from a different way—walking along the waterfront with the possibility of having our last pit stop/grab & go at Centennial Park, which is clean, beautiful and amazing!

“All three days will provide new scenery, roads, photo opportunities, large areas for cheering stations, and something new for the veteran walkers, as well an amazing experience for our new walkers! I am beyond thrilled that the walkers’ voices have been heard and that we are making changes. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this great experience and amazing organization.”

Another Advisory Council member taking part in the Seattle 3-Day is Anthony, a long-time Route Safety crew member from Arizona. “This will be my 8th event. All of them have been on Route Safety. This will be my FIRST time crewing Seattle. It will be lots of fun, especially since I lived there a long time ago.” anthony

Can’t wait to see all you Seattle 3-Dayers out there in a couple of weeks!