Twin Cities 3-Day – 2016 Route Update!

Last year on the 3-Day® blog, we shared some detailed “Insider’s Peek at the Route” posts with you. We pulled the curtain back on the overall process of planning and executing a 60-mile route, and then got even more in-depth with each individual 3-Day walk’s route.

This year, we don’t need to dive quite so deep, since most of what we shared last year still applies. But we definitely wanted to keep you looped-in with the updates and changes that have been made to the 3-Day routes for 2016. We’re also bringing in members of the 3-Day Advisory Council to share their thoughts about the 2016 changes. These participants stand as the “voice” of the 3-Day community and their input has been instrumental in strengthening the communication and camaraderie between Komen and the 3-Day family, so we’re thrilled to have their insight here on our route updates.

Last week, we shared the Michigan route update, and today, TWIN CITIES is in the spotlight.

Need a refresher about what the Twin Cities 3-Day route was like last year? Read our 2015 “Insider’s Peek” post here.3DAY_2016_Social_CityHashtags_LocalHashtag_TC2

New for 2016 – I got the inside scoop on route updates from Kiki, the Event Planning Manager for the Twin Cities 3-Day, who told me that there are not too many big changes from last year. Day 1 is the same, as is most of Day 2, though “we’ve tweaked the beginning of the route a bit to take walkers off of the Bruce Vento Trail and see a bit more of Maplewood’s neighborhoods.” Day 3 has a couple of changes, including a new location for pit stop 1 (changed due to construction at the old site). Additionally, about one mile of the Day 3 route was cut after lunch; instead of walking through the Battle Creek Trail (which is beautiful trail, but has very limited access for sweep vans), walkers will travel along a street to get to pit stop 3 at Indian Mounds. What’s great about this new route is that it eliminates a long, tedious stretch along a busy highway and a rather steep pedestrian bridge. Kiki shared, “The new route will keep us within neighborhoods which allows us to [have a more visible presence and] spread the word of breast cancer in the community.”

The Participant Finish Area and Closing Ceremony on Harriet and Raspberry Island were new sites to us last year. Kiki said, “There was a bit of confusion for spectators trying to find their walkers at these locations, so this year, we’ll simplify things by having the Participant Finish Area and Closing Ceremony both on Harriet Island. The Victory Walk will be shorter than last year and all walkers and spectators will all be on one site. The layout of the Closing Ceremony will be different than last year too, providing much more scenic photo ops.”

In Their Words – Keep reading to see what Maureen and Kim, two of our 3-Day Advisory Council members, had to say about the 2016 Twin Cities updates:

Maureen (13x 3-Day participant – 10x Twin Cities walker)image1“The stretch on the highway and the huge hill to get to the pedestrian bridge at the end of Day 3 were brutal in the heat, so I am a fan of that change! It’s also a good idea to have the walkers out in neighborhoods instead of on the highways. It’s great that we’re doing the whole Closing Ceremony in one area; Harriet Island is gorgeous so I am glad it will be utilized.

The Twin Cities 3-Day walk in general is such a gorgeous route. I love the fact that we can be in urban areas and then pass through amazing parks, then lake areas, then historic mansions all in the same day—three days in a row! A few years ago, we had a walker from out of state, Glen, who walked all 14 3-Days and he was randomly put on our team. He told us at the beginning of the walk that he was going to pick his favorite 3-Day route/team to come back to the following year. He of course chose the Twin Cities 3-Day to come back to. He said the people are the friendliest and the route is the most beautiful!”

Kim (7x Twin Cities 3-Dayer – Event Support Crew for 2016) 2015-c“I like that the route is changing up a bit.  Over the years I’ve heard several walkers mention that the route is the same. I’m sure the walkers will prefer the view of a neighborhood rather than a highway view.  For the Closing Ceremony changes, I had heard people had issues last year getting around and finding their walkers and parking, so I hope these changes help this year’s event go more smoothly for everyone. As for ‘scenic photo ops,’ yes please!  Participants love having these opportunities to create better memory books. The more the merrier!

“I enjoy having an event in my home town. I’m a Minneapolis girl, but it’s nice to walk through my city’s twin, St. Paul, and seeing areas that I’m unfamiliar with. Personal favorites: walking around the lakes, having lunch in Loring Park, walking past the Sculpture Garden (I’m bummed that the Walker Art Center in undergoing renovations so walkers probably may not get a chance to take a picture with the Cherry and Spoon Sculpture) and walking past my college, Metro State University.  And how could I forget…I loved having coworkers cheer me on in downtown Minneapolis.

“Since participating in my first event in 2009, I have met some really great people.  Some have become lifelong friends and I want to thank the Komen 3-Day for this!”


Keep an eye on the 3-Day blog in the coming weeks when we’ll continue sharing updates about all of the 2016 3-Day routes.