Michigan 3-Day—2016 Route Update!

Last year on the 3-Day® blog, we shared some detailed “Insider’s Peek at the Route” posts with you. We pulled the curtain back on the overall process of planning and executing a 60-mile route, and then got even more in-depth with each individual 3-Day walk’s route.

This year, we don’t need to dive quite so deep, since most of what we shared last year still applies. But we definitely wanted to keep you looped-in with the updates and changes that have been made to the 3-Day routes for 2016. We’re also bringing in members of the 3-Day Advisory Council to share their thoughts about the 2016 changes. These participants stand as the “voice” of the 3-Day community and their input has been instrumental in strengthening the communication and camaraderie between Komen and the 3-Day family, so we’re thrilled to have their insight here on our route updates.

So that’s what we have in store for you, starting with MICHIGAN.

Need a refresher about what the Michigan 3-Day route was like last year? Read our 2015 “Insider’s Peek” post here.

New for 2016 – Missy, the Event Planning Manager for the Michigan 3-Day told me about some exciting updates. She shared that the Day 1 route will be “completely new” and will include a portion of the day spent along the east side of Walled Lake (some of you may remember that the route went along the west side of the lake in 2013). There will be all new route sites (pit stops, lunch) on Day 1, including a grab & go at the newly renovated Pavilion Shore Park, which Missy says, “has the most amazing view of the lake and will be an incredible photo op.”

In addition to the Day 1 changes, the out-and-back route from/to camp on Day 2 will be reversed from the last few years. Missy shared, “Reversing the route on Day 2 allows for cooler temperatures and additional shade during the Hines Park stretch, which has been challenging in the late afternoon.” She also said that many participants have given feedback about lunch being too early in the day on Day 2, so “reversing this day’s route opened up the opportunity to have lunch at a later mile marker.” Route highlights that walkers can look forward to include Walled Lake, Novi, Hines Park, Historic Northville and Plymouth (especially the pink fountain at Kellogg Park in Plymouth), Dearborn Historical Museum, and Ford World Headquarters.

In Their Words – Here’s what Gary and Beth, two of our 3-Day Advisory Council members, had to say about the 2016 Michigan updates:

Gary (8x Michigan participant—2016 Michigan lunch crew)11794640_10155853624685392_8180345660254597293_o“I really like the changes you have made to the route. I know the area for Day 1 and that walk route should be very well received. I also agree, as an early walker on the route, the lunch stop on Day 2 was too early, and I like that you have reversed the route and moved lunch further out. One of the favorite parts of the Michigan walk is definitely the town of Plymouth. The entire town seems to come out to root on the walkers!”

Beth (3-Day participant since 2002—2016 Michigan will be her 25th walk!)beth northman“I walk in the Michigan event every year since I’m a team captain in Michigan (the BC Babes) and also a training walk leader. Plus, I love, Love, LOVE the Michigan walk and the amazing support along the route. I’m excited about the changes. Each year they’ve ‘tweaked’ the route a little, and it seems like they’re making bigger changes this year which will be exciting to see. We do have patches each day where there’s not a lot of shade and walking through those parts earlier in the day and also having some lake views on Day 1 will be a welcome change. I’m glad Opening, Camp and Closing will be the same. Suburban Collection and Ford Headquarters are great places to hold these aspects of the Michigan walk.

“You can’t beat the Michigan 3 Day event. In addition to the best crew around we’ve got awesome community support for the entire 60 miles. Walking through the city of Plymouth on Saturday afternoon is always a highlight on the route. Hard to top the pink fountain and the hundreds of people cheering in Kellogg Park.

“I’m looking forward to celebrating the 150th 3-Day event this year in Michigan. In addition, the BC Babes are excited to celebrate for another reason—we’ll hit the $1,000,000.00 fundraising milestone with the 2016 walk!”


Keep an eye on the 3-Day blog in the coming weeks when we’ll continue sharing updates about all of the 2016 3-Day routes.