Tampa Bay 3-Day: “Piece of the Miracle”

After less than 24 hours after the Susan G. Komen Tampa Bay 3-Day wrapped up for 2013, I heard from a participant who described her experience as a “piece of the miracle” of the Komen 3-Day. That seems to have summed up so many personal stories that combined to make the experience of the Tampa Bay 3-Day this year. From the glorious sunrise at Opening Ceremony on Friday morning to the seaside Spa Park Closing Ceremony, I witnessed one team after another and one walker after another accomplish more than they ever thought possible. A wheelchair was pushed for 60 miles. Many conquered the challenge for the first time ever, to their own amazement. So many reaffirmed their strength over past and present breast cancer.

With blue skies and a light breeze, the participants were eager to carry the banners over the bridges that dotted the course of three days. “Hope.” “My Sister.” “Optimism.” The firefighters, police, and ambulance services of Clearwater, Seminole, and Pinellas County were only a few who showed their strong support for the 3-Day®, lifting walkers into the air for photos, passing out pink Italian ice, and donning pink uniforms. So many showed their support on the final stretches of Day 1 and the cheering stations of Day 2 and Day 3.

The Camp Shows were a time to rest, to be entertained, and to be inspired. Kimberly Crist was recognized for her seven years of participation and over $69,640 raised to date for the fight against breast cancer. The crowd came to its feet with her acceptance of the Milestone Award on Friday night. Touching speeches by Elise M, Sonja A, and Charlie M, gave the Tampa Bay walkers time to reflect and be inspired by these wonderful people. Camp Show is never complete without the Youth Corps, both for their words and their dance skills. (And thank you to the brave souls who rocked the house during karaoke. You know who you are!)

After a shorter 15.3-mile third day, and after a beautiful stretch of bayside walking, an emotional Closing Ceremony at Spa Park kicked off. The faces of hundreds of dedicated walkers and crew members beamed in the afternoon sunshine surrounded by the beautiful bay. The individual stories looking back at the stage represented so many personal histories of triumph, ‘pieces’ making up the miracle of the Tampa Bay 3-Day.

Thank you Florida walkers!


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“Like Talking to an Angel”

Team 211 poses for a picture at the start of the Tampa Bay 3-Day

Jane stopped to talk to me on the way to the opening of Day 2 on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® this morning in Tampa Bay. She was part of a team of women bonded together by breast cancer survivors, friends, and one surgeon, all walking 60 miles to raise money for breast cancer research. I wanted to know more about her team and its leader, Dr. Sylvia Campbell.

Members of Team 211 attend the Opening Ceremony for the 2013 Tampa Bay 3-Day

“You know,” said Jane, “when I entered Sylvia’s office, there were pictures on the walls of breast cancer survivors, and Sylvia made it clear that she was there to give us hope. The way she talked to me…It was like talking with an angel.” I truly believed Jane as we stood there. I had worked around surgeons and doctors for many years, and my interaction with Dr. Sylvia Campbell (who prefers her patients call her ‘Sylvia’) was nothing less than extraordinary. Sylvia was dressed in a green imprinted t-shirt, decked out with the same pink accents that her teammates wore. They were all together, stage right, as the sun rose on the Tampa Bay 3-Day and its Opening Ceremony. I walked with the excited group of women (and one great guy!) as they launched themselves onto the streets of the greater Tampa Bay area on a three-day journey that would test anyone’s physical endurance.

Sylvia, however, was not surrounded by her current patients, past patients, and collected friends. She was surrounded only by friends.

Dr. Sylvia Campbell, or just “Sylvia,” is flanked by friends and teammates on the Komen 3-Day in Tampa Bay

“These wonderful people have all become so dear to me,” she smiles, as she points them out. Beverly, Jane, Sandy, Rosie, Paula, Cathy, Angie, Marvin, Bella, Marylynn, Sonja, Lauren, Janet…she names them off. She knows each one, and I start to ask about who has survived cancer, but then I realize that it doesn’t really matter. They all look wonderfully happy and that’s all that matters on such an exquisite morning among friends. “We’re Team 211!” She has to almost yell over the blaring music that pumps up the walkers continually. “Two Steps. One Goal. One Lifetime. 2-1-1. We started in 2006, and it was a way to tell people that I supported them.  I support YOU!” she exclaimed as a teammate puts an arm around her.

Dr. Sylvia Campbell, a surgeon in Tampa, leads Team 211 in the fight again breast cancer

Over the next two days, I see them on the route and at the rest stops. I see them laughing together in their camp and then back on the route. All I can think about when I see them is that there is a tremendous amount of hope and happiness in the group, which has been started by Sylvia. All I can think about when I see them is how lucky they are to have her as a physician and a friend.

Team 211 hits the road for 60 miles of walking in the Tampa Bay 3-Day

Team 211 moves over one of many bridges on the Tampa Bay 3-Day

Team 211 starts the route on Day 2 of the Tampa Bay 3-Day

Team 211 starts the route on Day 2 of the Tampa Bay 3-Day

Top Fundraisers for Tampa Bay 3-Day

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® opened up in great weather this morning at Sand Key Park where walkers were treated to beautiful views of Clearwater, Largo and Indian Shores. After 19.5 miles, everyone was ready for a break, and dinner and a camp show seemed to be just the thing. The top fundraisers for the Tampa Bay 3-Day were announced this evening, and some congratulations are in order for their hard work.

Top Crew Fundraiser: Sandra Alekson, $4,600; Lunch Crew

Sandra Akeson receives the award for Top Crew Fundraiser

Sandra Alekson receives the award for Top Crew Fundraiser

Top Fundraising Team: Team ‘Thanks for the Mammories,’ $103,949; Sheila Porter (Captain)

Carol Lynch accepts the award for her team as Sheila Porter was not present

Top Individual Fundraiser: Rob Imparato, $10,750; (from Team ‘HOORAY BOOBS!’)

Rob Imparato accepts the award for Top Individual Fundraiser at the 2013 Tampa Bay 3-Day

Everyone should be proud of their tremendous efforts in fundraising. Good luck out there on Day 2 in Tampa Bay!