March 2014 3-Day Meet-up Round-up

All across the land, our Susan G. Komen 3-Day® coaches are busy getting walkers and crew members prepared and pumped up. Take a peek at some of the meetings and training walks that brought our Komen 3-Day family face-to-face since last month!

Michigan – The continually nasty winter temps couldn’t keep our Michigan 3-Day participants from gathering at the end of February for a reunion/reception at the Novi Civic Center. Just look at those smiles!


Seattle – 3-Day coach Aubrey shared, “My library overbooked the room I was supposed to have for my meeting. At the last second, Paula and Jon [Aubrey’s fellow Seattle coaches] helped me get in touch with the RSVPs. I had 4 RSVPs but ended up with 8 attendees at a restaurant around the corner. All but one were first-time walkers!”

Komen_3Day_seattle_get started meeting

There was also a Seattle 3-Day Reunion at a local bowling alley, which brought in nearly 30 attendees. New friendships, good food and bowling? Sounds awesome.


And this little cutie accompanied her mom to a Get Started Meeting. Aubrey said there were lots of great questions, laughs and inspiration, and called it her “greatest Get Started Meeting yet!”

Komen_3Day_seattle_get started meeting_cute

Atlanta – Our Atlanta training walk leaders are excited to hit the pavement with the new and veteran walkers. They met up last week to chat about this year’s training goals.

Komen_3Day_atlanta_training walk leaders

Dallas/Fort Worth – Oh my gravy! The Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day coaches and participants have been busy this month!

A small but mighty group of all new walkers gathered in Dallas.

Komen_3Day_Dallas Fort Worth_get started meeting_tin star

The Go Federal Credit Union team, Cure for the Coconuts, met for happy hour with 3-Day coach Gayla. They are all new walkers and are so excited to get started. They’re already working on recruiting more of their co-workers to walk or volunteer in Dallas/Fort Worth in November.

Komen_3Day_dallas fort worth_meet up_cure for coconuts

Another small yet strong Get Started Meeting began with only 3 attendees, but brought in a fourth who just happened to be passing by the room. Gayla shares, “She saw the video and was crying after.” Isn’t unexpected inspiration amazing?

Komen_3Day_dallas fort worth_gsm_library

Team Z-Bra Girls is led by 9 year veteran walker Nina R., and in all their years of walking, they had never been to a Get Started Meeting. So Gayla met up with them at a Mexican restaurant to encourage more recruitment. They had a blast and captured this adorable picture.

Komen_3Day_dallas fort worth_z bra girls

Seventeen-year-old Katie H. is on her way! She’s on the Presbytittyans, walking with her friend Emilee W.  Katie is pictured at a Get Started Meeting in Frisco with her mom, a nurse who is thinking about joining the Medical crew in Dallas.

Komen_3Day_dallas fort worth_on my way

And finally, No Walker Left Behind captain, Mary T. hosted a Lunch & Learn at her home in Cedar Hill, where a great group joined to get even more inspired about walking.

Komen_3Day_dallas fort worth_lunch & learn

San Diego – The San Diego 3-Day community has taken advantage of its year-round sunny skies and started training. Coach Kim and an incredible 23 walkers completed a 3.85-mile Walk & Talk. Way to go, San Diego!

Komen_3Day_San Diego_Walk and Talk 3-8


Have you and your teammates been meeting up to plan, train or fundraise for the 3-Day? Send us your stories and pictures, or post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (don’t forget to tag #The3Day). And if you’re looking for an official 3-Day meet-up in your area, click here to find our calendar of local events.

The Dallas-Fort Worth 3-Day

Even with a chill in the air, the Texas sun rose on a beautiful Opening Ceremony at the Collin Creek Mall on Friday morning for the start of the 2013 Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day. Crew members gathered even earlier than the walkers (in the dark!) to set up and ready themselves for over 1,200 participants who took to the streets, pounding 60 miles of the pavement to raise $3.3 million for breast cancer research and prevention. Participants walked 20.6 miles on the first day with Aldridge Elementary children packing the sidewalks to cheer them on. Richardson’s Fire Department and Police Department were particularly supportive, stopping along the way to cheer and help with street crossings.

Bank of America gathered up a great group of employees to pump up the walkers at Pit Stop 3, which was staffed by local Susan G. Komen affiliate employees. Beautiful weather continued throughout the day as walkers moved from Plano, Richardson, Dallas, and onto to Brookhaven College in Farmers Ranch, the site of camp. The Camp Show at night is a time to be entertained, to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in fundraising and overall commitment to finding a cure, and to hear inspirational messages from survivors. Friday night did not disappoint as Delese Hill-Range gave a touching address, and Cathy Hite was recognized with the Milestone Award for her serious commitment to the cause of fighting breast cancer.

Day 2 started out chilly but exciting as walkers lined up for the opening of the route and the 19.8 miles that awaited them. The New Balance-sponsored cheerleaders from Bishop Lynch Friars cheered the walkers into Pit Stop 2, and participants were greeted with some great trail walking and a huge cheering station sponsored by Susan G. Komen North Texas Affiliate just before some well deserved lunch. A big ‘Thank You’ to the city of Addison for its hospitality on Day 2! On return to camp, walkers retreated to the Bank of America massage chairs and, if needed, to the help of our great Medical Crew. At the Camp Show, co-survivor Burt Lipshie and young survivor Cara Welsh gave fresh perspective on why we continue to fight against breast cancer.

Day 3 started out with big smiles knowing that it would be the final miles before the finish of the event. The Crew helped facilitate a bus drop to the Ursuline Academy where the route opened onto the 16.8-mile course that would take participants through some of the beautiful parks of Dallas and into the city. An anticipatory excitement awaited so many first-time walkers as they neared the finish line in Centennial Park. The cheers of family and friends brought many tears to the walkers who had come so far. An emotional Closing Ceremony outside in great weather at the Fair Park reminded us of the loved ones we have lost. With one shoe held high, participants gave tribute to those breast cancer survivors with us today on the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day. The crowd danced to “We Are Family” as the Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day wrapped up. See you next year in Texas!


Dallas Day 1 Dallas Day 1 Dallas Day 1 Dallas Day 1 Dallas Day 2 Dallas Day 2 Dallas Day 2 Dallas Day 2 Dallas Day 3 Dallas Day 3 Dallas Day 3 Dallas Day 3 Dallas Day 3 Dallas Day 2

The Sisterhood of Rockwall, Texas

The front and reverse of Team 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs' tamer outfit

The front and reverse of Team ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ tamer outfit

“Well, our official name is of course, ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ but we have to use a more generic team name for our community fundraisers!” exclaimed the women before the last day of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® in Dallas/Fort Worth this weekend. For six women out of Rockwall, Texas, the Komen 3-Day this weekend has become a yearly event. Amber, their leader, has been walking for breast cancer research and awareness since 2001! Rhonda has been walking for six years for her aunt and another friend. “I love it!” she said this morning in great weather, ready to take on the final day of the 60-mile walk. “I’ve played soccer for a long time, so this isn’t too bad.” For Jennifer and Christina, however, who are first-timers on the long walk, the distance is taxing.

Four of the team start Day 3 of the Dallas-Fort Worth 3-Day event

Four of the team start Day 3 of the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day event

“It’s great to have everyone cheering,” said Jennifer. Christina seemed to know what was coming and was well prepared by the seasoned members of the team, who are sporting their characteristic bright greens, which seem to accent the ubiquitous pink quite well. They have enjoyed a sponsorship from a local T-shirt company who printed 75 shirts for their 5K fundraiser. In addition, their two sets of 3-Day uniforms are pretty unique. Their fundraisers have done well, too. Since 2001, they have raised over $81,000 to support breast cancer research. That’s a huge sum when many years there were only two in the team who could participate.

Team 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs' enjoy the Texas sunshine on Day 3 of the Komen 3-Day in Dallas-Fort Worth

Team ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ enjoys the Texas sunshine on Day 3 of the 3-Day in Dallas-Fort Worth

Two other women round out the six-member team: Michele and Paula. Michele’s cousin is a breast cancer survivor, and all of the women represent a team that is fully supportive of their friends and relatives who have been affected by breast cancer. “Well, we adopted one more person on this 3-Day,” says Amber. “Clark is walking alone in honor of his grandmother and he was in a tent next to us. So we told him he could walk with us!” The team seemed very relaxed, as some walked together and others were scattered along the route. Their good attitudes and friendly personalities seemed to radiant onto the last miles of the course.

Good luck to Team ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ and to all the walkers and crew on the last day of the walk!

The Team joins the other 1200 walkers on Sunday morning to the start of the route on Day 3

The Team joins the other 1,200 walkers on Sunday morning to the start of the route on Day 3

The team shows off their characteristic green uniforms, highlighted with the pink of 3-Day