2016 Seattle 3-Day – Saturday Award Winners and Honorees

At the end of Day 2 on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, we gather to celebrate: walkers celebrate completing 40 astonishing miles of route, crew members high-five over giving hours upon hours of service to their fellow 3-Dayers, and everyone celebrates each other. Every walker and crew member could be given a medal for their accomplishments, but we do like to take time at the Saturday evening camp show to recognize some stand-out walkers and crew members. In Seattle, we were pleased to award the following outstanding walkers, crew members and teams:

Top Training Walk Leader

img_5755The top training walk leader for the 2016 Seattle 3-Day is Tath Hossfeld. Tath will be a 33-year survivor this November, and has participated in the 3-Day 24 times in the last 13 years (she’ll be doing walk number 25 in Atlanta in a few weeks). She is the captain of the team Flamingo Road, a mentor to other walkers, and a devoted volunteer. Tath has been a training walk leader for the last 10 years and this year, she led 29 walks with 114 attendees. She is meticulous about planning her training walks and goes out of her way to make sure everyone there feels comfortable, supported, and informed while also looking for ways to make them fun for everyone. Tath also won the Local Impact Award in Seattle last year.

Top Youth Corps Fundraiser

img_5502The 3-Day Youth Corps are kids between the ages of 10 and 16 who come out to cheer and support the 3-Day walkers and crew members. They are required to raise a minimum of $500 in order to participate, which makes it all the more extraordinary to share that 15-year-old Lauren Simpson, a first-time Youth Corps member from Danville, CA, raised $1,905 this year. Way to go, Lauren!

Top Crew Fundraiser

img_5719Congratulations to Cathy Youngling, the top crew fundraiser for Seattle, who raised an astonishing $10,040 this year, bringing her lifetime fundraising total to $97,333. Cathy is part of the Pit Stop 2 team, and this year’s Seattle 3-Day is her 11th event in 8 years. She is captain of the team Are We There Yet? in Seattle. Cathy is also a 21-year survivor, and is Grammy to two sweet girls who love to wear pink (not because of breast cancer but because it’s pretty with their sparkly shoes).

Top Individual Walker Fundraiser

img_5734For the third consecutive year, the top individual walker fundraiser in Seattle is Loretta Englishbee, with $26,115 raised this year. Loretta has raised nearly $400,000 alone since starting with the 3-Day 11 years ago. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, Loretta and her Team Bee teammates were unable to join us at the Seattle event this year; her teammate Michelle and friend Kathy accepted the award on Loretta’s behalf.

Top 5 Fundraising Teams

The top fundraising teams for the 2016 Seattle 3-Day are:

5. Team Bee – $44,606 in 2016; $487,597 lifetime – 7 team members, 11 years as team – Team Captain: Loretta Englishbee
4. Sole Mates – $51,149 in 2016; $244,127 lifetime –17 team members, 7 years as team – Team Captain – Kathy Bressler
3. DHL Dynamos – $72,186 in 2016; $1,583,269 lifetime – 40 team members, 6 years as team –Team Captain: Ann-Kathrin Seit
2. Kindred Spirits – $135,385 in 2016; $2,680,407 lifetime – 79 members 13 years as team – Team Captain: Penny Kellam

img_5708And big congratulations to Valley Girls & Guys, which was both the largest team on the Seattle 3-Day (150 members) and the top fundraising team, with $320,480 raised this year. Valley Girls & Guys, captained by Tina McDonough, has raised $2,398,313 in its 8 years as a Seattle 3-Day team. Wow!

*The 2016 Seattle 3-Day marked another big milestone for the top 3 teams on this list: DHL Dynamos surpassed the $1 million lifetime mark, and both Valley Girls & Guys and Kindred Spirits flew past the $2 million lifetime milestone.


Milestone Award and Local Impact Award

 These two other special awards are presented to participants who stand out and shine extra brightly in a sky of very bright 3-Day stars. The Milestone Award is given at each event to one participant who has an extraordinary history of involvement with the 3-Day, and the Local Impact Award recognizes a participant in each 3-Day city who has been instrumental in strengthening the 3-Day in their community throughout the year.

img_5749This year’s Seattle 3-Day Milestone Award winner is Randy Gangnes. Randy has been a 3-Day participant for 12 years, and all 12 of her walks have been in Seattle. She is the captain of In The Pink, and in her years as a 3-Day walker, she has personally raised over $67,400. When she’s not out training or fundraising for the 3-Day, Randy teaches first grade, enjoys singing, reading and traveling, and is an avid Seahawks fan and season ticket holder. Her husband Ron—who has also been a Seattle 3-Day walker for 12 years—told us, “Randy is shy and unassuming and will definitely be embarrassed by this attention.” Randy herself is also a breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with DCIS in 2003. “Komen is a way of life for us, something our family, still to this day, doesn’t understand completely,” Ron shared. “Randy is the definition of selflessness. She feels that if she can prevent just one person from having to go through what she did, then all the miles she’s walked (probably over 6,000 miles) are worth it.” Merrilyn, a close friend and long-time teammate of Randy’s told us, “Randy is my inspiration for walking in the 3-Day.  I see her passion for the cause, and witness her tireless efforts in fundraising and training, and know that I want to match her enthusiasm with my own. Randy not only walks in the 3-Day, she walks the belief in Susan G. Komen all year long. She is a true ambassador for the 3-Day and everyone who knows her understands that raising money for curing breast cancer is one of her life values. Randy is absolutely deserving of this 3-Day Milestone Award!” We couldn’t agree more!

img_5752We were delighted to recognize Kathy Bressler with the 2016 Seattle 3-Day Local Impact Award. Kathy has been a 3-Day walker and captain of Sole Mates for 8 years, and has personally raised over $30,000 for the 3-Day. Like so many others, her reasons for becoming involved with the 3-Day were deeply personal: both her grandmother and mother died from breast cancer. Kathy’s involvement with the breast cancer cause has been a life-long passion, extending even further than the 3-Day; she has served as board president of Komen Puget Sound for a two-year term while holding her position as President of Franciscan Health System’s Saint Clare Hospital. Her teammate Jennifer shared, “Kathy has always been an advocate for finding a cure for breast cancer for others, never thinking that she would be the 1 in 8.” Yes, Kathy herself was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in late 2015, and not surprisingly, she faced it head-on. “Through her journey she has never taken the role of a victim and she was not going to succumb to this disease. She has spoken often of the advances that have come from funds raised through Susan G. Komen and the 3-Day, but that there is more work to do.” Since her diagnosis, Kathy committing to growing her 3-Day team even more, and this year, they were the fourth highest fundraising team in Seattle. Kathy was the Survivor Speaker in the Friday camp show in Seattle as well.

Kathy’s Sole Mates teammates Maureen and Betsy agreed that an award about impact is perfect for Kathy: “She is a force to be reckoned with on anything she puts her mind to! She prods others into self-improvement, encourages growth and positive change, and if she really believes in you, invites you to hot yoga and to walk with her in the 3-Day!” They continued, “Kathy not only changes lives but she makes you a believer. You get a job, your children go off to college, you learn to plank, you make incredible friendships and you truly believe you can make a difference because you believe in a cause. Because of Kathy, and the impact she has made on the lives of every person she has come in contact with, you believe there will be a cure.” Jennifer echoed the statement about Kathy’s strength. “Kathy fully believes that there will be a cure if we continue to fight for one. She is truly a warrior and I can’t think of anyone who would deserve such an honor more than Kathy.”

2016 Seattle 3-Day Opening Ceremony Speakers—We Are the 3-Day

The 2016 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® began on a gorgeous Pacific Northwest morning in Seattle with a beautiful and stirring Opening Ceremony. Walkers, crew members and supporters joined their hearts and hopes in the shared promise of bringing about the end of breast cancer, one footstep at a time.

As part of the Ceremony, we were honored to welcome some special 3-Day participants to the stage, where they shared their own inspirations—both heart-warming and heartbreaking—for being part of the 3-Day. #WeAreThe3Day

Danielle Winston – My Grandmotherimg_5179“I walk in honor of my grandmother this weekend. When she was diagnosed with this disease, she attacked it with a strength and grace that I hope I inherited from her. I walk so that NO grandchild loses their grandmother to breast cancer. I’m Danielle and I AM the 3-Day.”

Monica Flory – My Mother img_5184
“I became involved in the 3-Day when a close family friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. I stay involved because in the last 10 years, more than 10 friends have been diagnosed. In 2011, my Mom was diagnosed and fought a hard battle and beat it. It’s because of her strength that I’m determined to be a part of the solution. I’m Monica and I AM the 3-Day.”

Mark Weedin – My Wifeimg_5182“I signed up for this walk – my first 3-Day – because I have been standing alongside my wife Kim for the last 10 months as she has fought breast cancer, round two. I also wanted to honor my sister Kathy, my mom, and my mother-in-law Jean, who we lost to this disease. Kim was supposed to be here with me today, but she passed away 11 days ago. If she were here, she would tell you all to never stop fighting, to never ever give up. I am her voice now. My name is Mark and I AM the 3-Day.”

Cathy Skotzke – Myselfimg_5193“I am walking in the 3-Day because I know what it means to battle cancer first-hand. I am a 2-time cancer survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and thyroid cancer. I went through intensive chemo and radiation and almost lost my life. But I was spared, and I want to do my part to help us get closer to finding a cure. I’m Cathy and I AM the 3-Day.”

Becca Brickman – My Friendimg_5186“I started this journey when my best friend Tina was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer last Thanksgiving. I wanted to do this journey to show her my love and support. She has two young girls and I would love to see our efforts result in a cure for the all the girls of tomorrow. I’m Becca and I AM the 3-Day.”

Beata Stensager – My Family img_5190“My reasons for walking began 10 years ago when a dear friend that’s now a 27-year survivor, asked me to join her in a Race for the Cure (you know, that little one). Today, it’s an honor to carry the My Family flag because I’m walking these 60 miles in memory of my young niece, Julie Ann, who was taken from us just weeks ago. I’m Beata and I AM the 3-Day.”


Together, we are strong. Together, we can defeat breast cancer. Together, we are the 3-Day.

Exciting Updates to the 3-Day’s Social Media

With the 2016 3-Day season underway, you might be noticing some new elements in the 3-Day’s social media coverage of the events. Here’s what’s exciting, fresh and new for this season!

But First, Let’s Talk About What’s Familiar – Everything you know and love about following the 3-Day on social media is still going strong. We post to Facebook and Twitter every day of the year, and we blog, Pin and Instagram several times a week. We have an ever-growing library of videos on YouTube and of course, the 3-Day website and your Participant Center (though not strictly considered social media) are your go-to 3-Day online headquarters for everything from general event info to your own personal and team fundraising progress.social-media-icons

When one of the 3-Day events is going on, you can count on even more action from the 3-Day social media team! We share photos and videos at the ceremonies, from the route and in camp dozens of times throughout ever 3-Day weekend. So if you and your loved ones aren’t following the 3-Day on social media, get on it! None of you will want to miss what we’re sharing.

Hashtags 2.0 – Hashtags on the 3-Day aren’t exactly new either (we dedicated this whole blog post to them a while back), but we wanted to give you a refresher on those funny looking number signs and words you sometimes see at the end of posts.

Hashtags serve the purpose of sorting and grouping together pieces of content (photos, tweets, status updates) that have something in common. The same way that a fifty-person 3-Day team might all wear matching flamingo socks to help identify them as a group no matter where they all are on the route, hashtags identify similar social media posts (such as fifty different Instagram photos with #flamingosocks), no matter where or when they were posted. The hashtag (#flamingosocks) groups those posts together the same way the actual flamingo socks would group those teammates together. Nifty, huh?

Each 3-Day event has two main hashtags associated with it:

  • #The3Day – this identifies a post as being part of ALL of the content having to do with the 3-Day as a whole. We put this hashtag on just about everything we post.
  • Event-specific hashtags help group together the posts that have to do with that particular 3-Day city. There’s a different one for each of the 7 events, as you can see here: 3day_2016_socialmedia_hashtagthe3day_v1

And then there are a couple others you’ll probably see popping up, especially during the 3-Day events themselves:

  • #WeAreThe3Day – We use this hashtag (and encourage you to use it too) on social media posts that show/tell a little piece of the whole big, beautiful 3-Day story. #WeAreThe3Day posts are usually centered around various individuals (and from time to time, teams) that make up the patchwork quilt of the 3-Day family, and they aim to share a small slice (told in the 3-Dayer’s own words) of what makes those individuals and their experiences unique.
  • #The3Day_Selfie – This year, we’ve dubbed Day 2 of every 3-Day event “Selfie Saturday.” 3-Dayers are encouraged to post their best selfies*—whether they’re on a 3-Day event or at home—with this fun new hashtag. (*Safety first! Remember to stop and move to the side of the route if you want to take or post a picture.)3day_2016_social_selfiesaturday_fp

Some of you may be saying, “Okay, the hashtags are on the post. So now what?” When you’re logged in to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, type a hashtag into the Search box and it will show you the various tweets, pictures or posts that have that hashtag on it. But not ALL of them…keep in mind that that some posts may not show up in the search results, even if they included the hashtag. This is most likely due to privacy settings on the different social media sites. If you’re not friends/followers with someone who has posted with the hashtag you’re searching, you probably won’t be able to see those posts (and they won’t be able to see yours).

Facebook LIVE! – Last year, we live-streamed from the 3-Day a handful of times, but with the new Facebook Live video feature that came out this spring, we’re going to be bringing you more live video broadcasts from the 2016 3-Day events. In addition to streaming the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, morning walk-outs and the arrival of the last walkers each day, we’re hoping to also bring you those fun and memorable “only on the 3-Day” moments from the route and camp.

Facebook sends out alerts when we begin a live broadcast, so to make sure you don’t miss any of the action, be sure to follow the 3-Day (and if you miss a live stream, don’t worry, the videos will be posted to the 3-Day’s Facebook page after we’ve called “Cut!”).

Snapchat – It’s not just for teenagers anymore (heck, even the White House is on Snapchat now)! Starting in Seattle this week, the 3-Day will be snapping throughout the event weekend. If you use Snapchat, add us so you can follow our Story on each event! You can add us by username (The3Day), OR use our Snapcode:

To add The 3-Day to your Snapchat friends, open Snapchat, point your camera to this image, touch in on your screen and hold!

To add The 3-Day to your Snapchat Friends, open Snapchat, point your camera to this image, touch it on your screen and hold!

When you’re out at the 3-Day, be sure to snap using our customized 3-Day geofilters! You can add them to your pictures or video when you’re at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and when you’re at camp.14067633_10157275721180392_1638649753997878687_n


Tell us the ways you enjoy following the 3-Day on social media!