2018 Philadelphia Susan G. Komen 3-Day Wrap Up

Over the weekend, hundreds of walkers gathered inside the Grand Ballroom at Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing ready to take on the fight against breast cancer. The 2018 Philadelphia 3-Day was the first 3-Day to feature a Camp inside of a hotel, and we were so very excited to pilot this intriguing new model for our 3-Day community.

An energetic Opening Ceremony further reminded us why our steps are so very important, and we took off into Philadelphia.

We walked past Independence Hall at 1.2 miles, and then into our first Pit Stop of the 3-Day weekend at mile 3.6, which was themed with bouncing balls. We continued on to Pit Stop 2 at West Fairmount Park, where our walkers stepped into a fairy tale with the Enchanted Pit Stop, complete with 3-Day Dwarves, “Crampy, Blistery, and Achy.”

The smiling faces of our crew at Pit Stop 2 propelled us forward into lunch at Chamounix Field, 9.2 miles into our route. We showed some team spirit with the Eagles theme, and enjoyed resting on our Mohawk pads and stretching before we took off for the final parts of the route.

While a little bit of rain came down, it didn’t dampen our spirits. A quick stop at Boob Street at Rodin Museum Grounds fueled us up for the remaining five miles of the day, and the community came out to cheer us in as we walked back into the Hilton.

The hotel was serving Philadelphia’s pretzels with pink salt, a perfect local treat to get us ready for dinner and a fun camp show where we awarded some of our participants’ amazing fundraising work, and rewarded milestone and impact award winners, Ronald MacDonald and Dawn Kifer. Then, it was off to bed so we could rest in anticipation of a beautiful Day two.

Day two greeted us with ideal weather and no humidity. Walkers tackled the cobble stone streets of the city, and walked past the art museum, where some walkers took a moment to recreate their Rocky moment and run up the stairs.

Next, we walked along the river while teams rowed in regatta races, and then climbed the hills to Belmont Mansion for its incredible views of the skyline. Then it was time for lions, tigers and bears as the route moved through the Philadelphia Zoo before returning back to camp at the Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing.

Back at Camp, we relaxed in the zen-inducing Bank of America massage chairs and enjoyed a yummy dinner before an entertaining camp show and our classic 3-Day dance party. On Sunday we headed out to South Philly neighborhoods, with Mile 1 passing by Elfreth’s Alley. Walkers were cheered on by inflatable unicorns and dinosaurs, and we wished we could start every day that way.

We also walked by the dueling Pat and Geno’s Steak Shops at mile 11, with some walkers stopping for a yummy bite to eat. After some classic Philly fare, it was onwards past a cheering station at Marconi Plaza, and then past the Sports Complex (home of the Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Eagles), being welcomed by the Eagles Drum and Bugle Corps who could be heard from a mile away. We also spotted another dancing unicorn — just the whimsical sight we needed to put some pep in our step as we marched toward Closing Ceremony.


The day ended at the historic Navy Yard under sunny skies, with dragon flies whizzing by, reminding us of loved ones lost checking up on us.

Closing Ceremonies were jam packed with friends and family waiting to celebrate our courageous walkers and crew. Together, we raised $2.1 million toward the fight to end breast cancer. Philadelphia, thank you. We are so honored and grateful for everything you do.

Congratulations to the 2018 Michigan 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner, George Nummer

For the 2018 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® season, we’re pleased to be continuing the Local Impact Award. This award is being given to participants who have been instrumental in strengthening the 3-Day® community throughout the year. Local Impact Award honorees have gone above and beyond in their efforts leading training walks, attending 3-Day community events, supporting the 3-Day staff year-round at meet-ups and workshops, and in general, making a difference by building lasting relationships and showing commitment to the 3-Day in all they do.

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Michigan 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner, George Nummer!

Coach Heather says,

“George is an institution within not only the MI 3-Day but our community as a whole. Many people will say they know the mature gentleman with the walking sticks. When I say “community,” I mean the 3-Day as well as the local community where George can be seen walking many months of the year training for the multiple 3-Days that he is taking part in any given ear.

George is a man dedicated to saving lives. While he has many friends on the 3-Day, he is often found walking and talking with those he does not know…..he wants to learn their story and get their promise. The promise to get a mammogram….and possibly save a life.  He takes any opportunity to get out there and advocate….whether its volunteering to be the subject of a local news piece to get the word out to the masses, but just as important to him, meeting new people and getting their promise on each 3-Day he takes part in. 2018 will mark 40 walks for George!”

George receives his award at the Michigan 3-Day.

Want to know more? Let’s hear from Beth Northman.

“If you don’t think you can make a difference in your own small spot in the world, all you have to do is have a chat with George Nummer!  Truly a 3 Day treasure, George began walking in the 3 Day after September 11 because he wanted to make a difference and reach out to help others around him and he has done this over and over since he began participating in the event.  With is walking sticks in tow and a smile on his face George is an inspiration to all he comes in contact with.  I encourage you to spend a few miles with him on the route and hear his story; you’ll be glad you did!”

His friend Michelel Yelovina also raves about George.

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than George. His determination and dedication leaves a lasting impression on all who meet him. But it is his relentlessness to the cause at hand that impacts the most. “Promise to…” two strong words…”promise to get a mammogram “ is what he asks those that walk with him to make.

For 49 out  of the 50 women that make that promise all maybe well, but for the one… for THIS one…George is a life saver. I don’t know how much more of an impact one can have on another persons life than having a hand in saving it! So thank you, my guardian angel , you deserve this and sooo much more! You have a special place in my heart forever!”

Now, let’s hear from the man himself! When George talked to us, he didn’t know he would be receiving this honor!

George says, “I was inspired by a speech by President Bush, post-911. He said if you want to help fight terrorism, start by helping your neighbor, help your community. A few days later, I saw an ad for the 3-Day. I thought, at age 70, I could never walk 60 miles in 3 days but I was curious so I sent for information. After I got the information and read about the Breast Cancer statics, I thought that’s pretty bad maybe I can do something to help and here I am at 86 and 40 walks later.”

We had to learn more…

What has brought you back to the 3-Day year after year? 

Knowing that I am helping breast-cancer patients and survivors, and particularly getting women to promise to get yearly mammograms, has bought me back year after year. I especially enjoy being part of the 3-Day community, making friends with fellow walkers across the country.

What is the secret to your 3-Day fundraising success? 

Being positive in my fundraising, sending letters to all my family and friends, and not being afraid to ask for donations have led to my success. The worst people can do is say no.

What is your best advice to anyone walking the 3-Day?  

It’s important to train well in advance. It’s best to train in all types of weather, as you may be walking the 3-Day in bad weather. And remember, it’s not a race. Take your time and get to know your fellow walkers, find out why they are walking. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

What’s a fun fact about you? 

I started walking in the 3-Day at age 70. The year I turned 75, I walked in every 3-Day event available—12 walks in 15 weeks. The hardest thing I ever did, but the most rewarding!

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned on the 3-Day?  

Always have a positive attitude. Before you can accomplish something you must first expect it of yourself. You can do most anything you set your mind to, just believe in yourself.

A beautiful 3 days: 2018 Michigan 3-Day Recap

Friday morning, as the sun rose into a dusty blue and orange sky, hundreds of walkers, crew, and volunteers gathered at Walled Lake Western High School to kick off a 3-Day celebration in the fight against breast cancer.

We heard from people living with metastatic breast cancer, survivors, and watched our 3-Day family carry flags of our four pillars of strength upwards onto the stage. We shared the names of our loved ones lost in remembrance.

As the music swelled, we embarked on our first several steps. Our first pit stop was with the BooBees on the shores of Walled Lake.

As our crew friends in yellow buzzed around making sure we were hydrated and fed, we posed for pictures against the beautiful lake. We walked on, enjoying the beautiful greenery and flowers of Michigan’s flora, and ended up at Pit Stop 2, a crowd favorite for the weekend. Senior citizens from a retirement home came out to cheer on our walkers and drum, and many of us posed for snapshots with wonderful elders who reminded us at every turn how proud they were of us.

Our community came out in full support and cheered us on at the Novi Ten Shopping Center, and then we stopped for lunch at Meadowbrook Congregational Church at mile 10.3. Knowing we had 8.1 more miles to go, we charged onwards, stopping at two more churches for pit stops at miles 13.8 and 15.5, and then we rounded out our last few miles with another amazing cheering station at the Briar Pointe Shopping Center.

Finally, we walked into Camp at Novi Middle School, finishing out a joyful 18.4 miles, posing for pictures, enjoying spa waters in the lounge, the Bank of America massage chairs, and celebrating our top fundraisers and award winners. Then, we curled up in our cozy pink tents, ready to build up our energy for an amazing Day 2.

The temperature was rising, but we began Day 2 heading towards Thornton Creek Elementary for our first Pit Stop at mile 3.3. The popular Cass Benton Park was the site of our Pit Stop 2, and walkers took in the beautiful rolling green hills, enjoying the scenery but maybe not the elevation.

Birds flew overhead and butterflies fluttered around all through the park, accompanying us as we walked toward the Plymouth Cultural Center, where we took a well deserved break for lunch at 10.9 miles in. The highlight of the day was the popular fountain at Kellogg Park, dyed pink just for us. We all posed for photos at the fountain and took in the sights and sounds of the farmer’s market also going on at the same time.

We charged through the vibrant business district to Northville Downs, the site of our Grab and Go B at 16.2 miles, and by now, the heat was feeling sweltering.

Making sure we were all hydrated and stretching, it was onwards, to Pit Stop 4 at mile 19 at Thornton Creek Elementary, and then finally, to mile 22.3 back into camp, where again, we cheered in our last walker.

The Camp Show kicked off another ’bout of inspiration and hope for us walkers and crew; especially in hearing from Tony, a male breast cancer survivor living with metastatic breast cancer (joined by his daughter Amanda, a first time walker!). His positive and poised speech reminded us all of why we fundraise, why we train, and why we walk: to one day live in a world free of breast cancer. We headed to our pink tents one last time, ready to emerge from them inspired and determined for Day 3.

Day 3 arrived quickly, bringing some extra heat and humidity just so that our walkers and crew could prove they were even more awesome than they already knew.

We took a bus for a quick ride to Kennedy Elementary School in Livonia, then headed out, enjoying miles of cheering stations to our first pit stop of the day at mile 3.3 at Franklin High School. From there, it was onwards to Pit Stop 2 at Wallaceville Field, where we enjoyed the shady parts of the path and admired the tall, green trees.

We also oohed and aahed over the Rosedale Gardens Historic District, packed with beautiful pre-historic World War 2 brick colonial and English cottages.Then, we walked through the always-beautiful N. York Street, where residents adorned the sidewalks with bra garlands and decorations, misting us with cool water, handing out popsicles, sharing THEIR stories of survivorhood and loved ones lost, reminding us again – at every step – why we walk.

From lunch at York Park where the crew was delightfully themed Under the Sea, we rested in the shade, and gathered our remaining strength for the final five miles of the day.

The last few miles took us through the city of Dearborn, the home of Henry Ford, and marched us towards the Ford World Headquarters, where our family and friends waited to celebrate our joyous victory.

As our crew lined up and walked into the Closing Ceremony, walkers followed, with our survivors marching in right behind us. As the music swelled, tears filled our eyes as we passed the Memorial Flag on to seven-city walker Heidi, ready to be carried victoriously in to Twin Cities in just a week and a half.

Michigan, thanks to you, we raised a staggering $1 million in the fight against breast cancer. We will NEVER give up!

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