Meet Your New Coach for the New England 3-Day, Coach Sharyn

It all started on a big birthday. In 2006, Sharyn was turning 60, and her daughter-in-law invited her to join her 3-Day team. And Sharyn thought, “Why not?”

Now, more than a decade later, she has walked in Boston and other 3-Day cities and joined the 3-Day team as your New England Coach for 2019! As soon she heard that the 3-Day would be returning to Boston, she knew she had to get more involved.

“Boston is my home walk and when it came back this year, I reached out to the powers to be and applied to be a coach. The 3-Day really needed ‘boots on the ground’ and I was contacted to see if I was interested in the coaching position…. Yes, I am! And here we are. 😊”

She is so excited to be returning to her 3-Day family in a new way. Though she has walked in many cities over the years, she is ready to welcome 3-Dayers back to Boston.

“Some of my favorite memories are reconnecting with 3-Day friends you’ve met along the way; strangers who became friends and who’ve truly touched your heart. I’ve walked in many cities and crewed in others and it always excites me to see the beautiful faces and reconnect. I know that’s going to be a huge event in Boston!”

Aside from all the welcome friendship and love, Sharyn wants to get the rest of the walkers and crew excited about some other aspects of the weekend:

  • We will be staying in hotels and that’s become a huge attraction for a lot of walkers…especially some of the more seasoned veterans.
  • I also think the route, this year, will have our walkers and crew very excited…especially people who’ve never visited our city before.

With both of those in mind, it’s time to start getting ready and pumped for the New England 3-Day. As a veteran herself, Sharyn has tried and true advice for your training plans.

“I always tell people who start their training to start where they are most comfortable. It’s sort of like that old saying, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!’ 😉 Start small, start now and build your distance each week. I think if you can easily do a 10-mile walk with no issues, you’ll be just fine. Do a few long walks each week and be sure to train on different inclines. Not every city is flat, so you need to be prepared for hills. Building your way up on a variety of terrains will have you more than ready!”

But always feel free to reach out for help! Sharyn is already helping walkers and crew out on her New England 3-Day Coaches Facebook Page, and encourages everyone to reach out with anything “from complicated issues to silly ones. Pick up the phone and call or drop us an email or Facebook message. Nothing is too small…especially if it concerns you.”

She understands all your concerns because she’s been there! She’s walked 25 events, crewed 6 times and raised approximately $85,000 over her time with the 3-Day. And she’s just getting started!

“Committing three days is a lot to ask when it involves walking 60 miles and raising $2,300…but it’s so much easier than a breast cancer diagnosis. The commitment is the easy part when it’s important to you. Make the commitment. And I’ll see you in New England in September!”


For tips about healthy living, click here for advice and support to keep you on track for the 3-Day and beyond. Thanks to the support of Amgen and in partnership with American Bone Health, the Healthy Living series was designed to prepare your mind, body and bones for the 3-Day.

One thought on “Meet Your New Coach for the New England 3-Day, Coach Sharyn

  1. Hello, Sharyn,
    I am looking forward to seeing you when I come to walk in the New England 3-Day! I know that I have met you before along the way these many years. I started in 2006 also! I had turned 61 in July and walked Michigan in August. I was hooked! I was so inspired that I told my husband and his sister, who is our survivor, that I would walk with her in Philly and my husband would crew with hers. She thought that I was crazy to do a second 3-Day 60 Mile Walk and to try to raise another $2300.00, plus my husband’s goal ! I said that I could do it and I did it! I love seeing my PINK FAMILY every year! I get so inspired by all the survivors that I meet along the way, or at my fundraisers; other walkers, at the cheering stations, along the routes, in each city that I walk in! Very emotional!

    My supporters, who are my donors, have helped me take this AMAZING JOURNEY every year, sometimes two or three times in a year! They come up to me and ask if I am walking again so that they can donate! I have ANNUAL BREAST CANCER YARD SALES and people in the community ask if and when I am having my yard sales. When I say that I am and the date, they tell me that they have items for me or that they will see me at the sale! AWESOME! My husband, Ron, and friends help me with the sales and with my other fundraisers, too. I am so grateful !

    My husband has walked with me in 9 3-Day Walks, besides crewing in Philly. I even signed him up for New England, too! I was hoping that he would walk with me in New England but he is scheduled for hip surgery in July. He doesn’t know if he will be able to walk 60. I told him that he could take the Sweep Van but he says if he can’t walk 60 then he won’t walk at all. He has never been to the Boston area. Maybe next year! He is so close to being a Superfundraiser too!

    Your pictures are great! God Bless You! Thank You for being a Coach for us! Well, that is a little about me.

    See you in September!
    Arinda Mele

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