January and February 2014 Meet-Up Round-Up!

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® coaches have been putting in some face time with participants in each of our seven cities, hosting Get Started Meetings, meet-ups, coffee chats and reunions. Here’s our round-up of some of the activities from January and February!

Twin Cities 3-Day Reunion

Walkers and crew members from the Twin Cities 3-Day got out of the cold to warm each other’s hearts with stories and memories, speeches and 3-Day bingo.
TC reunion 2TC ReunionTC reunion 3

Atlanta 3-Day Meet-Up

New and returning 3-Day participants gathered in Atlanta!

ATL meet up 2 Philadelphia 3-Day Reunion

Even in spite of the nasty weather and traffic, an amazing 150 past walkers and crew members—coming from as far as Connecticut, Cleveland and Washington, D.C.—reunited in frozen Philadelphia for this participant-run event. The festivities, which included dinner, raffles and games, went into the wee hours of the morning. What fun!

PL Reunion

The Philadelphia 3-Day reunion

4 Teams PL

Members from four different teams jumped into a friendly photo together.

PL love connection

Everyone here met on the 3-Day!

PL Too Twisted

16 year old Nicholas (center) didn’t think he’d be able to join his team, Too Twisted, to walk in San Diego this year, but they surprised him at the reunion by telling him they’d cover his airfare in November.

Twin Cities Get Started Meeting

Meet two newly registered Twin Cities walkers: Jenn B. (right), who will be walking for the second time in the Twin Cities, and Amy E. (left), a breast cancer survivor who raised an incredible $1,300 in her first two weeks.

TC GSMSeattle Coffee Chat

Of course the Seattle 3-Day community meets for coffee! These friends, young and old, joined for a casual get-together. SE coffee chat

These are just a few of the many events that our coaches, training walk leaders and team captains have hosted, and there are many more on the calendar in the coming weeks. Click here to find one near you!


Not registered yet? Have a friend who’s ready to sign up and join you? You can register at a 3-Day meet-up event, head over to the 3-Day website, or call the coaches at 800-996-3DAY to get registered for just $50 by February 28. Don’t wait! Your journey toward a world without breast cancer starts today.

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To help you out, here’s a list of where you can find 3-Day signs:

Galleria Specialty Mall
Lenox Square
North Point Mall
Perimeter Mall
Phipps Plaza

Dallas/Fort Worth:
Galleria Dallas
Stonebriar Centre
Willow Bend

mall sign

Briarwood Mall
Great Lakes Crossing
Twelve Oaks Mall

Minneapolis – St. Paul:
Eden Prairie Mall
Ridgedale Center
Southdale Center

King of Prussia/The Court/The Pavilion
Montgomery Mall
Moorestown Mall

sign spotting purpose

San Diego:
Fashion Valley
Westfield Horton Plaza
Westfield North County

Bravern Luxury Collection
Northgate Mall
Redmond Town Center
**Seattleites, you may also spot some billboards around town!

sign spotting tif

Hurry! These signs will change on Sunday, March 2.

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Not near any of the 3-Day signs? Don’t worry – we’ll have more photo promotions for you to play along with soon!

The Insider’s Guide to the 3-Day – Camp: Happy Glamping on Main Street

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® camp is like its own little town, and just like any town, this little community pulses with life and activity on Main Street.

Pause to Remember – Before I get into all the “glamping” perks of the Komen 3-Day Main Street, I do want to spotlight one other very special part of camp: the Remembrance Tent. The reasons why we commit to the 3-Day are never far from our minds and our hearts. And yet, there’s so much going on during the event—walking, talking, photos, more walking, music, food, costumes, still walking, tents, maybe some rest in there too—and it’s easy (and good) to get caught up in all of that. But it’s also important to take a moment to stop and really reflect on the people we walk for. The Remembrance Tent is where we do that, honoring the memories of 3-Day walkers and crew members whom we have lost, as well as the loved ones in each of our lives who have been affected by breast cancer. It’s a peaceful, contemplative place, set apart from the noisy bustle of camp, where you can quietly honor those who have passed. Like so many parts of the 3-Day, it’s difficult to put the emotional impact of the Remembrance Tent into words, and I can’t encourage you strongly enough to take time to visit it.

Twin Day 2

A new white tent is displayed in each city, where you can leave messages for/about loved ones.

San Diego Day 1

The white tents are put out in each new city, a traveling tribute

Take a Stroll Down Main Street

You’ve arrived at camp, set up your tent, showered, and maybe even had dinner already (well, your first dinner anyway…maybe you’ll still go in for seconds!). Before settling in for the camp show, head on over to the 3-Day Main Street, where you can:


3-Day Main Street

Feel the Love! – Like any Main Street worth its salt, the 3-Day Main Street comes complete with a post office. Did you know that your loved ones can send you mail to pick up in camp? It is truly an awesome feeling to search through the alphabetically sorted bins of envelopes and find one (or two, or ten!) with your name on it. And I will admit without shame that yes, I ASK people to send me mail. Many of my family members and friends may not know that they can send mail to me in camp, and who am I to deny them that opportunity? So yeah, I send an email out, giving them the camp mail address, and leave the rest to them (camp mail addresses are posted on the 3-Day website a couple of months before each event). Is this a shameless ploy to get mail in camp? Perhaps, but I see it more as giving them way to be with me on the 3-Day, even if they can’t be there in person. The messages of love and support that result from this small request (and, be still my heart, the hand-drawn pictures and cards from my kids!) are genuine and so, so appreciated. It’s a way for the people close to your heart to be close to you on the 3-Day.


Mail call!


Walkers finding notes and cards from loved ones

Feel Sweet – Prior to each 3-Day event, friends and relatives also have the opportunity to buy a Sweet Dreams Treat for their favorite walkers or crew members to enjoy in camp. These little chocolate goodies come with a note from the giver, and like camp mail, they are a delightful way for your supporters to show you their love.

Arizona Day 2

Build Your Legacy – Legacy Pins are fun little collectibles that are very popular among the 3-Day walkers and crew members. You can visit this stop on Main Street to pick up any pins that you have earned throughout the year; at the very least, you get your Walker (or Crew) pin, but may also get pins for fundraising milestones, 5- or 10-year walker-versaries, captaining a team, celebrating being a survivor, and more!

Arizona Day 2

Susan G. Komen walkers gear up and take on Day 1 for breast cancer awareness.

Relaaaaaaaaax – Two words: massage chairs. Is there really anything else you need to know about that?

Susan G. Komen walkers gear up and take on Day 2 to find a cure for breast cancer.

Oh massage chairs, you’re the best!

Go Shopping! – Looking for a new shirt, socks, luggage tags, or something else to commemorate your 3-Day adventures? Well look no further than the “stores” on Main Street. (And by the way, if you want to get some shopping done before you walk, look no further than our online store, Shop3Day.com.)

Susan G. Komen walkers gear up and take on Day 1 to find a cure for breast cancer.

Lounge Around – In an earlier Insider’s Guide entry, I commented that one of my favorite parts of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day camp experience is coming together with my fellow walkers—my own teammates and also new friends I’ve met along the way—to relax and share our stories from the route. There’s no better place in camp for this kind of relaxed bonding than the 3-Day Lounge. Revamped and “super-glamped” in 2014, the Lounge is the swanky “campfire” you sit around with your friends (in ridiculously comfortable FatBoy bean bag chairs), swapping stories and enjoying delicious treats donated by local bakeries, as well as a make-your-own trail mix bar. And since pictures can give you a much better peek than my descriptions, feast your eyes below.





Custom mixed trail mix


So many delicious combinations!



Photo booth fun



Um, yes please!


No caption necessary!


Friends, treats, and rest for your feets!


A refreshing alternative after all that sports drink!


Evening ambiance


The 3-Day Lounge: the “star” of Main Street

Friends, we’re getting close to the end of the Insider’s Guide, with next week’s post being a “wrap-up”. It has been my pleasure to share my perspective and experience, and I am so excited to continue to enjoy your stories and insights too! Comment and subscribe to the 3-Day Blog, and share with your friends!

And if any of you are still not registered, don’t wait! The low $50 registration fee will go up (to $70) on April 7!

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