3 NEW Ways to Talk a Friend Into Walking With You

3DAY_FBCoverPhotos_JoinUs_CollageThis is the time of year when many 3-Day walkers are focused on recruiting new walkers and growing their teams. A lot of us could quickly identify one or more friends we would love to bring into the 3-Day family, but convincing those people to make the commitment to the 3-Day is not always easy. We’ve already given you 3 Ways to Talk a Friend Into Walking With You, and if that didn’t do the trick, we brought you 3 MORE Ways to Talk a Friend Into Walking With You. But just in case, we’ve got a few more suggestions to help you turn more friends into teammates.

Arm Them With Facts – Committing to walk 60 miles and raise $2,300 for Susan G. Komen is huge, and putting that much time and energy into something is a personal decision that everyone should give careful consideration. Komen is a well-known leader in the breast cancer cause, but that alone may not be enough information for some. Fortunately, we have extensive and detailed information about how Komen uses the funds it raises and how the 3-Day specifically has been instrumental in major breast cancer advances since 2003. If concerns about Komen are what’s keeping your friend from registering, direct them to The3Day.org/Komen, or have them call a 3-Day coach at 800-996-3DAY to have their questions answered so they can join the 3-Day with confidence and clarity.2015_3DAY_SEAsun_EDB (369)

Join Forces – Perhaps you are just one person, trying to recruit one or two friends to walk the 3-Day with you. Consider joining with an established team and get the power of more people behind you. In every 3-Day location, we have dozens of teams who are open and welcoming to new team members. If you’re registered and trying to get a friend to sign up with you, join one of the teams in your city and let them give a warm welcome to your friend. Who could resist the openhearted invitation of a friendly 3-Day team? If you need help finding one of these open teams, search the 3-Day Friend Finder at The3Day.org/Friend or call the 3-Day coaches at 800-996-3DAY and they’ll happily help you find a good fit.2015_3DAY_TCFri_EDB (79)

Tell Them They Can Travel For FREE! – This might be the most enticing carrot you can dangle in front of your potential teammates: the opportunity to travel to a 2016 3-Day event for free. There are some parameters on our two travel programs, so be sure to read up on the fine print here, but the basic gist is that the 3-Day will pay for round-trip airfare for any first-time walker (never registered before), or any past walker who hasn’t participated since 2014, if they don’t live near a 3-Day. These travel programs are also for a very limited time, so if you plan to use them as a recruiting tool, don’t wait another minute!


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