Learn More About the 3-Day Host Cities

We are almost done with our 2017 3-Days, and we can’t believe how the time has flown! It has been an amazing few months, and we are all excited to close out our year in San Diego next week. The support and love from all our host cities has been just what our participants needed to complete their 60-Mile journeys.

To spread our excitement for our final event, and get you ready for our 2018 walks, we have made photo slideshows of some of our favorite spots you’ve seen on the 3-Day routes.

Whether you were walking in your own home town, or traveling to a 3-Day city far away, take a look below! Also, click on the city you’ll be walking in 2018 to link to our coaches’ Facebook pages. They are a wonderful resource for everything you’ll need to know about the 3-Day now and for next year.


Twin Cities




Dallas/Fort Worth

San Diego

What are you most looking forward to seeing on the 3-Day? Tell us in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Learn More About the 3-Day Host Cities

  1. As the caboose in many cities, I love getting to know the participants who are at the back of the pack. The locals give me my own private tour of their city along the path and I’ve learned a lot about Michigan, Twin Cities, Atlanta and San Diego. Honestly, Philadelphia was my favorite because I love the history. A big thanks to the Route Safety crew who hung out with us in Downtown while we waited for Sweep vans. I enjoyed walking in Seattle and look forward to seeing the route from the caboose this year. Anything you want to know about Dallas, I’m your girl! #NativeTexan #NativeDallasite. 🙂

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