3-Day Blog Throwback – The Insider’s Guide

Hi there readers!

Erin D. here. In addition to being the 3-Day’s head blogger, social media mover and shaker, and occasional event staffer, I’m also a 15-time veteran walker.

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Alysssa, Jenn and me – the 3-Day social media team in action!

A year ago, we ran a series of posts on the 3-Day blog called the “Insider’s Guide to the 3-Day.” The posts were written by yours truly, as a way to share my experiences on the 3-Day, from Opening to Closing. The series was meant to serve as a way for people to get a look at various aspects of the event from the perspective of someone who has been there many times.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Insider’s Guide series, particularly if you’re new to the 3-Day, we encourage you to click back through the posts.

The Start of Something Beautiful

Pointing, Pacing, and… Motorcycles Wearing Lingerie

Pit Stops and Cheering and Sweeps, Oh My!

3-Day Camp: Just Like a Sleepover, Only More Pink

3-Day Camp: I love the Night Life

3-Day Camp: Happy Glamping on Main Street

Over But Not Ending

I’m just one Insider, and I know that every single walker, crew member, volunteer and supporter experiences the 3-Day in a different way. We love hearing about your experiences and memories, so share them in comments or post them to the 3-Day’s Facebook page, tweet them @The3Day or tag #The3Day in your Instagrams!




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  1. Erin, I hope you know how much your blogs are appreciated. Michigan 2015 will be my 20th Walk (Dallas 2015 will be #21). And yet all of your blogs, and the Guides attached to this one, just pump up the excitement.

    Thank you for all YOU do.

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