The Philadelphia 3-Day Coaches Talk About…The Philadelphia 3-Day Coaches!

They’re the helpful cheerleaders on the other end of the phone call or email when you have questions or concerns. They’re the smiling faces welcoming you and your teams at meet-ups and workshops and building up community excitement for the 3-Day. They’re the guiding hands leading the crew captains and teams to greatness. That’s right, they’re your Susan G. Komen 3-Day® coaches!

As we’ve prepared to return to each of the seven splendid 3-Day locations this year, we’ve been taking a few minutes to catch up with the coaches from each event. You’ve gotten to know them pretty well over the past couple of years on the 3-Day blog and this year, instead of letting them talk about themselves, I asked their fellow coaches to do it for them!

Since last year’s Philadelphia 3-Day, the Philly team has welcomed a new coach! It’s actually more of a “welcome back” for Philadelphia Participant Support Coach Tisho, who has been a 3-Day coach in the past. And, since she wasn’t around for any of our past “Meet the Coaches” posts, we started Tisho (whose name is pronounced ‘Tesha’) off with a few get-to-know-you questions:

  • Describe your job in 10 words or fewer – “Helping Philly 3-Dayers have their best event ever.”
  • We’re about one week from the Philly event. What’s a typical day like for you these days? – “It’s all about money and travel.  Helping people with last minute fundraising ideas, getting matching gifts applied, figuring out hotel arrangements and giving advice on what to pack. It’s crazy busy but super fun because everyone is getting so excited.”
  • What are 3 fun facts that we didn’t know about you? – “1) I lived in Freshman dorms for 8 years in a row. 2) My husband gave me a box turtle for my birthday the first year we met (1993). 3) I used to be an instructor for the US Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) and got to shoot an MP5 submachine gun at their National Firearms Unit (and still have the signed range silhouette to prove it).”

    "Tisho and her husband dressed up when they were on the sweep crew. This power couple fully understand the playful side of the 3-Day." - Melanie, on Tisho

    “Tisho and her husband dressed up when they were on the sweep crew. This power couple fully understands the playful side of the 3-Day.” – Melanie, on Tisho

And now we’re ready to let all three of the Philadelphia coaches—Joanne, Tisho and Melanie—take the spotlight! Click here to see what we knew about them already, and keep reading to see what they each had to say about each other.

Joanne (Philadelphia Local Events Coach)

“Joanne is so passionate about this event that it’s contagious. As an active participant and longtime 3-Day walker she understands our participants’ concerns and is able to address them on a very personal level. Words to describe her? Enthusiastic, caring and connected!”– Tisho

“Joanne has the local knowledge of Philadelphia and is well connected in the community. She is caring, honest, committed to the cause.” – Melanie

Melanie and Joanne

Melanie and Joanne

Tisho (Philadelphia Participant Support Coach)

“Tisho is playful, creative and caring. She’s a successful fundraiser herself and can offer creative strategies to participant in need of fundraising help.”– Melanie

“Tisho has been inspirational to me. She is always ready, willing and more than able to help and jump into any situation that faces her.  With her as the new kid on the block, it’s been great. She’s walked. She’s crewed. She’s helped on staff. She’s wonderful, uplifting, funny and I’m proud to be a part of her team. I hope she loves being on this end of it as much as I do!” – Joanne

Melanie and Tisho

Melanie and Tisho

Melanie (Philadelphia Crew & Volunteer Coordinator)

“This is my third year working with Melanie. I love her. She has a wry sense of humor and sees things so differently than I do. She is so focused on the job in front of her and that is why the Philly event is so successful year in and year out. We went on a route drive this past summer because of our new Day 2. Having her being my set of eyes and knowing where people should or should not be placed for cheering stations was the most crucial information I could have asked for. Plus she kept me laughing, talking about her awesome kids and husband. BONUS!” – Joanne

“One of Melanie’s most admirable traits is her ability to remain calm under pressure. Before joining the staff I was a Crew Captain for several years, many of them with Melanie as my Coach.  Even the time my crew’s bus caught fire on the way to set up the lunch stop and we had to evacuate on the streets of Philadelphia, Melanie kept a completely cool demeanor and took care of everything. She is a reassuring presence who reminds everyone around her to keep working hard to make every event the best one ever.” – Tisho


Do you know the Philadelphia coaches? How would you describe these fabulous ladies?