Catching Up With the Twin Cities 3-Day Coaches

Before last year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Series, we introduced the local coaches from each event city. These are the staff members who support the Komen 3-Day walkers and crew members all year round, answering phone calls and emails, hosting community events, assigning crew captains and juggling dozens of other tasks to make sure that the 3-Day® participants make it to their events excited and well prepared.

Since we gave you the coaches’ full profiles last year, we’ll delight you with just a fun update before each event this year. We checked in with the Michigan 3-Day coaches earlier this month, and today, the Twin Cities coaches—Stephanie, Eileen and Amy—are in the spotlight (you can read last year’s “Meet the Twin Cities Coaches” here)!

First Up…A New Team Member! – We’re happy to welcome new Crew & Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Schwager, to the Twin Cities 3-Day team. Amy is new to the Twin Cities event, but not new to the 3-Day, having been a staff member for many years. susan g. komen 3-day breast cancer walk blog 60 miles twin cities coachesSince we didn’t “meet” her in last year’s blog post, here’s a little more detailed insight into Amy:

Describe your job in 10 words or fewer. – Magical, inspirational, and rewarding. I heart my crew!

We’re a few weeks from the Twin Cities event. What’s a typical day like for you these days? – My days (and some evenings) are spent doing whatever I can to support my crew captain leadership team. They are my fuel, my inspiration, and I want to do whatever I can to make their jobs easier on-event. The next couple of weeks I will send out final event documents, re-adjust crew teams based on our needs, finalize our day volunteer deployment, and finish checking off all of the pre-event items. And in just a few weeks all of our efforts will culminate on an incredible 3-Day weekend. Challenging in its distance, profound in its intensity and life changing in its scope. I am confident it is going to be empowering journey in an indescribable way!


Thanks, Amy! Now, let’s check in with Stephanie and Eileen too!

What was your favorite memory from the 2014 Twin Cities 3-Day?

Stephanie (Twin Cities Local Events Coach) – I love the spirit and energy of the 3-Day weekend. Every mile along our route is filled with stories, laughter, hope and inspiration. Everyone is so nice and genuinely cares about each other. I always enjoy standing near finish line and watching the walkers celebrate their 60 mile journey!susan g. komen 3-day breast cancer walk blog 60 miles twin cities coaches

Eileen (Twin Cities Participant Coach) – My favorite part of the 2014 Twin Cities 3-Day was finally getting to meet all of the participants I had been working with throughout the season. It was fun putting faces to names and remembering all of the conversations throughout the year. I love getting hugs from new-found friends. I am hoping to get many more this August! susan g. komen 3-day breast cancer walk blog 60 miles twin cities coaches

Fun Facts About the Twin Cities Coaches – Can you guess which fun fact is true about which coach? (There are 3 facts about each coach; find the answers at the end of the Seattle coach catch-up, coming next month!)

  1. I have two delicious little boys (Brooks 7, Bryn 2) and a sweet golden retriever (Newton) who keep me smiling every minute of the day.
  2. My new favorite TV show is Scandal. I have watched the entire first four seasons since June.
  3. Bring me a coffee in the morning and you’re my friend for life.
  4. I recently got re-married and have discovered the delights and craziness of a blended family–including the joy of becoming a “GRANDMA” at the young age of 45!
  5. I love long driving vacations. We once drove 40 hours straight to San Francisco. Our favorite family vacation is a 22-hour drive to Myrtle Beach.
  6. I am always freezing. Even living in California, you can rarely catch me without my winter wool hat on.
  7. Besides being a 3-Day coach, my life revolves around keeping up with my three kids (ages 16, 13 and 10) and their very busy schedules. I know these days won’t last long, so I love every minute of it.
  8. I will be staffing six 3-Day events this year, and I am looking forward to seeing many of the Twin Cities participants in other cities too. Please stop and say hi!
  9. In college I did Semester at Sea—traveling to 14 different countries over 3 months. That experience left an imprint on my heart and I will forever love traveling and experiencing new cultures.



Looking for answers from the Michigan Coaches’ Fun Facts post? Here they are!

1) Ann; 2) Gina; 3) Ann; 4) Jennifer; 5) Jennifer; 6) Gina; 7) Jennifer; 8) Ann; 9) Gina.










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