3-Day Mythbusters

Over the years, our coaches have heard some pretty interesting myths involving the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. I asked them to share some of these common  misconceptions so we can debunk them!

  • Myth 1: You have to walk every mile of the 3-Day.  The suggested training schedule will prepare you for all 60 miles, but the number of miles you walk is completely up to you. If blisters, aches or pains become an issue, hop on one of our sweep vans for a ride to the next pit stop, and from there you can take a Lunch & Camp Shuttle if you’re done for the day. Your 3-Day journey will be unforgettable whether you walk 60 feet or 60 miles.
3 day breast cancer sweep van susan g komen

Sweeping you off your feet. TaTa Towing Crew team at the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day pick up walkers who need a lift.

  • Myth 2: The 3-Day is for women only.  Not true. Just ask my husband! He and hundreds of men of all ages come to the 3-Day each year as walkers and crew members. Among them are some brave male breast cancer survivors. While fewer in number, our 3-Day men are extraordinary!

men participate in 3 day walk to end breast cancer

  • Myth 3: You have to carry to your gear while you walk.  Your first stop upon arriving at the Opening Ceremony location is the gear trucks. Our 3-Day Gear Crew (decked out in some hilarious outfits) will cheerfully take your bag (don’t forget the 35 lb. weight limit) and whisk it to camp. When you arrive at camp in the afternoon, your gear bag will be waiting for you! On Sunday before you leave camp and begin your final 3-Day miles, you will once again give your gear to your still-smiling Gear Crew member and you’ll find it waiting for you after the Closing Ceremonies. You will want to bring a fanny pack or cinch sack of some sort to carry the essentials you need while walking.Gear is packed for 3-Day walk to end breast cancer.
  • Myth 4: Wheelchairs aren’t allowed. The 3-Day welcomes participants of all abilities. Our medical and production staff will work with participants who have special medical or accessibility needs to assure they have a meaningful and safe 3-Day experience.
  • Myth 5: Long distance runners will be prepared for the 3-Day without training. One of my teammates was an avid runner and never did training walks. Aerobically she was fit, but because she had not properly trained and conditioned the muscles used for walking, she spent 3 days in pain. In order to walk 60 miles, even runners must put in walking miles.
  • Myth 6: You walk the same 20 miles every day. The 3-Day route is carefully planned to provide walkers with a new view each day.
  • Myth 7: If you can’t do all the training, you won’t be able to walk. Our 24 and 16-week training guides provide optimum conditioning for the 3-Day, but if you can’t devote the time it takes to train every day, we recommend doing what you can. Enjoy the 3-Day and use our sweep vans if your body is telling you it’s time to stop!
  • Myth 8: If you register you must raise $2300, even if you don’t walk.  Registering for the 3-Day does not mean that you have to meet your $2300 fundraising goal if you are unable to walk. While we can provide you with resources and advice to help you reach your $2300, sometimes walkers must make the difficult decision to withdraw from the event. In these cases, the donations you already received will support the fight to end breast cancer. However if you do not walk, you are not required to meet the $2300 fundraising goal.
  • Myth 9: A team only has to raise $2300.  Teams are a great way to share your 3-Day journey with others. It is also fun to have team fundraising events together. However, each member of a team has an individual fundraising requirement of $2300.
  • Myth 10: The 3-Day is a race. The 3-Day route has opening and closing times each day, and this “walking window” will give you plenty of time to savor every moment of your 3-Day experience. Walkers move at all paces, and there will be the speedy walkers who arrive at camp early, and slower walkers who make it back to camp later. The highlight of each day is welcoming the last walker to camp!


What 3-Day myths have you heard? Let us know in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “3-Day Mythbusters

  1. The 3-Day miles are definitely not the thing of legends 🙂 “You are ALMOST there!” starts at about 5 miles into each day’s route. <3 my 3Day family!

  2. I had a family member tell me they didn’t like supporting the 3-day because there had to be such a huge expense providing meals, tents, showers, staff, etc. I didn’t know for sure, but told her I thought that was all covered by corporate sponsors. Can you dispel this as a myth?

  3. I have a friend who thinks the money doesn’t really help cancer patients or go to research. I have another friend who thinks that SGK helps fund abortions at Planned Parenthood. I tried to dispell both of those myself, but people will believe what they want to believe. 🙁

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