Let’s Keep It Going! Beginning Your Fundraising Journey for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day

Welcome to part two of our fundraising how-two series!

This week, we’ll be talking about how to start your fundraising. By the time you’re reading this, the New England 3-Day, our very first of the 2023 season, is exactly 64 days away, with Denver and Chicago close on its heels. Although that may seem like plenty of time, it’ll be here before you know it. That said, a sense of urgency is your best friend as you work to meet or exceed your fundraising goals. But where to begin?  

Spotlight: Check out this handy guide on Raising $2,300 in 2 Months

Whether this is your first walk or your 101st, The3Day.org can serve as your central hub for help. The fundraising page hosts a wide range of invaluable resources to help orient you on this journey. Trying to utilize social media for your campaign and want to know what to post? Check the Fundraising page. Need 101 different appeal ideas, or are you attempting to meet your $2,300 goal in one month? Fundraising page. Searching for sample solicitation letters to get in touch with a local business? Fundraising page. From outreach templates to thank you notes and everything in between, the 3-Day fundraising page serves as a comprehensive online resource, along with all of the tools in your Participant Center.  

If you’re like some participants, fundraising for the 3-Day could be the first time you’ve ever raised money for an event. Not to fear! Taking care of things early means you can free up mental space and energy to focus all of your attention on training. Approaching your fundraising with strategy and careful planning can make all the difference. For example, rather than asking a potential donor, “Hey, I’m walking the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day in October, would you like to donate?”, be as specific as possible! “I’m aiming to raise $3,000 [or whatever your fundraising goal is — name a specific amount] by the end of July. Can I count on you to make a donation of $60 today?” Do you have 23 family members that you can ask for $100? Are there 46 friends who could support you with $50 each? Asking for a specific amount, and asking big, is the best way to get you to your goals faster. Whatever the denomination and whomever the patron base is, thinking critically about how to best navigate the landscape can be just the move to put the winds in your sails.  

Regardless of your preferred methods or how you choose to space out different milestones, the biggest stride you can take toward success is simply getting started. Go for that initial ask, make your first donation follow up, and don’t be afraid to tap into your network. While there are many people just waiting to support you, life can get busy! Even with the best intentions, your donors can forget to revisit Facebook fundraisers, or lose track of email requests. You will have to ask more than once or twice. Be brave in how you approach family, friends, and community members, and just as you push your body to cover more and more ground each week during training, you can push yourself more and more to march toward your fundraising target. 

The money we raise is invaluable to the individuals and their loved ones supported by Susan G. Komen. Your efforts are instrumental in the funding of research, as well as patient care and advocacy, all of which help us in the fight against breast cancer. These real efforts impact real people and are fueled by the fundraising dollars you raise!  

Stay tuned for our July post as we dive into part three of our series and, in the meantime, check out part one. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and drop a comment below!   

To recap: 

Tip #1 — Check out the fundraising page. If you’re in search of creative ideas or need a bit of structure, this resource is sure to act as your starting point and guide you in the right direction.  

Tip #2 — Stick to your plan. The equation for donations is pretty simple: your solicitations + support from your community = you hitting your goal! Take a moment to map out the time you have, the people you know, and the dollars you need. If you do your math correctly, your solution will come that much easier. 

Tip #3 — The best way to build momentum is by moving! If you don’t know who to start with, consider your last call or text message. Chances are, you were just speaking with someone who’d love to help you on your quest.