Michigan Coaches’ Favorite Memories


It’s officially the two-week countdown to our 2017 Michigan 3-Day! Who is getting excited? Our Michigan 3-Day Coaches sure are! Coaches Jennifer, Gina and Heather can’t wait to welcome all the Michigan walkers to their home state—whether you’re a fellow local or flying in from out of town—and get started on the journey with you.

While we count down the days, the coaches shared some of their favorite memories of 3-Days past, why they can’t wait for this year’s walk, and more!


What are your favorite memories of the Michigan 3-Days past?

Gina: The community! Our Michigan community is one that is unique, spirited and wonderful all wrapped into one. For 3 days, you’ll find the streets lined with supporters cheering on our participants, and sharing in the vision of a world without breast cancer. Just like we need our Michigan participants, we need those who lift our walkers and crew members and share in their 3-Day journey through cheers heard all weekend.

Jennifer: Well, many of my favorite memories happen behind the scenes with my co-workers when we are being very silly. It happens when you work long hours like we do but we have so much fun doing it. One memory that stands out is surprising team Breast Man Walking with fountain diet cokes on the route.  We had passed them and came across a convenience store so we swung in and I literally popped out of the bushes with diet cokes in my hands to surprise them with a treat.


Tell us a great Youth Corps memory!

Jennifer: I love seeing the kids blossom over the course of the weekend. They seem a little shy on Thursday but by Sunday they are cheering and dancing and having so much fun. How can you not smile about that?

Gina: I just love the Youth Corps, our friends in yellow! Some come to the 3-Day more shy than others, but by the end of the weekend they are the ones dancing on stage and greeting the walkers into camp. Our Youth Corps kids form lasting friendships and many go onto to become walkers themselves. It’s a beautiful thing to give back and be part of something bigger than yourself and our Youth Corps is learning this lesson from a young age.


Do you have any memories or fun stories about your fellow coaches?

Gina: I have known Jennifer for many years and have been recently blessed to meet Heather. What I can say about them both is that there is never a dull moment. Can’t wait to see what adventures the Michigan 3-Day brings! I know for sure we’ll work hard but have lots of laughs.

What are some of your favorite Michigan spots?

Heather: My favorite place to eat is J. Baldwins on the Eastside in Clinton Township. My favorite place to play would have to be my cottage in Lexington.

Jennifer: Along the route, I love Plymouth for sure!  And on Sunday, the very long line of cheerleaders.


What are you looking forward to on this year’s walk?

Heather: I’m looking forward to getting the behind-the-scenes experience as a staff member as opposed to my past experience as a walker. Kind of like getting a glimpse of Oz behind the curtain!

Jennifer: Working with my new partner in crime, Coach Heather!

What are your favorite Michigan 3-Day memories? What are you looking forward to this year? Share with us in the comments!