2015 Twin Cities 3-Day Wrap-Up

The second Susan G. Komen 3-Day® of the year has wrapped up in the Twin Cities, and it was an incredible and memorable weekend for everyone involved.

We kicked off the event on Friday morning at Southdale Center in Edina, under sunny skies (wonderful while they lasted!). Participants were witness to an inspiring Opening Ceremony, hosted by the wonderful Dr. Sheri, as well as Chrissy Mathews from Susan G. Komen® and Twin Cities local events coach, Stephanie. The 2015 Ceremonies have some exciting changes, so even the veterans who’ve seen more than a few were treated to some lovely new features.048 027

At the end of the Opening Ceremony, the walkers headed out through Edina to the Mardi Bra themed pit stop 1 at Utley Park. In addition to the usual snacks, drinks and potties, there were also beads, music and a fun photo backdrop where many walkers stopped to snap pics.203 Cheering stations in Minneapolis were set up before and after pit stop 2 (located on the shore of Lake Calhoun), where many walkers were cheered through by the always energetic Youth Corps.425 122 One of the most photographed spots on the Day 1 route was the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, where nearly every walker stopped to snap some shots in front of the huge spoon and cherry.652 Just over a short foot bridge overpass, the lunch stop at Loring Park greeted walkers to “Boob-on Street,” another amazing Mardi Bra theme. 688After lunch, it was onward through a quick stop at the Grab & Go, then the third (wow!) cheering station of the day. The crew team at pit stop 3 was out to tackle breast cancer (someone is ready for football season…) and pit stop 4’s crew were temporary police officers, out to “bust” breast cancer (Get it? Aren’t our crew teams clever?).pit 3842 Nearly 19 miles after leaving the Opening Ceremony, walkers were welcomed home to a spacious and scenic camp at Harvest Park in Maplewood, and at the Friday night camp show, heard from Dr. Sheri and Chrissy again, as well as a moving young survivor who spoke about the power of never giving up the fight. Top Fundraisers and our Milestone Award winner were honored, and then it was off to bed to rest up for the day ahead!IMG_6099

And what a day Day 2 was! Although forecasts for nasty evening weather were on everyone’s minds (and smartphones) even in the morning, the sun stuck around as long as it could, well into the afternoon.081 143 The communities of Little Canada, Shoreview, Maplewood and more came out in full force to support the walkers passing through, and that encouragement included at least three (might have been more that I just didn’t see) fire stations who set up their officers, trucks and ladders, and even a refreshing water spray at one.388 The route took walkers through lovely wooded trails and parks, and since Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, of course, the route spent a lot of time on the shores of these beautiful bodies of water.414 Three public cheering stations, plus dozens of private cheer groups and walkers stalkers meant that the Twin Cities walkers were never far from another friendly face, encouraging them to keep trucking through Day 2’s 22.6 miles.498

And then…night 2.

This recap would be incomplete without recognizing the great attitudes and “roll with it” flexibility that our walkers and crew members showed when the decision was made to relocate the sleeping area of camp to an indoor facility. With thunderstorms brewing and even a tornado watch called in the late afternoon, it became clear that taking our tired participants inside was the safest and best option. It was very sad that we had to pull the plug on the Saturday camp show, Friends & Family Night activities and dance party, but the Twin Cities 3-Dayers made the best of the situation, loading up on buses and moving their sleeping quarters into a nearby high school gym, where the evening was filled with friendly conversations, reminiscing about the day, and a yummy pizza dinner delivered to the site (Sorry we couldn’t get pans of mac n’ cheese to you! Guess you’ll just have to come back next year…).relo signsreloSome of the gloom from Saturday night’s storms carried over into the Sunday morning start of Day 3, but even a bit of wind and rain couldn’t stop our walkers from finishing their last 18 miles with enthusiasm and determination.IMG_6845IMG_6909  The route was packed with even more lakeside pathways and friendly neighborhoods as walkers moved into St. Paul. Nature was on full display along Beaver Lake and through the gorgeous Battle Creek Trail, and walkers eventually made their way along Indian Mounds Park to enjoy stunning views of the downtown St. Paul skyline before crossing the river and covering the final few miles to the beautiful Participant Finish Area on Raspberry Island.IMG_7047IMG_7200 IMG_7419 Walkers and crew members took an emotional procession to the Closing Ceremony arena, where, even though some stage elements had to be taken down because of the high winds, the scene was beautiful and the energy was tangible.IMG_7535IMG_7592 Dr. Sheri, Chrissy and Stephanie, our hosts from the Opening Ceremony and camp shows, were once again there to thank our 550 walkers, 200 crew members, countless supporters, and event sponsors, and to celebrate the incredible accomplishment that the Twin Cities 3-Day achieved: raising $1.6 million to fight breast cancer.IMG_7669

We at the 3-Day can’t say thank you enough to every single person who makes this event what it is. We truly could not do it without each of your spirit, energy and passion. We look forward to seeing many of you down the road this year, welcoming many MORE back in the Twin Cities next year and carrying each of you in our hearts every day. Onward to Seattle!

This is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Promise: A world without breast cancer.

To view a sneak peek of photos from the Twin Cities 3-Day, click here. Stay tuned later this week for all Twin Cities 3-Day photos that you can share and download on our 3-Day Facebook page!


****UPDATE, 5:15 p.m.****

The 3-Day event staff has made the decision to relocate the sleeping area of camp to an indoor location (North High School, 2416 – 11th Ave., St. Paul MN). The weather situation in the area for the next several hours has escalated to the point that we feel it would be safest and most comfortable to move our campers indoors to sleep. Doing this proactively means we can avoid a middle-of-the-night move, should the weather become severe later.

Here’s what 3-Day campers should know about next steps:

  • If you are NOT going to stay in camp tonight, you may leave at any time. It is not necessary to check out with crew members or staff members.
  • Buses will transport participants from Harvest Park to North High School on a loop starting as soon as possible. We will run the buses between locations for as long as it takes to transport everyone.
  • Camp Show for tonight has been cancelled
  • At this time, we do not recommend that family members and friends come to the 3-Day camp. Supporters who are already at camp will be informed of the relocation; they will not be able to visit participants at the indoor location, however, they can pick participants up from the high school if they wish.
  • Food service at Harvest Park (the current outdoor camp) will continue until approximately 5:45 p.m., (this could change at any time if weather conditions become severe). We strongly encourage campers to eat before relocating to the indoor location.
  • The shower area of camp has been closed. We’re sorry!
  • There will NOT be food service or showers at the indoor location.
  • You will not set up a new tent in the high school gym (it will be one big slumber party!). There are indoor bathrooms at the site.
  • Regarding participant gear, campers have two options:
    • You can grab your most essential sleeping items (sleeping bags, pillows and air mattresses; essential toiletries; pajamas and clothes/shoes for tomorrow), and leave the rest of your gear inside your tent in camp. Please be sure to leave enough to weigh down your tent (you can also weigh your tent down with gallon jugs of water, which you can grab from camp hydration tables). Do not take more than you need for one night of sleep. We can provide you with plastic bags to carry your stuff to the indoor site if needed. You can return to your tents and gear in the morning.
    • You can grab your most essential sleeping items (sleeping bags, pillows and air mattresses; essential toiletries; pajamas and clothes/shoes for tomorrow), and load your remaining gear onto the gear trucks. You should be able to access your bags again in the morning; once camp closes on Sunday, all gear on the trucks will be moved ahead to the Participant Finish Area, where you can retrieve it Sunday afternoon.
  • ON SUNDAY MORNING – Buses will begin shuttling crew members back to Harvest Park at 3:45 a.m. on Sunday morning. Breakfast service for CREW will begin back at Harvest Park at 4:00 a.m.. Breakfast service for WALKERS will begin at 4:30 and camp medical service will begin at 6:00 a.m. The last bus back to Harvest Park will leave North High School at 5:30 a.m.
  • Route operations for Sunday are expected proceed as normal. The route opens at 6:30 a.m., and all walkers must be on the route by the time camp closes at 7:00 a.m.


****2:30 p.m.****

With as beautiful as it was on the route earlier today, it’s hard to imagine that the weather might give us any trouble tonight, but unfortunately, it is looking like that doozy of a summer storm is going to find its way to us this evening and stick around into the night.

Here’s where we stand with how this will affect the Twin Cities 3-Day:

  • We are monitoring the changes very closely and adjusting plans accordingly. We know that the weather can change minute by minute, so we’re watching it minute by minute.
  • At this point, we do not plan to relocate to an indoor camp site for the night. We will update you promptly if that changes.
  • We will have buses standing by at camp where participants will take shelter should the storms become severe during the night (i.e., if lightning is present and/or winds become hazardous.).
  • Family & Friends Night and the Saturday Night camp show are scheduled to proceed as planned.
  • If you choose to leave camp to stay elsewhere tonight, the gear trucks will be available to take and store luggage until Sunday at the walker finish area, where it may be retrieved.
  • If you will be sleeping at camp tonight, we strongly recommend that you keep all of your luggage and belongings in plastic bags, and if possible, you sleep close to the center of your tents.
  • Please continue to check Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the evening, and come to the Saturday camp show, where we will also announce any updated information.
  • Finally, if a relocation should become necessary at some point, please follow all staff and crew instructions.

We at the 3-Day have weathered weather issues like this before, and we’re confident with our plan for tonight. Our number one priority is keeping our participants safe. If you have questions, please ask a 3-Day staff person.

5 Essential Links to Prepare You for the 3-Day

The 2015 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® season has officially begun (Way to kick things off with a bang, Michigan!), and in the coming weeks and months, thousands of dedicated Komen 3-Day walkers and crew members will be checking and double-checking to make sure they’re all ready to go. To make your 3-Day® prep as smooth as possible, we (and the internet) are pleased to share five important links you can follow to get you out the door with 100% confidence.3DAY_2016_Blog_TitleGraphics_5EssentialLinks_fp

Packing It In – Need a handy checklist to tick off and make sure you’ve got everything that you’ll need for your 3-Day adventure? We have detailed packing lists at The3Day.org/packing to make sure you and your luggage are ready to roll.

Hack-tastic – We all can appreciate a good short-cut here and there, and the 3-Day blog has two handy lists of 3-Day “hacks.” These tips and trick with make your 3-Day camping and walking a little easier.

Take a Peek – We’ve published an “Insider’s Peek” for each the first five 3-Day events. (Dallas/Fort Worth and San Diego, yours are coming soon!) These give 3-Dayers a little glimpse at what to expect from their 3-Day route. This insider information will help as you ramp up your training in the weeks before you walk so there are no surprises when you get out to Day 1.

Get Social – Do you keep tabs on the 3-Day on social media? Be sure to follow and friend us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the 3-Day blog to get real-time updates and posts from each 3-Day event. Not on one of these sites? Signing up is free and easy for all of them!

You Call, We Answer! – If you have any burning questions, concerns, issues or even a last-minute panic attack, and you feel like the internet is just too impersonal, pick up the phone and call the always friendly and helpful 3-Day coaches at 800-996-3DAY.