5 Essential Links to Prepare You for the 3-Day

The 2015 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® season has officially begun (Way to kick things off with a bang, Michigan!), and in the coming weeks and months, thousands of dedicated Komen 3-Day walkers and crew members will be checking and double-checking to make sure they’re all ready to go. To make your 3-Day® prep as smooth as possible, we (and the internet) are pleased to share five important links you can follow to get you out the door with 100% confidence.3DAY_2016_Blog_TitleGraphics_5EssentialLinks_fp

Packing It In – Need a handy checklist to tick off and make sure you’ve got everything that you’ll need for your 3-Day adventure? We have detailed packing lists at The3Day.org/packing to make sure you and your luggage are ready to roll.

Hack-tastic – We all can appreciate a good short-cut here and there, and the 3-Day blog has two handy lists of 3-Day “hacks.” These tips and trick with make your 3-Day camping and walking a little easier.

Take a Peek – We’ve published an “Insider’s Peek” for each the first five 3-Day events. (Dallas/Fort Worth and San Diego, yours are coming soon!) These give 3-Dayers a little glimpse at what to expect from their 3-Day route. This insider information will help as you ramp up your training in the weeks before you walk so there are no surprises when you get out to Day 1.

Get Social – Do you keep tabs on the 3-Day on social media? Be sure to follow and friend us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the 3-Day blog to get real-time updates and posts from each 3-Day event. Not on one of these sites? Signing up is free and easy for all of them!

You Call, We Answer! – If you have any burning questions, concerns, issues or even a last-minute panic attack, and you feel like the internet is just too impersonal, pick up the phone and call the always friendly and helpful 3-Day coaches at 800-996-3DAY.