A Holiday Greeting from Your Friends at the 3-Day

The candles are lit and the halls have been decked,
And the calendar boxes are nearly all checked.
Our sneakers are hung up; for now, snow boots reign.
(Except out in Cali, where flip-flops remain).
We look back on the year now with this little rhyme,
And the world that we changed, three days at a time.
Through seven incredible, scenic locations,
One foot, then the other, we made our migration.
A Michigan opener, then Twin Cities and Philly,
Seattle and Atlanta (which were both rather hilly),
Dallas/Fort Worth, and to round out the tally,
It was back to the coast for a San Diego finale.
The miles that we trekked totaled 420,
(and on sore, blistered feet, that number was plenty!).
Our 3-Day community—each remarkable walker,
Hard-working crew member, supporter and stalker—
Stood tall and united, committed to answer
The call to a world that is free from breast cancer.
And although the days spent joined in person are few,
The family we’ve built remains strong through and through.
So from us at the 3-Day, whose lives you have touched,
We’ll see you next year, and we thank you so much!

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2 thoughts on “A Holiday Greeting from Your Friends at the 3-Day

  1. FOOTLOOSE55@aol.com

    Is there any way you can send me a copy of my donors list? AOL can’t support it. Internet Explorer has been crippled. I’ve asked my Nephew to print it & he got the half without addresses, my daughter sent it to me from her phone & it prints in micro characters. What recourse do I have? Please help? Valerie

  2. Hi Valerie! I have passed your issue along to Susan, one of our Atlanta 3-Day coaches, and she will follow up with you directly to help you with your donor list. ~Erin

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