3-Day Must Do’s

Our second event of the season kicks off in Boston on Friday (or Thursday for our magnificent Crew members attending Crew training). If you’ve never participated in the 3-Day before, not knowing what to expect can be nerve-wracking. The 3-Day Facebook pagemessage boards, official 3-Day training walks and this blog are all great places to get advice from veteran walkers.

Jennifer Hanskat, breast cancer survivor, 3-Day coach and 11-year 3-Day participant certainly qualifies as an expert! This year she will be on the Crew in Chicago and is reuniting with her former San Diego team, walking in November to celebrate her Aunt Linda’s 60th birthday year and Jennifer’s 5 year cancer-versary! Congratulations Jennifer! I asked her what the “must-do” experiences were for a 3-Day newbie.

  • Take your time on the route. “It’s a journey, not a race. Pace yourself and take it all in. Savor the moments – there isn’t a prize if you get back to camp first.”
  • Take candy and treats from the little kids. “You don’t have to eat it but they love it when you accept what they are offering you.”
  • Take the beads or other fun items from supporters and crew members. “I love to take these items and then hand them to the kids along the route who are going to appreciate them more than I will later on.”
  • Talk with others along the route. “I love starting conversations with walkers I meet throughout the day. Ask them why they are walking, how their fundraising went. You will be amazed at the stories and you may form a 3-Day friendship that will last for years.”
  • Visit the Remembrance Tent in camp. “This is a quiet area that gives you time to reflect on why you are walking, why you are fundraising. So much about the 3-Day is fun, loud and entertaining and this is a world away from that. It’s a special time to reflect and remember.”
  • Take LOTS of pictures. “It is okay to stop along the route and take pictures of the scenery, the supporters, the silliness, and each other! Pictures are a great way to look back on your 3-Day adventure and a great way to motivate others to join you the next year!”
  • Invite your family, friends and donors to come out to the Cheering Stations, Opening and/or Closing Ceremonies. “It is incredibly uplifting to have your own supporters there to cheer you on, especially when you are getting tired. Nothing restores your energy more that a hug from a loved one!”
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H. “Make sure that you are stretching at the pit Stops, at stop lights, and anytime you are feeling sore or tight. It is amazing how good a stretch can feel.”
  • DANCE! “Yes, dance. You will hear music along the route and it is perfectly acceptable to dance while you are walking. You will hear music in camp and during the Saturday night dance party. Don’t go to sleep early, stay up late (9:00 pm is late on the 3-Day after you’ve walked 20 miles!) and join your fellow walkers and crew for a little boogie oogie oogie.”
  • Walk apart from your team/friends for a mile or two. “Reflect on what brought you here. Seeing you walking alone may help someone else who is also walking alone.”
Jennifer loves sharing her 3-Day expertise as an awesome 3-Day coach.

Jennifer loves sharing her 3-Day expertise as an awesome 3-Day participant and coach.

Thank you , Jennifer for sharing your 3-Day must-do’s. I am ready to dance!

Veteran walkers – what’s your advice for our 3-Day newbies? What are your  “must-do’s” on the event? Let us know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “3-Day Must Do’s

  1. Take your time and enjoy it! I always say be in the moment, and there is no better time to do that than those three days!!!! Also don’t be afraid to be silly (remain safe), believe me when I say the craziest thing you think you can do is nothing compared to what they see from others!!!! Enjoy the walk!!!

  2. I had a great time and recommend if you “can” you “should” walk, even if you don’t make it all the way, no-one will hold it against you. I will be walking for my 2nd time in Tampa, I remember the feeling I got when I was at the end of my journey, when I was getting my shirt and turned to my right & my husband was there to take my picture (not knowing he was there) then when he hugged me and gave me a kiss. I told him ” I didn’t think I could do it”. He told me he was SO proud of me. It feels good when you hear something like that. By the way… I had signed up for the walk I am doing this year (2013) before I had even walked the one in 2012!!!

  3. I could not agree more, Lloyd. I am so excited to be walking with Jennifer in San Diego in November – and dancing WILL be involved!

  4. Thanks, Nicole. There are so many great moments to savor on the 3-Day. From crazy to emotional, they fill my heart with joy every year.

  5. Ellen, this is great advice. It doesn’t matter if you walk 60 feet or 60 miles over the 3-Day weekend. Our Sweep van Crew teams are just amazing, and make every walker they transport feel like a hero – which they are! Enjoy your 2013 Tampa Bay 3-Day journey!

  6. Julie, I could not agree more. Our rock star Crew and Volunteers are extraordinary. They’re the first ones up in the morning, and the last to their tents at night. They are so busy thanking the walkers while they work, when it is Crew who is making it all possible. 3-Day Crew ROCKS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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