Coaches Corner: The Best 3-Day Advice I Ever Got

Did you know that the 3-Day coaches are also 3-Day walkers and Crew?

From Philadelphia to San Diego, Seattle to Dallas/Fort Worth, your coaches have “walked the talk!” I gathered a few of them together and asked the question, “What is the best 3-Day advice you ever got?” What resulted is this Top Ten list:

  1. It’s never too early to start fundraising. No matter when your event takes place, get your fundraising started as soon as you register. Write and send an email. Add the 3-Day Facebook app. Tweet. Instagram. Get the word out and keep people posted on your progress. (Aubrey)
  2. Give donors a suggested donation amount and deadline. I ask people to donate $60 to represent the 60 miles I am walking. I also ask them to make their donation by a date in advance of my walk. I say, “I would like to reach my fundraising goal by September 15, [8 weeks before my San Diego walk] so I can focus on my training and preparation.” Even my slowpoke donors will have their donations to me before my event! (Gayla)
  3. Test your gear. Train in the clothes you plan to wear at the 3-Day. Day 1 is not the time to wear a brand new sports bra or shoes. Break in your equipment on your training walks. You want to know what is comfortable, and what should stay at home! (Aubrey)
  4. Pack each day’s clothing in separate plastic Ziploc bags. I found 2 gallon size bags that are perfect! Each bag has everything I will need for that day (including an extra pair of socks that I change at lunch). It is so easy to pull one plastic bag from my gear bag in the morning. (Tara)
  5. Put your name on EVERYTHING. I print mailing labels with my name, 3-Day ID number and cell phone. I use them on my camera, fanny pack, and other valuables. Because of this, when I lost my camera it was returned before the Opening Ceremony even started! (Paula)
  6.  Towel service rocks! The best shower I have ever taken was in the back of a shower truck at the end of a very hot Day 2 of the 3-Day! The $12 charge for fresh dry towels each day is well worth it. Plus, no damp towels to re-pack! (Aubrey)
  7. Use the Sweep Vans. Blisters happen. So do pulled muscles. That’s why our extraordinary 3-Day Sweep Van Crew will be along with route to offer a ride to the next pit stop for medical attention. You are already a hero, so don’t feel defeated by taking a few miles off your 3-Day journey. Consider a ride in a Sweep Van as a special part of your 3-Day experience! (Kate)
  8. Share the snacks! You’re headed out on Day 1 and at the first pit stop you discover the amazing 3-Day buffet. Free snacks galore! We promise that there will be food for you all day long, so don’t feel the need to squirrel away snacks for the road. Take what you can eat now, and save some for the folks behind you. (Tara)
  9. Take your time. It’s a journey not a race. On my team, I am the hare and my friend Sue is the tortoise. We start each day together, yet her pace and mine are different and we finish hours apart. Walk at the pace that is comfortable for you. Be aware of the pit stop closing times, and be prepared to use a Sweep Van if you fall behind. Enjoy the journey. (Kate) Check out this great story about Keeping Up the Pace.
  10. Savor every moment. Take in every sight during your 3-Day experience. The crazy costumes of the 3-Day Crew teams. The Opening Ceremony. The spectators thanking you from their front porches. Music blaring from the Sweep Vans. Children with candy. Pink fire trucks. And so much more. Every 3-Day moment is magical – just ask any veteran walker! (Aubrey)
Our 3-Day coaches are 3-Day walkers and crew too!

Our 3-Day coaches, Gayla, Aubrey, Tara, Kate, and Paula are 3-Day walkers and Crew too!

What is the best 3-Day advice you have received? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Burt. Anyone can add a comment here. There is no need to have a Twitter or Facebook account. We would love to hear from you!

  2. Stuff your other pair of tennis shoes with newspapers. Really works to dry out damp/wet shoes. Also if the nights/mornings are cool, put your ziploc bag of clothes in your sleeping bag, your clothes will be toasty warm.

  3. #1 – Train, train, train! Then train some more.
    #2 – Really do ask EVERYONE you know for a donation. You will be completely surprised who will step up to the plate. I know I was!
    #3 – D. Get yourself some stalkers! The cheering stations are posted. You can “probably” figure out the route by looking at the cheering stations. Send out an email to all your donors, family, and friends and get them to come out to the cheering stations! Also, have them write letters to you (the address is on the participant center of the 3-day website). This really does make all the difference in the world!
    #4 – Take care of your feet. Use Glide on your feet at the start of the day. Change your socks at lunch and put on more Glide. After your shower, use baby powder on your feet to keep them dry. And be sure to pad/lance any blisters that need it as soon as possible — don’t continue to walk on it!

  4. Thanks for the tips, Vicki. Dry shoes and warm clothes are the perfect way to start each day’s 3-Day journey!

  5. Great advice, Cindy. It’s such a boost to see family, friends, and all of the 3-Day supporters cheering us on at Cheering Stations. It always puts a little pep in my step when I need it the most!

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