A 3-Day Love Letter

We asked the Pink Bubble to play a “complete this sentence” game on our Instagram Stories for two special prompts highlighting what they love most about the 3-Day and its wonderful community. Here’s what you all had to say: 

I Love the 3-Day Because… 

“I’ve met some incredible women.” 

“I love the sense of community.” 

“It honors my mom’s memory.” 

“There is no negative mojo ever.” 

“It’s healing.” 

“I get to meet new people on the walk each year.” 

“I get to see all of my friends from all over the country and spend the entire weekend with them.” 

“I get to support a huge cause!” 

“It’s a challenge.” 

“It’s my way to prove to myself that cancer didn’t win. Plus, I get to hear and share stories with survivors.” 

“It fills my soul with hope and inspiration.” 

“It brought some fabulous people into my life.” 

“The Pink Bubble! It’s the only place you can enter alone and leave with a whole new family!” 

I Love the Pink Bubble Because… 

We are all friends working towards the same goal.” 

“Almost everyone in the Pink Bubble has been through similar situations in regards to breast cancer, so we all get it.” 

“The Pink Bubble is a blast!” 

“It’s filled with love, fun and support.” 

“It’s an amazing community of positivity, helping others, and lots of laughter and joy.” 

“It’s the togetherness of a lot of wonderful people fighting to end breast cancer!” 

Why do you love the 3-Day and the Pink Bubble? Tell us in the comments. 💕 

A Love Letter to the 3-Day Family From the Susan G. Komen® Staff

Dear 3-Day Family,

When we think of the word love, we think of you. As everyone is experiencing life in different ways these days, one thing that never falters is the compassion, commitment and community that is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. This Valentine’s Day, we, a few members of the Susan G. Komen staff, want to show you our love and our thanks for all that you do!

Paula Schneider and Daughters

One of my favorite moments each year is the opportunity to enter the Pink Bubble of the 3-Day community. I am constantly impressed by the passion each of you have for this cause and by the commitment you have for each other. On behalf of my colleagues and everyone touched by breast cancer, I want to send you all our love today and to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Paula Schneider, President and CEO, Susan G. Komen

Victoria Wolodzko (left)

Our mission to save lives from breast cancer is fueled by the passion of our communityand no one can set the world on fire like our 3-Day community! Every minute I’ve spent on the route has filled my heart in so many ways, and I hope on this Valentine’s Day, each of yours is filled to the brim knowing that what you do makes a difference to so many. Thank you for making our mission possible, driving research forward, supporting patients today, and fighting for a better tomorrow. Sending you love today, and always.

Victoria Wolodzko, SVP, Mission, Susan G. Komen

Lori Maris

May you feel the joy and pure unconditional love of the Komen 3-Day pink bubble on this Valentine’s Day!


Lori Maris, SVP, Community Development & Operations, Susan G. Komen

Stephanie Myers (left)

I could not be prouder to be a part of this 3-Day community. You all have shown me vulnerable moments that have, in turn, become inspiring stories that will stay with me for my lifetime. You are the most generous, thoughtful, bad-to-the-bone cancer-fighters out there, and I am better for knowing you. The 3-Day community never ceases to amaze me in the very best wayshappy Valentine’s Day to all of you.
Stephanie Myers, Sr. Manager 3-Day, Susan G. Komen

Kari Bodell

The 3-Day community is the very model of camaraderie, friendship and love, and the Komen team is sending you all of our affection this Valentine’s Day. We wish we could deliver chocolates and roses to each and every one of you! Thank you for sharing your stories, sharing your hearts, and sharing your passion for ending breast cancer with us. We love you!

Kari Bodell, VP, Development Programs Strategy, Susan G. Komen

Carrie Stovall (right)

This Valentine’s Day, I want to thank each and every one of you for continuing to spread love to the world during this challenging time. I have witnessed this over the last year with the community supporting each other, lifting each other up, and providing love when we have been apart. I know you have given this to me as you have inspired me and made me laugh regularly. Thank you for your continued passion for saving the lives of our loved ones, friends, and members of our community facing breast cancer. Let’s keep spreading our love to the world!    

With lots of love for the Pink Bubble,
Carrie Stovall, VP Events, Susan G. Komen

From our hearts to yours this Valentine’s Day, and always, thank you for all you do to support women and men affected by breast cancer and for your help in ending breast cancer forever.


Your friends at Susan G. Komen