A 3-Day Love Letter

We asked the Pink Bubble to play a “complete this sentence” game on our Instagram Stories for two special prompts highlighting what they love most about the 3-Day and its wonderful community. Here’s what you all had to say: 

I Love the 3-Day Because… 

“I’ve met some incredible women.” 

“I love the sense of community.” 

“It honors my mom’s memory.” 

“There is no negative mojo ever.” 

“It’s healing.” 

“I get to meet new people on the walk each year.” 

“I get to see all of my friends from all over the country and spend the entire weekend with them.” 

“I get to support a huge cause!” 

“It’s a challenge.” 

“It’s my way to prove to myself that cancer didn’t win. Plus, I get to hear and share stories with survivors.” 

“It fills my soul with hope and inspiration.” 

“It brought some fabulous people into my life.” 

“The Pink Bubble! It’s the only place you can enter alone and leave with a whole new family!” 

I Love the Pink Bubble Because… 

We are all friends working towards the same goal.” 

“Almost everyone in the Pink Bubble has been through similar situations in regards to breast cancer, so we all get it.” 

“The Pink Bubble is a blast!” 

“It’s filled with love, fun and support.” 

“It’s an amazing community of positivity, helping others, and lots of laughter and joy.” 

“It’s the togetherness of a lot of wonderful people fighting to end breast cancer!” 

Why do you love the 3-Day and the Pink Bubble? Tell us in the comments. 💕