Why I’m Coming Back to the 3-Day in 2014

The decision to join the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® is a big one. The decision to come back again, for a second, third, tenth, or twentieth time, is equally impressive. We asked some of our 2013 Komen 3-Day walkers and crew members why they have chosen to participate again in 2014. Their answers are inspiring.

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Natalie B. was a first-time walker in the Twin Cities this year, but she’s already hooked. “I had donated in the past to friends who did the 3-Day, but before I did the walk, I had no clue what a special experience it would be. There’s something about taking part in it yourself that really makes you feel the enormity of this disease and its impact. I don’t know how to describe it, really, but the shared experience of pushing our bodies to extremes, hearing stories of people affected by breast cancer, and seeing the effort of so many people to put the event on just really makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself and your own little world. I felt very connected to this cause after the 3-Day, much more so than I did when I just donated to friends’ fundraising efforts in the past. I can’t imagine not doing it again.”

One of the top fundraisers in San Diego this year, Lucy M. is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and says, “My annual 3-Day experience is my celebration of my own wellness. I am one of the lucky ones and I walk because I can.” Lucy will be back for her 13th event in 2014, celebrating another year of survivorship.

San Diego Day 1

Blanche was a member of the Camp Services crew team in San Diego

Blanche C. from Seattle has walked in the 3-Day 12 times in 10 years, but had her very first experience serving as a crew member this year. Blanche shared, “I walk, and now crew, because I’m hooked on making a difference. I originally became involved for a challenge, and my aunt passed away from breast cancer. I have met the most amazing people because of the 3-Day I can’t imagine not participating in some way. And just because I’m crewing that doesn’t mean I won’t fundraise. Here’s to another fabulous year!” Blanche already registered for the 3-Day Crew three times in 2014—in Twin Cities, Seattle and San Diego.

For first-time walker and survivor Gigi C., being part of a team made all the difference. “I can’t even put into words what an amazing experience it was. I was lucky enough to walk with some ‘9 year pros’ from Two Jewels and A Gem and I couldn’t have done it without them! It was such a fun, uplifting and emotional journey for me and I will be joining them again next year.”

Lori M.’s reason for returning to the 3-Day is a specific and sobering reminder of why we must continue: “We have achieved a 99% 5-year survival rate with early diagnosis – and while this is great, there is more to do. This year I met a surprising number of women who experienced a second diagnosis between years 6-10. We have a new mission – prevent the re-occurrence!”

Every member of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day family has unique and inspiring reasons for being involved and for coming back year after year. What will bring you back in 2014?