“What Can I Do To Help?”

George N. of Clawson, MI starts his 30th Susan G. Komen 3-Day® in Cleveland, OH

George N. of Clawson, MI starts his 30th Susan G. Komen 3-Day® in Cleveland, OH

Most walkers, crew, and volunteers have a very close relationship to breast cancer. Not George N. from Clawson, MI.  He had just retired from his construction/electrician work in 2001, and he remembered the President’s speech. George stood at Dock 32 this morning at the age of 81 and paraphrased: “Do some good in your neighborhood . . . help a shut-in . . . walk across the street to a neighbor in need and say ‘what can I do to help you?'”  George then saw an ad in the newspaper that talked about the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® and decided this was his way he could help.

After 29 successful walks, he stood front and center this morning as a gorgeous sunrise illuminated the heartland of America: Cleveland, Ohio.  The zumba instructor pumped the crowd and George was right in step.  “This is a very hard thing,” declared George, “but it is worth it!”  He remarked on the many friendships that he has enjoyed in retirement through the Komen 3-Day and specifically wanted people to “take the time to talk to people.  If you’re racing, then you’re missing the whole point.”

George N. cruises in Pit Stop 1 on the Cleveland 3-Day

George N. cruises in Pit Stop 1 on the Cleveland 3-Day

Before turning away toward the music, he flashed a smile: “Oh. One more thing.  Train hard!”

Best of luck on your 30th 3-Day, George!

5 thoughts on ““What Can I Do To Help?”

  1. I met George at my fiirst 3 Day event in Boston in 2006. We walked and talked for miles together. I have often wondered if I would see him again somewhere along my 3 Day Journey and found this story of him here on the blog. George instantly became one of my 3 Day Mentors and is a big reason for why I still walk.. because I can!

  2. I was honored to meet and walk with George in Dallas of 2007. To my surprise I ran into him in another 3 Day in San Fransisco in 2009. What an inspiration he is and I too hope to walk for many more years in the 3 Days.
    Mona Mojica
    Lubbock, Texas

  3. This is my 1st 3 day, Aug 16, here in Michigan. I heard about George last year. I hope I can meet you George, You are a hero.!!!
    I’m 1 year cancer free. stage 1V (4) with 15 positive limp nodes. Thank you for helping the cause. xoxo

  4. I’m not sure I had heard of George before Cleveland this past weekend. I took every opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for all of his miles and dollars. You’re awesome George!!

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