The Wild Women Originals

Wild Women Originals Await Opening Ceremonies

“Wild Women Originals” Await the Opening Ceremony

There are many “newbies” out on Day 1 of the Susan G. Komen Boston 3-Day, but no one as new as me! I was invited to photograph and write about the Komen 3-Day Series this year, and I could not be more humbled. We started out this morning with a drizzly, tent-huddling check-in, but warmed up quickly to the rousing Cupid Shuffle and stretching!

I had the delight to meet a group of great women, “Wild Women Originals” who are amazing doing their 11th year of walking. While originally from Boston, their ranks have ebbed and flowed over the years, reaching 125 strong at some point! Since 2001, they have raised almost $3 million. Incredible. While Carol Angus has done 15 3-Day events herself and spearheaded a risqué calendar (ahem!) that raised $25,000, others have had similar wide impact in the group.

Walker Extraordinaire Cynthia Crisp on Boston 3-Day

“Wild Women Originals” Walker Extraordinaire Cynthia Crisp on the Boston 3-Day

"Wild Women Originals" Walker Carol Holt strong on Boston Day 1

“Wild Women Originals” Walker Carol Holt strong on Boston Day 1 of the 3-Day

Sisters Cynthia Crisp and Carol Holt are pounding the pavement again today on their 18th and 20th 3-Day events, respectively. Cynthia had originally encouraged friends and family to have mammograms as a birthday present to HER. She recounted to me after Pit Stop 1 that everyone was sobered when her mother was found to have breast cancer on screening, but thanks to early treatment, her mother is still with us! After the yearly “Mammogram Birthday” everyone goes out for Martinis with pink boas on. Classic!

I loved meeting them, all of them. From “The General” (nurse at Mass General) to Carol Angus to the Sisters, they are all walking for those they love. Boston Strong!