All Along the Way, Eduardo R. will be there to SUPPORT You | June—Word of the Year

Today, we’re excited to meet eight-time crew/walker, Eduardo R. Let’s learn why he chose support as his word of the year.

Tell us about your 3-Day experience.

I have walked four times (Michigan 2006, Boston 2009, Michigan 2016 and Boston 2019. I crewed six of the seven walks in 2019, and I’ve walker-stalked my wife Donna all years since 2006 that I wasn’t walking or crewing. 

What is your 2021 word of the year?


Why is that your word of the year?

Support is what I’ve been doing since my first walk. I needed to support my wife in this incredibly important cause. The least I could do was to be there for her. Her mom is a two-time survivor. Two years ago, my wife became a survivor. We all know someone who has been afflicted with breast cancer. 

Why do you participate in the 3-Day?

To support my wife, Donna, and everyone that is involved in the 3 Day, i.e., crew, walkers, visitors.

What does the 3-Day family mean to you?

Just that—being part of a family. It is always so good to see new-found friends throughout the country. It is like a family reunion. 

How does your word of the year connect to the 3-Day?

I support the Cause. My wife. Walkers. Crew. Other support personnel.

If you could share a message with the Pink Bubble, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to get involved. It will be a life-long experience. My very first walk was the single most emotional event I had up to that point. I boo-hooed like a child at closing ceremony.

We’re so grateful for Eduardo’s support, and we hope you take a moment today to recognize those who support you along your journey. Send the text or email. Call them. Post on their wall. Show them you are grateful.

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Through it all, especially in the Medical Tent, Hal G. shows PERSEVERANCE | Word of the Year

Next up in our “Word of the Year” series, meet Hal G. and learn in his own words why he chose perseverance.

I have participated in three events as part of the Medical Crew—Philadelphia in 2018 and 2019 as well as New England in 2019. I am registered to walk for the first time in San Diego 2021.

My experiences at the 3-Day events have been great. I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful people who have come together in support of people they know and don’t know. It’s about making the future brighter for friends and strangers alike…incredible people filled with hope finding a common mission of advancing breast cancer diagnosis, research, and treatment.

As part of the Medical Crew, I feel honored to be part of the 3-Day. My colleagues and I are dedicated to helping the participants finish what they started. I am at the event to help each individual achieve their own goal.

The days start early and end late as we have clinic before the route is open and afterwards into the evening. We provide medical care along the route with a team of incredible medical professionals and assistants. It is truly a well-coordinated team effort with each member doing their part to get each and every participant the care they need and to keep them safe.

My word of the year is Perseverance.

Perseverance is my word of the year as 2020 was a year filled with remarkable and unprecedented challenges. 

I participate in the 3-Day because of my girlfriend, Christine. We started dating in July 2014. Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer in December the following year. She and I never really talked about this again but as tears were streaming down her face in shock from her diagnosis she said to me, “This is more than you bargained for. If you want out of the relationship I understand”. I am still here. We are still here.

Christine had surgery and radiation treatment and now has ongoing medical management and surveillance. After recovering from the stress and fatigue of treatment, Christine set her sights on walking the 3-Day. It was a monumental milestone in her emotional and physical recovery.

Christine has now completed three events, two as a walker and one as crew. We will be walking in San Diego together.

In December 2020, Christine became a 5-year survivor.

The 3-Day family to me is a gathering of people coming together to combat a common adversary. It is a group of individuals magnifying their strengths exponentially as they join the Pink Bubble. It is a reminder that nobody has to fight alone…there are friends we know and friends we haven’t met yet that are working together to improve lives today and for future generations.

My word of the year, Perseverance, embodies much of the 3-Day experience. Perseverance is about overcoming an obstacle. It’s defined as weathering a storm or difficult situation in life with strong determination. I have seen and treated many in the Medical tent and base camp who display a singlemindedness toward achievement. Also, perseverance can last for a lifetime.

The message I would like to share with the Pink Bubble is that you matter. You are important. What you do helps others. In this time of extraordinary challenges look for the good. The Pink Bubble is part of the good, and the Pink Bubble is not the same without you.

One thing that surprised me about volunteering for the 3-Day is that in helping others an unexpected side effect was that I helped myself. I didn’t see that coming. 

Thank you, Hal. As we move through 2021, we’re honored by the perseverance we see you and the Pink Bubble family show as we overcome obstacles together.

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