Tracie G. is ready to INSPIRE everyone around her in 2021

As we continue our “Word of the Year” series, we’re feeling inspired by the passion of the 3-Day community—and we hope you feel it too. Back in January, Riley W. helped us feel grateful, and last month, Carolyn P. showed us why generosity is so important—now more than ever before.

Today, as we approach the beginning of spring and enter this new season filled with hope, Tracie. G. shares her “Word of the Year”. This five-time member of the 3-Day family—who will walk the Chicago and New England 3-Days in 2021—chose “Inspire”.

Tell us about your 3-Day experience.

In 2015, I was asked to come volunteer—to come share my energy and welcome people to lunch. This is where it all began and where I made my first of lifelong friends. I was invited back to work Lunch Medical Crew in Atlanta from 2016–2018, and I also did my first walk during the 2017 Atlanta Day 3, after crewing the first two days. I walked Philadelphia in 2018 and Boston in 2019.

What is your 2021 word of the year?


Why is that your word of the year?

Inspire is my word of the year because it means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something; especially to do something creative.

Why do you participate in the 3-Day?

To fight for those who need me, for those who lost the battle, for their families and friends to help find a cure.

What does the 3-Day family mean to you?

It means family, unity, and strength!

How does your word of the year connect to the 3-Day?

I hope to inspire others to push forward. I hope to inspire others to love unconditionally. I hope to inspire others to continue walking for a cure.

If you could share a message with the Pink Bubble, what would it be?

It would be to continue this family unity, loyalty and dedication.

Tracie, you and the rest of our crew inspire us every day, and we’re so grateful to you for everything you do. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Are you staying true to your word of the year? We’ll be back next month highlighting another member of the 3-Day family’s word and why they chose it.

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