Take Advantage of Daylight Savings


There are no two words as welcome as “Spring forward” in the month of March. Yes, we sadly lose an hour of March 12th, but that means that spring is coming closer and closer on the bright horizon. It also means longer sunshine time during the day, giving us much needed daylight even when we leave work. Take advantage of the extra sun-time with added trainings, new fundraising plans and more this month.


Add in evening walks

Start organizing weekday team training walks to get the gang together an extra time each week and get your steps in. Or, leave the computer at work, and walk home one day a week. It will help you unwind after the office, get an extra training in, and will also keep you more unplugged after a long day. Instead of binging on Netflix or worrying about work emails, take advantage of the fact that you left that laptop at your desk and dig into a new book or sink into a bath after your great walk home.

Do some warm weather fundraising

Now that the weather is getting warmer, and it’s light outside longer, you can use this to your advantage with after work grocery bagging or other fundraising events like bake sales and sports events. Take a page from Team Captain Christi Kokaisel of Cassie’s Cups and host a golf tournament with a local mini golf course, driving range or country club. Everyone will love the excuse to head outside and get their competitive juices flowing!


Photo via Thomas Rehehaus

Hit the farmer’s market

Warmer weather also means the return of farmer’s markets and other local vendors providing the freshest fruits, veggies and more. You’d be surprised how good local can taste! Plus, it’s always a nice gesture to support your local vendors and farms. Eating clean means you’ll be able to eat healthier too! Get inspired with our Happy & Healthy Pinterest board and then break out your basket for some shopping.

Try out new work outs

If there’s a class you’ve been meaning to take, a personal training session you’ve had your eye on or a work out challenge you want to take on, now is the time. With longer daylight hours and upcoming warmer weather, you have an extended time window to get things done. Also, with Spring Breaks and even summer vacations on everyone’s minds, you can probably convince a few friends to join you on your new quest.


Photo via Ian Schneider

Try out a new walking route

More daylight hours mean it’s time to blaze new trails. That curve on the path that you’ve always turned around at…go for it! If you end up wandering, you’ll have more time to head home before the sun sets. Have you always wanted to try a local hike, or even a destination hike like the Appalachian Trail, the Rocky Mountains or along the California coast? Start planning! Spring is the time for fresh starts, and nothing will get your heart racing or help you set more goals for walk season than challenging yourself or checking something off your bucket list.

What are you looking forward to this spring?