Congratulations to our 2023 New England 3-Day Top Fundraisers!

The 2023 Susan G. Komen New England 3-Day boasted 650 walkers and 200 crew members who collectively contributed $2.1 million in the fight against breast cancer. To wrap up Day 1, our top fundraisers were recognized Friday evening at the Bank of America Celebration of Champions. This year, Bank of America is celebrating the accomplishments of our 3-Dayers by donating a collective $42,000 to the top fundraisers to jump start their 2024 fundraising efforts. Join us in congratulating these teams and individuals for their incredible achievements and contributions! 

We kicked off the celebration by recognizing our Rookie of the Year, Marilyn M., who dove right into the Pink Bubble by raising $15,392.40. The crowd applauded her for her contributions as she posed for a picture with Bank of America’s very own Kerryn Ludwig who delivered Marilyn a $500 donation to kick off her 2024 fundraising where we hope to see her on her second ever 3-Day! 

Laura P. was then recognized as our top individual fundraiser for raising $50,784.60 and was also rewarded by Bank of America with a $500 donation toward her 3-Day fundraising in 2024. This is her third year as a walker and, in that short time, she has raised a whopping $119,148.12 toward breast cancer research and treatment.  

Mimicking the tenacity of our top individual fundraisers, our Small but Mighty Team Award was presented to Walkers for Knockers, a team of eight who together raised $45,370.84. Captained by Beth M., Walkers for Knockers proves that it doesn’t take a huge team to make a huge impact. Beth was rewarded with a $500 donation and each of her teammates received $60 courtesy of Bank of America for their 2024 fundraising efforts.  

If the 3-Day teaches us anything, it’s that teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s exactly what our top fundraising team did this year! Their first time as a team, the 18 team members of Kim’s Krusaders together raised $55,633.98 and brought the spirit of the Pink Bubble with every step they took. Their captain, Jeff C., was presented by Bank of America with a 2024 donation of $500 and each team member received a $60 donation.  

With our top fundraising walkers accounted for, it was time to congratulate our top individual crew fundraiser, Sharyn E., who raised $6,108.60 this year! Over 15 years and 33 events, Sharyn has raised a total of $92,010.57 and is on the Sweep & Shuttle team. Collectively, all 15 members of the Sweep & Shuttle Crew, captained by Ryan and Melissa A. raised $16,826.72 this year, making them the top crew fundraising team.  

It’s never too soon to start doing something good in the world and our 3-Day Youth Corps is a testimony to that fact. Our New England top youth corps fundraiser, Genevieve A., participated in her first ever 3-Day at the age of ten and was able to raise an impressive $4,544.80. Honorable mentions go to our second and third highest youth corps fundraisers Celia J. and Charlotte R. who raised $926.92 and $819.60 respectively. 

Whether you were a top fundraiser or hit your own fundraising goals for the 2023 New England 3-Day, the work that you do and the funds that you raise are ever important. On behalf of Bank of America and Susan G. Komen, thank you for all that you do to help fight breast cancer.