August Pink Bubble Story of the Month: Lindsey B. 

In the fall of 2004, Lindsey B. was listening to the radio when an advertisement for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day captured her attention. Little did she know, that commercial would shape her life and ignite a passion to continue walking until the cures for breast cancer are found. As she reflects upon her remarkable story and the profound impact of the 3-Day, Lindsey is more determined than ever to make a difference. 

In 2005, inspired by her Aunt Joan’s courageous battle with breast cancer, Lindsey decided to embark on the transformative journey to join the Pink Bubble and walk 60 miles in Kansas City. Despite balancing the challenges of starting graduate school while trying to fundraise for the 3-Day, the unwavering support from her family and friends pushed her forward. Overcome with emotion when she saw her Aunt Joan at the Closing Ceremony of her first walk, Lindsey knew right then that this would not be her last 3-Day. Since then, she has completed a total of 18 walks in various cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and San Diego. This year, she eagerly anticipates participating in the Denver and San Diego 3-Day walks, continuing to contribute her efforts to the cause that has become an integral part of her life. 

Lindsey currently acts as a member of the 3-Day Advisory Council which provides her with a platform to actively engage in brainstorming sessions, share insightful suggestions, and work collaboratively towards enhancing the 3-Day Series. She cherishes the opportunity to gather feedback from fellow walkers and crew members, particularly from first-time participants, as it allows her to advocate for their thoughts and ideas, fostering continuous improvement. Her hard work as part of the advisory council is a testament to her unwavering passion for this cause.

Since beginning her 3-Day journey 18 years ago, Lindsey has proudly raised over $130,000 for Susan G. Komen through the 3-Day, while her team, the Ta-Ta’s from KC, has collectively raised over $643,000. She finds solace and encouragement in being part of something greater than herself—the Pink Bubble. Lindsey is certain that the tireless efforts of Susan G. Komen and the grants they provide are instrumental in advancing research to ultimately bring an end to this disease. Additionally, she recognizes the significance of Komen’s support for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer through means such as financial assistance, a breast care helpline, patient navigation services, and screening and diagnostic programs for the uninsured and under-insured. These programs not only provide crucial support during uncertain times but also save lives.  

Throughout her journey, Lindsey has received invaluable advice that has enhanced her experience with the 3-Day and is happy to pass it on to others. When it comes to training, she emphasizes the importance of walking in all the gear intended to be worn during the event. This allows her to identify any potential discomfort beforehand and make necessary adjustments before showtime. Furthermore, training in 3-Day apparel presents opportunities to raise awareness and solicit donations from individuals she encounters during her training walks. Spreading the word about her participation and the cause has led to remarkable levels of support, with some even expressing their interest in joining her on the 3-Day as walkers, crew members, or volunteers. 

To those contemplating participating in the 3-Day, Lindsey extends a heartfelt invitation to embark on this life-changing experience. The 3-Day journey will undoubtedly leave a permanent mark on one’s life. Within the Pink Bubble, one will encounter a wide array of emotions—heartache and grief for those lost, worry and fear for those currently battling, and unbridled joy and elation for survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer. Above all, the connections formed with fellow walkers and crew members will create lasting bonds, leaving each participant with a network of over a thousand newfound friends. 

Inspired by the memory of her brother-in-law’s mother, Mary, who battled both breast cancer and lung cancer, she has made a promise to continue walking and raising funds in the hope of finding the cures for breast cancer and all cancers. Carrying a bandanna adorned with the names of countless individuals affected by breast cancer, she walks those 60 miles as a tribute to their strength. She also walks for the future generations, including her own children, hoping to shield them from the fear of a breast cancer diagnosis.  

Why do you walk? Share your story in the comments below.   

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