Themed Training Walk Ideas

With a rigorous and consistent training schedule, we know it can be hard to get motivated and get walking. We’ve compiled a list of themed training walk ideas to help put some fun into training and get the Pink Bubble hyped up for the 2022 3-Day Series! 

  1. Spice Girls 

Flash back to the 90s and “spice” up your training walks by having a Spice Girls-themed training walk! Encourage your friends and teammates to dress up as their favorite Spice Girl and blast their albums to get moving! 

  1. ’70s 

Get groovy with a 1970’s-themed training walk! Break out some (comfortable) bell bottoms, colored sunglasses and put together your favorite tunes from the ’70s to bust a move to out on your walk (maybe leave the platforms at home, though)! 

  1. Western 

Break out that cowboy hat (doubles as sun protection), play some George Strait out of your portable speaker and hit the road! Add some bolo ties and turquoise to your walking apparel for an extra flare, and maybe throw on a John Wayne movie when you get home. 

  1. Roaring 20’s 

Make 2022 your own version of the roaring 20’s with an awesome themed training walk! Choose which direction you’d like to take between Gatsby, prohibition, or wear some pearls and headbands as walking flapper girls! 

  1. Bubbles 

Have a bubble party while you’re out walking! Bring a small tube of bubbles and blowers for each person and spread some Pink Bubble love while you’re out putting in those miles! 

  1. Disney 

Dress up as your favorite Disney characters, play some Disney songs and get down to business with your training! Gather your team when you’re done and have a mad tea party. 

  1. Luau 

As summer approaches, get in gear with Hawaiian shirts, big straw hats and some calming ukulele tunes. Add some leis and puka shells for an extra flair and finish the walk with a nice cold beverage (put a tiny umbrella in your sports drink 😉)! 

  1. Mardi Gras 

Get decked out in purple, green and gold for a Mardi-gras themed training walk and make sure to have everyone wear beads! Fuel up after the walk with some crawfish ― or beignets! 

  1. Star Wars 

Walk in style as your favorite Star Wars character! Pretend your water bottle is a light saber and use the force to help you get up some hills. 

  1. Pink Party 

Are you so excited that you just can’t wait to be on the 3-Day? Get decked out in 3-Day gear from Shop Komen and display your pink for the world to see! Complete the day with a carbo-load of a 3-Day favorite, the Mac & Cheese

Have you done any themed training walks? Share your ideas in the comments below, and let us know if you use any of our ideas by taking pictures and tagging us on social media.